Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everything's on target for settlement on the old house tomorrow at 9 AM. We did our last load of stuff last night and did our final walkthrough and took pictures of the inside and out with no furniture. We made a lot of changes since we first bought this house 7 years ago. Phoebe was being a ham last night. She let me take lots of pics of her in the old house some she was goofing off, some were very pretty. The one I really like is of her standing in front of the sink in the kitchen. I told her that I have pictures of her getting her hair washed in that sink when we first brought her home from the hospital. She had a lot of hair, even then, and loved getting her hair washed back then. She used to make the cutest face! Now here she is 4 feet tall and standing next to the sink and is tall enough to turn the faucet on herself. If I could only get her to wash dishes!!! LOL!

After we loaded up the cars and finished saying our goodbyes to the old house (and I didn't cry), we went out for ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. I had a small Coconut Cream Pie ice cream. Tom's was a medium Banana Caramel something and Phoebe had a kids' size watermelon sorbet with gummy bears. She ended up deciding later she'll never get gummy bears in her ice cream again, but she ate all that sorbet. Which is funny, why does my kid prefer sherbet or sorbet to ice cream? When ice cream is on sale at the supermarket and I let us get some, she always picks out orange sherbet. It is her ultimate favorite. The only ice cream she really likes is chocolate chip mint or strawberry (just like her mommy!).

Tom's in NYC today and will be getting back late, so I have a bunch of stuff to get done with respect to gathering papers to give to the new homeowners tomorrow, along with keys, garage remote openers, etc. I better go make my list for this evening to make sure I don't forget anything.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Things are getting a more homey feel at the new house. We went to Walmart this past weekend and picked up some pretty doormats to wipe our feet at the various entrances. It's amazing how nice that makes everything look. We also picked up some cushions for the patio furniture we brought over from the old house. So now we have a nice place to sit in the evenings and have a nice glass of wine after a long day at work.

We're very excited to get through the next two days. Tonite we're finishing the last bits of things to move from the garage at the old house. We can finish this tonight as there isn't much left. The new homeowners have their final walkthrough tomorrow at 11 AM. Then Thursday at 9 AM is settlement at the lawyers office. We're planning on going out to dinner Thursday night to celebrate the closing of that chapter in our lives. It will feel so nice to move on and forward. We'll have so many new things to do at the new house that we need to prioritize. We've been putting it off as we still had so much time invested in selling the old house.

The start of the summer feels like it is officially here from this past holiday weekend. It was really, really hot. We still haven't turned on the air conditioning at the new house. All the windows are open. It's helping get the stuffy new house smell out having the windows open. I really hate stale air.

The other thing I need to get to around here is updating my blogs I link to (quite a few have changed addresses) and start posting more comments on the blogs I read. I need to find a space at home that is my own desk space though. With Tom working at home, the home office is really his domain and quite a mess. We have to work on that. It's not very good for his working capabilities to be trying to work in such disarray.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Things are going very well. Tom and I divided the phone calls about disconnecting utilities and such to the old house. We'll be going to the old house tomorrow to finish moving some things in the garage as well as putting up a standard ceiling fan in the master bedroom (we're taking the one there now) and fixing an access panel in Phoebe's old closet that is for the hallway bathroom plumbing. After that we'll be finished with the old house and our minds can fully be in the new house. I can't wait. I now need to make a list of things to do in the new house and put them into priority. I have to admit, I love going through lists and checking things off.

We'll be leaving work early today as it's the Friday before a holiday weekend. I'm hoping to get a lot of walks with the dog in this afternoon and over the weekend. I went really far the other evening. Like my favorite heroine, Elizabeth in Pride and Predjudice, I am a great walker. There are a few new developments that are still being built around here that are very easy to get to and have wonderful views of the farms in the area. It is really quite beautiful and relaxing. I could use relaxing.

I teased Phoebe this morning. We watched Nanny McPhee last night and this morning, Phoebe got up, got dressed, brushed her teeth, made her bed and was brushing her hair when I came in to check on her. Considering all these things are usually done with much prompting every morning, I teased her and asked if Nanny McPhee had been here. She said, "No, Nanny McMommy!" Too funny.

Today's reading of the latest Bridget Jones in the Independent was good. Sounds like the baby is due any day now, so the story is going to have to go somewhere soon. I've been getting frustrated with the story line she is following right now. I think we all want to find out soon that Bridget's baby is really Mark Darcy's. I mean, it has to be, right?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wow! Two days of posting in a row. Not much happening here but lots of work. I got the downstairs weekly cleaning done last night. V. proud of me there. However, I couldn't get up this morning to work out, so not so proud of me there. I did skip the workout so I could get to work at a decent time. V. happy with how that worked out. I've been kicking butt at work today. I think. At least until the next crisis comes along.

Woo hoo!!! Since just writing the last paragraph the next crisis came along and it's awesome! The realtor just called. The buyers want to move up settlement to June 1!!!!! I have so much to do in nine days now, but I'm so happy!

Monday, May 22, 2006

I've been really bad about posting lately. We were so busy last week with Tom coming back from China and him getting adjusted back to reality and the EDT time zone. Now we're really busy getting the two items done for the old house from the home inspection so we can be ready earlier than the June 15th settlement date. I'm glad we are, as the realtor today said that the new owners may be interested in settling early on the house, as they are selling a house and they may be able to get out of that one earlier. Earlier is better in our minds! We moved a bunch of stuff yesterday from the old house with help from my in-laws. We'll probably need one more trip like that to finish the job.

Of course last week I got AF four days early and the exact day after DH got home from China, which really sucks. I haven't been on the herbs from the acupuncturist as I ran out and haven't gone back due to lack of time and money. Maybe I'll be able to go back soon. It was really heavy and clotty for the first two days, which is getting us right back to where I was before. I was curious to see what the chiropractic difference would be, but even though my hips feel much better, apparently that is not going to help my other issues. In the meantime, I'm trying some diet changes, such as no coffee and going back to green tea and lots of spinach!

Gotta run home and take care of lots of home stuff this evening!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Yeah! Tom called last night from Beijing! It's exactly 12 hours ahead in Beijing, China from the east coast of the USA. Hmmm, wonder if they do daylight savings time. If they don't it would be 13 hours difference in the fall/winter. Anyway, I found out why he hasn't been eating well over there. They put a lot of MSG in the food. Tom's allergic to MSG. Makes his rheumatoid arthritis act up and he feels crappy all over. Poor guy. I told him to see if when he goes out to eat if he can ask for no MSG.

Phoebe has a little cold. She's a little congested and has a cough. I gave her some medicine last night and this morning, and it helped. I know she wouldn't want to miss school today, because I get to leave work early to be at her school at 3 PM for a Mother's Day party. She's been looking forward to it all week. She's also realized she can read a bit and is very excited about it. I started reading Dr. Seuss's "Hop on Pop" two nights ago, and helped her with the words. She's actually paying attention to the letters in the words when she says them, so it's not just that she memorized the book. I really haven't read it much to her in awhile. She took the book in the car this morning. It was so cute. Except I had to not get mad that I couldn't listen to NPR while driving like I usually can, because she kept asking for help with some of the words she doesn't know yet, like 'very' or 'they.' I wonder if she reads my blog, because this morning she watched TV for a little bit, but then turned it off and started playing with her Fischer Price people/house. So I guess I don't have to worry about her watching too much TV. And she made her bed when I asked her too!

This weekend I want to get a lot of things cleaned up around the house, update the checkbook, put things away in the study, and make a list of things we need to do in the new house. We need some more blinds and definately decor! I need to remind myself one room at a time! I can't wait to get this house setup the way we want it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Rest of Life

You'd think I'd be happy selling the old house, but of course my brain is now onto other things as soon as I had the news. It's been tough since Tom left for China on Saturday morning. I miss him terribly. I realized that even though he travels for work sometimes, in almost 12 years of marriage we've really never gone a day without talking at least once. With the miracle of cell phones, we've usually talked at least twice a day when he's out of town. He did call on Tuesday morning and the first words out of my mouth were, "We have two offers on the house!" We had to cut ourselves short of talking so it wouldn't cost too much. I have so much to try to remember to tell him when he gets back. Most are Phoebe stories. The other has to do with his family's finances (my in-laws, not ours). He will not be happy. I've been on the phone with MIL most days as she's trying to help them out with it. Unfortunately, I don't want to go into any more detail.

Here's the rest of my jumbled brain....I'm worried Phoebe watches too much TV. Tom setup a tv in her playroom so she could watch a show the other day. I think I'm going to take it out. I'd rather her be in the family room. She's been turning it on as soon as she wakes up and when she gets home in the evening. I'm trying to work with the dog as she's driving me crazy. She has a lot of energy that needs to get out, but she's a good dog, except she grabbed one of my sweet red peppers off the counter the other day when I was making dinner. That was a purchase wasted. I didn't let her eat it. I don't feel like cleaning up a mess if she gets sick. Oh yeah, and I broke a bottle of olive oil on the granite countertop last night while making dinner. Spilled on the counter, down the new cabinets, and onto the floor. I cleaned it all up, but even after three washings of the floor, there are still some slick spots. I think I'll use the grease-cutting dish soap to wash it tonight.

Good things I did today (other than work) is called the landscaper to start proceedings for the front plantings. I had that on hold until we had a contract on the house. I also called the YMCA for them to mail me a registration packet for after school care for when Phoebe starts Kindergarten in August (yes, the last Monday in August!). I'm getting a lot of work stuff done too. I've been cleaning up a huge messy pile that's been on my desk lately.

Under Contract

It's official. Our house is under contract. I'm very pleased. The contact is for only $7k below our asking price. They are doing the home inspection on Monday at 9 AM, even though it's not due until the 20th. They say they'll have the home inspection report to us on Tuesday and the Radon test results on Wednesday.

Now that I have the house sold, I'm starting to think of all the other things I need to get done. LOL!

Monday, May 08, 2006

So Much To Say, So Little Time

I've had lots I should've wrote about helping DH get all his final papers for school together before his class left for China on Saturday at O Dark Thirty. Phoebe and I have been great getting stuff done. We made some great carrot cake cupcakes for a Homeowner's Association Picnic at the new neighborhood. They were from scratch! Cream cheese icing! Mmmmmmm. But I've had no time to write. Hopefully, I'll get to piece some of the really cute Phoebe stories I've accumulated over the past week.

But here's the exciting news! As expected, we received two offers for our house today. One is better than the other. One is not complete (missing a signed disclosure statement and mortgage pre-approval letter) and that is not the better offer. So my realtor is talking with both of them and hopefully the one we like will pan out and I'll be signing the contract soon to make it official.

Thank you for all your beautiful words and concern. We're tough cookies in this household, so we'll be fine. I always say, "The Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle." Sometimes we don't feel that way, but when we get to the end it's really true.

I'll try to post more over the next few days with updates.