Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bouncing Back From Depression

I've been pretty depressed lately. Monday I hit my all time low, which coincidentally was also my dad's birthday. Needless to say I'm sure I'm on his not favorite child list as I forgot to call him I was so depressed. This whole two mortgage thing with no contract in site is really frustrating. Especially when lots of other houses on our block are selling. Our house is really very lovely, just no pool. It has a really flat backyard perfect for putting a pool in though.

Anyway, on Monday, Mom called to make sure I didn't forget to call Dad and tell me she read my blog over the weekend and sent me an email about it. Sorry, Mom, I still have yet to check my emails to see what you had to say. Mom told me I needed to bury a statue of St. Joseph in the yard to get it to sell quicker. Wish I knew that sooner. I was going to wait for her to mail me hers, but yesterday I got really mad at myself and wanted to do something to improve my situation, so I found the nearest Catholic store, bought a statue and prayer cards for St. Joseph, St. Anne (my patron saint as middle named for), and St. Katharine Drexel (Phoebe's patron saint as middle named for, Tom and I both went to Drexel University so it seemed fitting). Phoebe and I went to the old house and buried St. Joseph next to the "For Sale" sign, upside down, and facing the street. Prayers to St. Joseph have also begun.

Last night I was on a roll getting house stuff done at the new house. It was starting to look how I felt... a total mess! I made dinner and straightened up the kitchen. I then put Phoebe in the tub after dinner and cleaned the whole upstairs. I dusted. I vacuumed. I scrubbed toilets, tubs, sinks and showers. It was a mind cleansing experience. Other than my mom and I, does anyone else get that satisfaction from seeing or hearing stuff get vacuumed up off the floor? I really get a strange pleasure out of it.

We still haven't had any appointments to see the house in a few days. It's been strangely quiet. I'm really afraid that we're going to get a contract when Tom is in China. He leaves on May 6th. I better remember to mention that to the realtor today as to what we need to do to make sure I can sign things while he's out of the country.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Please Don't Talk on Cell Phone in Ladies Room

To the person who was talkingon their cell phone in the ladies room:

I have realized today that I cannot pee when you are talking on your cell phone in the ladies room. Considering that I can hold an entire conversation with another live person (live as not on phone not opposite of dead) while in the ladies, I do not have issues of talking while peeing. I just think it's rude to talk on the phone when there, and I cannot pee knowing you are having a personal conversation with someone I don't know who can hear me if I manage to pee. I left the ladies on my floor and went to the one on the floor below. BTW, I also washed my hands in both ladies' rooms, so they are very clean now.

Thank you.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Mommy Job

I was reading over at DaMomma about setting boundaries and about how that makes for happier children, and I had to put my own two cents in as I completely agree, but boy is it hard work! Tom and I have been working very hard with Phoebe ever since she was little at providing boundaries and a common parenting front. This is one of the reasons I'm very proud of our parenting skills, and think we should have more to practice on!

I'll never forget the first time Phoebe tried to play both parents. She's a very smart kid when it comes to getting what she wants. She must've been about 14-16 months at the time. We came home from work/day care and she was sitting in her high chair playing while I made dinner. Tom hadn't come home yet. She asked me for a cookie and I said, "No, not before dinner." Tom came home from work about 10 minutes later, he picked her up and they kissed and said hi to each other. She immediately asked, "Cookie?" This was the first time Tom got to use the line, "What did your mother say?" Needless to say, there were no cookies eaten before dinner.

Cut to today, Phoebe's been grounded from TV priviledges several times recently. This is the most effective form of punishment for her at this time. Since she can remember what she did wrong, it makes her think the next time she wants to watch TV why she can't, and why she won't do that again. Recent TV restrictions have been for not being at the friend's house she told us she was at, leaving our yard when it was dusk and we told her to stay in our yard until dinner, and the latest that just finished acting spoiled, not doing what we asked her to do many times over and completely forgetting her manners the two whole days before Easter Sunday.

This week was tough. I was playing Single Parent while Tom was out of town on business. He came home last night, but left again this morning to go to school at Villanova until Saturday evening. Keeping the boundaries alive while Daddy is away is very important, but very tiring. Example from last night: I'm making dinner. Phoebe's playing with her friend S on the swings. Her friend M came home from Disney this week and somehow asked Phoebe if she wanted to go to get ice cream with her dad. Phoebe comes and asks me and I said, "No. You can't have ice cream. We didn't eat dinner yet." Huge crying ensues and she storms off to M's house to tell her. It broke my heart, but I wanted us to eat dinner soon and I don't want her eating too much junk food. Anyway, I talked to her more about this at dinner, as I thought M was having ice cream at her house, not going out. When she told me M was going out to get ice cream with her dad, I was really confused. I told Phoebe I didn't know them well enough yet to let her get in a car with them and go somewhere, and I also thought it wasn't nice that they didn't ask S to go too, because Phoebe was playing with S and not M. She did admit that S didn't want her to go off with M, so hopefully this was a good friend manners lesson for her too, but Phoebe is always swayed by food.

The other thing is that when the boundaries are enforced just like DaMomma says, I get a lot of reinforcement from Phoebe too. I get a lot of "I love you Mommy"s and "You're the best Mommy ever!"

Aside from my rantings of enforcing boundaries, I wanted to note that Phoebe and I discussed economics last night after I said I wanted to cry after filling up my gas tank. When we picked Tom up from the train station he was very impressed by our little girl knowing, "When a lot of people want something and there is not enough, the price goes up!" Do you think I should teach a preschool Econ class? We talked about other theories of economics too about how prices will go down when everyone's spending habits change and they don't want to pay that much for a product anymore. What a smart kid!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Future WNBA star in family (1); Appts to see house for sale (2)

I don't think I've mentioned yet that I think I have a future WNBA star for a daughter. Not that she's great at shooting a basketball yet, but at 5 1/2 she can dribble the ball and walk very quickly and keep it going the whole time. The reason I bring this up is that at her school this week, they are allowed to bring in something special from home each day. Yesterday's theme was an outside toy. She immediately wanted to bring her basketball. When we get home from work/school, it's one of her favorite things to do to grab the basketball in the garage and start dribbling it around. We're getting a basketball hoop for our driveway sometime in the summer. Then the real fun will begin.

The driveway at the new house is getting its official pavement today. They came really early of course, and I wasn't completely ready for the day yet. I was not in a great mood last night and kind of took it easy. AF started yesterday evening. Thank God, because I was really bitchy all afternoon yesterday. It was almost a relief. However, I've had some pressing financial concerns that were weighing on me for the past two days. I've been worried about what taxes we might be responsible for paying out of pocket this year instead of the bank having in escrow. I was told that with new construction we would owe all our taxes ourselves this year and they wouldn't be in escrow. Well that had me scared. I looked at our settlement sheet last night and I felt much better. I know at least that we paid 10 months of school taxes (which is the most expensive one) at settlement. After that sigh of relief I just wanted a glass of red wine and to relax. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 3 AM and went to my bed. I'm glad I chilled last night, because I'm much more motivated today.

Also just to complain. I'm really sick of hearing people say that even though gas prices are rising that it's not affecting the behavior of consumers. I am a consumer, and I'll tell you, I'm not going a lot of places because of the price of gas. My habits are definately affected. I also would like to get a cute little car like a new VW Bug or a mini-Cooper in order to save on gas for my daily commute, but then DH won't be able to drive it on weekends. It's not like I drive an SUV or anything. It's just a mid-size sedan, but it takes premium gas which is getting to be a pain. I like Bugs. My dad had a yellow one when I was a kid and we went 1/2 hour once on fumes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We Have Grass! (I Mean Hay!)

The grass seed at the new house with a hay overlay was put down yesterday. They are watering the lawn for me until it grows right. I picked up two 100 ft hoses and sprinklers last night on the way home and left them outside as requested, but they didn't use them. I'm waiting to find out how long they think it will be until I need a service to come and start cutting. They also planted the neighborhood trees on our property too. They look really nice. I still need to call the landscaper today and let him know that we are not avoiding him, just waiting to find out when we'll be able to not need to pay the mortgage on the old house. Still waiting for a new contract to come in. I hope it's a good one and that it is soon.

I cleaned downstairs a bit last night. I'm trying to get my weekly cleaning done during the week, so we don't have to do it on the weekend. I'm managing to keep up with laundry by doing some every day, so that helps. I also washed the dog last night. She really needed it.

AF is due this weekend. I'm curious to see what's going to happen. Early, late, or not at all???? Also, the chiropractor visits are going really well. I love sitting with my neck in traction. It feels so good!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dreams and Other Updates

Had a so-so weekend. Ended up going to New Jersey too much to see DH's family. I think even he had enough on Sunday after all day Saturday. We were able to get the elliptical machine setup in the new house and we bought a shredder so I can clean out old bills and receipts that we don't need anymore. We also cleaned out all of Phoebe's room at the old house, boxed things up and brought them over to the new house. I now need some bookshelves in her closets in her playroom to put all this stuff away!

I've been trying to sleep normal hours for the past week, going to bed at a decent time, and of course that meant a return to dreams. The night before last I dreamt that I was flying. I'm not quite sure what that meant, other than I remember picking Phoebe up and flying her somewhere in the dream. I don't remember any other details.

For those that were looking for the website where you can read the new Bridget Jones Diary posts that are in the Independent, here it is. Considering my reader base is not huge, I don't think we'll flood her website with readers.

Another funny thing of note, is some of the streets I drive past on my way to work from the new house: Loveville Road and Coffee Run are my favorites. I wonder who is allowed to come up with these?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day! The temp is currently 79 and we're driving to NJ right now to put our niece on our phone plan since we have minutes to spare. She's graduating high school this June. We're also going to stop by one of Tom's brother's house to see our new niece that was born this week. I know I forgot to mention here. I guess I'm getting immune with all the babies that are due lately I just don't seem to find that exciting anymore, other than K & G's baby due this fall.

We are really enjoying the kitchen at the new house. We had strawberry crepes for breakfast. I haven't made crepes since before Tom and I were married and we lived in Philly. I still had good wrist action and they turned out great. Tom also made a fantastic cream cheese filling with stawberries. Very tasty.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I Got My Bridget Jones Fix!!!

I knew that Helen Fielding started writing her new Bridget Jones column in the Independent again back in August, but I couldn't find out where I could read it without having to either sign up for a subscription or pay for the individual articles. I know have found a website that has them all, and I've caught up-to-date on the new stories. I don't know why I'm such a Bridget junkie. I think mostly because I've married an American Mark Darcy/Mr. Darcy. It's almost like research into my DH. Unfortunately, Mark Darcy isn't in the new columns as much as I'd like, but the story line is awesome. I'm still hoping for a twist of fate that the DNA testing office was incorrect and that the baby will be Mark's and not Daniel's.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Gonna Be OK, It's Gonna Be OK

Phoebe's been having a hard time riding her bicycle on the very mild inclines and declines in our new neighborhood. She's afraid she can't get pushed off to start. She's afraid her brakes won't work enough when she's going downhill, as she doesn't like to go fast yet. Sunday night when I was walking her home for dinner from a friend's house she was visiting and trying to get her to stay on her bike instead of walking it, I heard her repeating this over and over, "It's gonna be OK. It's gonna be OK. It's gonna be OK." I think she said it about 10 times. I didn't say a thing to her about it. I thought it was a great idea for her to be saying this and didn't want to embarrass her.

We're having a hard time getting her up in the morning, which makes it really hard for me to get to work at a decent time. So last night, I was talking to her that we needed to make sure she goes to sleep at a decent time and that our new mantra was going to be, "I have to go to bed ontime." She asked what a mantra was and I explained that it was something you tell yourself over and over again so that you'll believe it. Kind of like when she was on her bike and she was saying it was going to be OK. I think she was a little embarrassed, but she understood the concept.

I'm trying to use Phoebe's bicycle mantra for the next few days. It's gonna be OK. I've got my Flylady routines written down, I'm trying to practice them, and hopefully everything will fall into place .... we'll find new buyers for our old house, we'll manage our new finances with the new house and old until then, and hopefully have some fun in between.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long Weekend Updates

I took the day off Friday to unpack some boxes. I didn't really think about it until that morning that I had no meetings and should get some stuff out of the way around here. We have furniture, but lots of boxes to unpack, and still some more things to box up at the old house.

I also went to a chiropractor for a first visit on Friday. I'm really glad I went. There was no adjustments that visit, just X-rays and an assessment. I get to hear the analysis of my situation on Wednesday and I'll get my first adjustment then. My neck and my lower back have been killing me the past few months. Between the stress of moving and lack of yoga now that the gym at work is closed, I've been very cranky and sometimes downright angry. I don't like feeling that way.

I'm really tired now, so you'll have to excuse if this post sounds pretty lackluster, but there's been so much going on around here. Saturday, Phoebe and I went to her ice skating class while Tom continued working. He's been working a lot lately. The past week he's been getting up at about 4-5 AM, showering and going right to the study to work. Phoebe and I then went to the old house to dust the floors and mop the kitchen floor now that the furniture is gone.

The old house is also back on the market. I don't know what the story is of the people who had a contract on the house, but they had a home inspection done, turned in the report late so that they really missed the date to be allowed to have an inspection, asked for some wierd things to be fixed (a sidewalk that is perfectly fine, maybe one slab is slightly out of position, but not enough to be noticed and I'm pretty picky), when we agreed to do 10 of the 12 wierd things they said it wasn't good enough and wanted $1500 to repair the sidewalk. We went back and said we'd give $500 and sent them a letter that we wanted to know if they realized they were out of contract, as they also missed the deadline to agree to what fixes should be made as well as that they were submitted late. They sent a letter back asking for their deposit back as we won't make all the changes they want. Our realtor is asking a lawyer if we can keep their deposit as they breached the contract. This will be fun. Well the house was put back on the market on Friday afternoon. We had one appointment on Sunday. We'll see what happens next. I'm OK with this one being over, as I'd rather know now than the day before settlement that they don't really want to buy our house. I think they were looking for a way out and dragging their heels about it.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting a few neccessities at the mall and doing some grocery shopping. I made salmon for dinner. It was just OK.

Sunday we had a fabulous breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, strawberries, coffee and OJ (glad I went grocery shopping) and then we all went shoe shopping for Phoebe and me. When we got back Tom when right back to work in the study. I emptied out a bunch of more boxes and started straighening up things in the study. It's getting there. Phoebe played with a friend outside this afternoon and then they played up in her playroom. We had a great dinner tonight. I have to save this one. It was a salad with spinach, romaine, clover sprouts, diced red sweet peppers, sliced black olives, mandarin oranges, diced avacado, bacon, chopped hard boiled egg, croutons and roasted garlic and parmesean salad dressing. Mmmmm.... Also a slice of sundried tomato bread, some red seedless grapes and a glass of Pinot Grigio.

After dinner, we cleaned up, Tom went back to work, I emptied out more boxes, and had to write a post, especially so I won't forget what we had in that salad. I'm going to go get ready for bed and write out some more moving cards. I haven't sent them out yet!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

We Have Furniture!

The moving company came on Monday and we got all the furniture moved. It is so nice to have our refrigerator, washer, and dryer. One of the first things I did was a load of laundry. Of course, we needed to replace the plug on the dryer with a different kind, because no matter what kind of plug you have on your dryer, if you move, you'll need a different one. So Monday involved two home improvement store visits. I made one during the moving people's lunch break after the furniture was out of the old house. I went to Lowe's to pick up a hose for the ice maker on the fridge we were moving. Then after they left, I went to Pyle's to pick up a new dryer electric cord for DH to install.

Tom walked into the kitchen two nights ago, and noticing our fridge in place where the hole was in the cabinets and the family room furniture on the side and exclaimed what I've been thinking, "Wow! We live here!"

Phoebe's been having a good time playing with the two nearest neighbor girls. She's starting to get the hang of the rules, that she has to be where she says she is going, and if I tell her to stay in our yard, she better be there. It's so wierd to watch her put on her socks and shoes to go see a friend and realize my little girl is growing up. She also lost her third baby tooth Tuesday night. Another bottom one. Oh, and this morning when I went to wake her up for the first time I got to hear, "Mom, can I have a few more minutes alone?"