Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day #1 Update

I'm going to try to post my updates on how things are going with my diet and lifestyle changes. Here's how yesterday went:
  • Only drank tea - had small amount of OJ to wash down three drops of oregano oil to help get rid of this cold.
  • Definately no dairy
  • No wheat either

I ate kitchari for every meal time and drank tea with lemon and I was fine all day. I had one small cheat after Phoebe went to bed. I got really hungry and had some tortilla chips and Newman's salsa (damn him that's some good stuff!). I did check and the tortilla chips were corn meal only. I didn't pig out a lot, so I was still technically pretty good. I'm finishing off the batch of kitchari that I made today and I have some more mung beans soaking this morning to make one more batch tonight. I went to bed early last night, as I was tired from blowing my nose all day. I was able to wake up a bit easier this morning, so I'll probably go to bed early again tonight.

I also made some chicken broth last night. I'm practicing making better broths to make my soups even better. I make it with chicken thighs and I added carrots, celery hearts, a whole bunch of parsely, thyme, bay leaves and whole peppercorns. I strained it and put it in containers in the fridge for later use. I'll skim the fat off the top tonight. I just realized I forgot to put in onions. Oh well, next time.

To answer Lauren's question on the no coffee, no dairy and no wheat helping fertility, this is from the book The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. There's also no alcohol either, but I don't drink that much, so I don't bother listing that. The no dairy is explained for people who've had endometriosis. I had it really bad when I was younger and I think it was because I drank a ton of milk when I was in my teens and 20s. Even though I'm not eating wheat products (which include my beloved pasta and bread), it's not low carb. I'm allowed brown rice, quinoa and barley. I believe this is also similar to the diet of Inconceivable by Julia Indichova, although she didn't swear off raw or cold foods like I am for my spleen qi deficiency.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Not This Time

My temps dropped on Saturday morning. Sunday morning AF showed up. I'm pretty bummed, but I'm trying to stay upbeat. I know of other things I can still do to tweak what's going on. One good thing, my temp dropped a day before I got AF, which is what it's supposed to do.

I'm retrenching and more fully comitting to the following where I tend to slide every now and then:
  • No coffee
  • No dairy
  • No wheat

I'm also doing a fast with only eating kitchari and drinking tea for the next few days. They say if you are going to do any fasting that it's best to do in the beginning of your cycle. If you read the article, you can see that it talks about healing your digestive tract. After this, I'm going to try to more fully follow the TCM diet I know I should be on which is no cold food. I'm going to eat a lot of soups and other meals must always have lightly cooked vegetables. I'm also going to try to find time to go down to the juice place I like and pick up a bunch of wheatgrass shots to freeze. I want to have one every day. I will continue the good work I'm doing on my yoga practice. Of course, I'm giving my body a rest from practice for the next few days. I'll keep you updated as we go.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Didn't Test Yet

I didn't test this morning. I just didn't have the heart. My temps are still high (98.2), so that's good. BTW, the link to my temp chart from FF is on the bottom links on the right side. My back was killing me this morning. It was too reminiscent of PMS, which was such a downer. I did stop at the chiropractor for an unplanned adjustment and I am so glad I did. I felt so much better all day, instead of living with the lower back pain all weekend. I will test tomorrow. I don't have to go to the store, because of course I have a stash under my sink. I think there are two tests under there right now.

Girl's Night tonight with Phoebe. DH is at school. I don't really have anything exciting planned. I'm thinking tomorrow I'm going to try to get out of the house early and take Phoebe to be measured for her new ice skates. The ones she has now are from June and I know they are getting tight.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's Getting to That Time

So AF is due to arrive on Saturday. Oh joy (not!). Of course I had the usual little pink yesterday and the day before to make me wonder if we did the deed this month. Of course I also notice on FF that it states that if I'm pregnant this month, the baby would be due on my daughter's seventh birthday. Which of course is similar to how my brother was born four months before my seventh birthday. So if I am, can I tell DD that it's her birthday present, LOL! I don't think she'll think that's a good idea.

On other fronts, I forgot to post that we took Phoebe to a Villanova basketball game on Saturday. She loved it! She got a sweatshirt and a pom pom to wave during the game. She said she wanted to wear the sweatshirt every day. I told her I'd have to wash it sometimes. She waved her pom pom around during the game and cheered "Let's go Nova!!!" I also explained the difference between two point shots and three point shots.

I think she's going to a Flyers game with me on Saturday. I got two tickets from work, but Tom's in school and isn't sure yet if he should skip class to come to the game with me. The fallback plan is for me to take Phoebe, because she's dying to go to a hockey game. She asked me last night again when she saw the UofD hockey players practicing after her ice skating class. I haven't said anything to her yet about the Flyers game unless Tom decides to go with me and she goes to her grandparents. Unfortunately since the tickets were from work, I could only get two.

So back to the first topic. I'm not sure if I'm going to test tomorrow morning or if I'll wait for Saturday.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fake Drawstring Pants???

I don't understand fake drawstring pants. Phoebe and I went and ran some fun errands today. We went to Borders and used the (2) $10 gift cards she had from the holidays. She bought the second Junie B. Jones box set, I convinced her to get the first of the Little House on the Prairie series and a book on how to draw characters from Dora the Explorer. The last was her personal favorite I think. She loves anything artistic and her drawing skills are quite good for a six-year-old. They're better than my drawing skills, although that's not hard to accomplish.

Anyway, back to the pants. We went to Target to see what kind of pants they may have for her as well as to pick up some children's cold medicine and Motrin. The former as she does have a cold and the latter as I ran out. Well Target had these cute warm up suit outfits, but they had what I called fake drawstring pants. It's the kind where the string is only in the front and doesn't go all the way around to tighten the waist. The pants either fit you the way they are or you are SOL. Phoebe would be SOL. She's a size 7 in legs, but a 4 in her waist. She's built just like me, all leg and no middle. She does have a bubble butt, just like me too, but I don't tell her cause I don't want to give her a complex. Anyway, we bought no pants at Target. We went over to Old Navy and found two pairs of 7 slim adjustable waist jeans. She still needs the adjustable waist on the slims. And Old Navy also had fake drawstring pants. They were really cute, but they'd fall down around her knees if I tried to put a size on her that would fit her legs. The only luck we've had in finding real drawstring pants is at Limited Too, and I'm not a big fan of that place. Too expensive and tarty for a six-year-old. Also, the Limited Too is closed at our mall for renovations. Just when I have $10 bonus bucks with them that expire at the end of the month.

All in all, we had a good day, even though the munchkin is sick. She did get a bloody nose today when we were about to walk into the grocery store. Poor kid. She pinched her nose with a tissue through most of the store. I setup the humidifier in her room tonight. That'll be going until spring. She's fine when she gets bloody noses, but it's a pain for the laundry fairy. BTW, I'm the laundry fairy. It's a joke I have with DH. When I put the laundry away and he sees me, I tease him that he caught the laundry fairy, since he really doesn't pay attention to when it gets done. It just magically happens! LOL!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Crazy Week

Wow! What a crazy week! We all had Monday off and I had a hair appointment in the afternoon, so Tom took Phoebe to the Sixers game in Philly. They had a great time. We also picked up Tom's car that morning. After I dropped him and Phoebe off with his car, he went to pick up his Dad and go to the game. I had a few hours of free time before my hair appt and I made the most of it. I went over to the juice place I love in Newark, DE and had a shot of wheatgrass. I also got to meet the owner, and she's really cool. I also got a great idea to get several shots with lids "to go" and freeze them for having them at home. Another lady was stopping by the shop to do just that. That might be a great way for me to get a shot of wheatgrass every day.

After at the juice shop, I went home and had an entire 50 minute yoga practice. There was no video or CD, just me, my book and doing as many poses as I wanted and trying some new things. It was awesome!!!

I went to get my hair done, and I've gone back to blonde. I couldn't take it anymore. I just didn't feel comfortable in bright pinks or reds with red hair, so a lot of my wardrobe was off limits. I never thought I'd be this comfortable being blonde. I used to rebel against it when I was younger. I hated people saying my light brown hair was "dirty blonde." I mean, I'm not a dumb blonde. Now it's almost a way for me to rebel that blondes can be smart too.

Work has been crazy all week, lots of meetings, the work is in full gear being back from the holidays. It's nice to know I have Monday off next week, as I took it off for Phoebe's school is closed for a teacher in-service. We've decided we will only do basic chores that day, and the rest of the day is going to be fun stuff. We're going to do crafts, play with her American Girl doll and legos, have a tea party with cookies we've baked. Basically, on Monday, I'm going to be a six year old! I can't wait!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Transmission Died and Other Stuff

So the transmission in DH's car needed to be replaced. Go figure. I guess the car knew one of us had a bonus coming in soon, so it had to take it's share. It's been in the shop since Wednesday night and we'll be picking it up tomorrow (Monday). We're all of here for the holiday tomorrow, and I'm glad, because we have a busy day tomorrow. Chiropractors in the AM, pick up car and pay huge sum of money, and I'm getting my color touched up tomorrow. I really need to update my pic in the corner, as I don't look a thing like that anymore. I need my auburn hair color pic. I bet I'll get it updated right before I start going blonde again for the summer. BTW, having dark hair helped me find my first grey hair last week. Grey hairs aren't as noticable when blond roots are coming in, but when your roots are coming back onto dark hair, they kind of pop out. So there it was just one, on the top, middle part of my head. So I guess it's official that I color my hair for a reason now. BTW, finding my first grey does not bother me at all. I figure at almost 36 it's about time.

Friday was very exciting for Phoebe. Since Tom had to go to school on Friday, I let him take my car and I worked from home. In order to do that, I worked it out with Phoebe's school for her to take the bus to and from home, instead of the Y. That meant she was going on her first big school bus ride! She was so excited when I was dropping her off, she didn't even want to talk to the other boy that was waiting. She sat on the curb with her bus pass in her hand and waited. I've never seen her so quiet in all my life. She barely ate lunch too before I took her over. When she got dropped off, I found out she sat on the bus both ways with the boy at her stop and he's nice to talk to. I also found out in a very excited voice that, "Zach that's in her class with Mrs. Franks lives around the corner from us!" She's also been awesome while we were homebound with no car. She's been doing a lot of things for herself, not getting frustrated when things don't go her way (big problem around here!) and cleaning up all her messes when I ask with no complaints. Oooo, and did I mention she's been doing things the first time I ask most of the time! What more could a mom ask?

On the yoga thing, the one DVD I like is AM/PM yoga with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. They both practice Iyengar yoga, so they are pretty good. They don't hold poses though, but for a flow-type yoga, they are pretty good. Most of my practice is built from the three years of classes I had with Michael Fahey in Wilmington. He studies with Joan White in Philly and she is the best Iyengar yoga teacher in the US. She actually runs their teacher training program here in the states. I'm dying to meet her someday. If there are any classes in your area from an Iyengar instructor, I highly recommend going. The adjustments you'll receive and particular attention to the areas you need to work on will be worth it. I use the book I mentioned now as my guide. I will hold my poses as long as I feel comfortable and can do work in them. Depending on the pose, this length varies. My camel pose I have big issues with, especially in my lower back, so I will only hold for about three breaths while I try to elongate my lower back. Triangle pose, maybe a minute or two while I'm making adjustments. Headstands I can do five minutes against the wall, but I'm working up to 20 minutes. Hope this all helps!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yoga and Stuff

Lauren, I'm so sorry to hear that your experience with yoga wasn't that great. I also once went to a class where they had you breath at certain times. I couldn't get the hang of it either. BTW, there are several different styles of yoga and each one is different. I'd suggest trying a different yoga class, especially if you can find an Iyengar yoga class. That is what I've practiced for several years and there is no emphasis breath at certain times. The whole point is to get into a pose and stay there for a minute or more, have a relaxed breath and let your mind focus on the feelings in the different areas of the body and how to fix your alignment to be more precise. It's funny, but I haven't been in a class in awhile, but I can still hear my teacher's voice when I practice at home, "internally rotate your thighs in this pose .... make sure you're pushing down through your heels .... lift your sit bones to the sky!" Julia Indichova discusses discovering yoga as part of her infertility treatment in her book Inconceivable. She does mention that it is Iyengar yoga she practices. Which makes a lot of sense as this style of yoga does have physical therapy components. I started this because of my lower back problems, and it stopped me from needing to go to physical therapy 3x/week for sciatica.

So other things on my yoga practice. I'm really enjoying getting "to my mat" everyday. There are certain poses I have a difficult time with mostly backbends. I've been trying a ustrasana every day for a little bit, trying to build up my stamina for being is this pose. I know my problem is that these are the areas of my body I have a hard time opening up ... my heart, my abdomen. Knowing what I do about the emotional work in yoga, I believe I close these areas off to protect myself from pain, and I'm not talking physical pain although I know this area is tough on my lower back if I don't do it right and strengthen and elongate my back muscles. The exciting thing is that every day this pose is a little bit easier and I can stay here and do more work in the posture. V exciting!

The uggghh part of the day is I think we're going to have to sink a chunk of change into the transmission of DH's car. He went to Aberdeen, MD today and was having a hard time driving at higher speeds and it's making lovely noises. I told him we should see if we can drop off the car at the dealer tonight and they can look at it tomorrow. The bad part is that he has to go to school this Friday, so I may need to work from home that day and be without a car until he gets home on Saturday evening.

Talking about Saturday evening ...... go Eagles!!! I plan to be at home watching the game with all my fingers and toes crossed.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Updates

Had a good weekend. We got a lot of things done around the house. We still have a lot more left to do, but it's good progress for the new year.

I've been loading a lot of music on Phoebe's iPod and started creating playlists for me. I figured if she got an iPod before me, I get the ability to borrow it .... a lot! I think the iPod is the greatest invention of all time. I'm such a music freak. Even my mom who has a hard time figuring me all out (sorry, Mom, it's true) knows I'm a music nut. My best gifts as a child was my stereo at 16 and my CD player for Christmas right before I turned 18. Mom's exact words for both were, "Well I know how much you love listening to music." For Christmas this year, I bought myself three CDs: the new Gwen Stefani, Corrine Bailey Rae, and Green Day (American Idiot). Proving again I can listen to anything other than country music. I've been listening to all three in the car constantly.

Other things going on, I'm trying to keep my sink shiny with Flylady for the month of January. So far, so good. I'm also trying to keep up with my workouts on the elliptical machine we have at home. DH setup a TV in the basement to watch while we workout. I'm also trying to make more time for yoga. I've been doing the lower back workout routine from my Iyengar yoga book. I'd really like to start taking classes with my old teacher again on Tuesday evenings and talk to him about taking a class with his teacher, Joan White in Philadelphia.

Phoebe started taking soccer classes on Tuesdays at the Y last week and her ice skating classes start back up this Wednesday. I'm really excited for her ice skating class. She's left the Tot/Pre-Alpha classes and officially starts the Alpha 1 class this term. Yeah!!! Cross-overs here we come! We took her and a friend ice skating on New Year's Eve morning from 10 AM - 12 PM. They didn't want to leave the ice when it was over. It was also really nice that it wasn't that crowded at that time. It made Phoebe want to practice her skills on her own. I don't like having to prod her. I'd rather her want to and enjoy the things her body has learned to do and that's exactly what happened that day!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm OK

So much for trying to blog everyday!!!! I should never make any statements like that again. The holidays were crazy. Lots of fun, but totally nuts. I'm really busy at work today, so I can't really do any updates. But I have a lot to write about!

Funny thing, is I've at least been updating my temp log, so if you haven't noticed AF showed up yesterday. So much for that fortune teller that said I'd be pregnant before the end of 2006. If I was, I never knew it!