Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 2 Update

I really hope the commenter on my last post is wrong and that there will still be a next season of Rome. I know they left the last season like it wouldn't continue, but I felt that it would. DH and i debated it for months before an announcement went out that there would be another season. I mean I want to know what's going to happen with Caesarion. I mean we all know Pullo's really his father and not Julius Caesar. What's going to happen to Vorenus's children? I can see all over the HBO website that it is over, but didn't they say that after the first season of Nip/Tuck?

Had a bit of a deviation from the diet yesterday. By the time I got home from work, picking up Phoebe and running to the grocery store, it was getting late for dinner and we were all hungry. We had some leftover tomato sauce, so we had spagetti, tomato sauce and roasted brocolli and garlic. Which really isn't bad, as the only thing against the diet was the spagetti, so I didn't eat too much of it.

I had to go to the grocery store, as I needed tomatoes for this mung bean sprout salad I promised DH I'd make. I have the beans sprouting as we speak. Should be able to make with dinner tomorrow.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and my lower back has still been sore. It must be muscular, as when I was adjusted we didn't find anything. I know moving on the elliptical machine and the stretching I did last night did help, but I'm still doing some stretches at my desk today.

Last night I made my favorite breakfast oatmeal recipe and put the dry mix in the freezer, made some brown rice to either have with dinner or maybe make some rice pudding (from the same web recipe page) tonight for any sweet tooth cravings, and I cut up a cantelope I bought at the grocery store. Phoebe must have left her lunch box at afternoon Y-Care, so I packed her lunch last night in a grocery bag.

This morning I had my oatmeal for breakfast and a plum at my desk later, but I was still getting hungry around 10 AM. I so wanted to go to the coffee shop for a bagel and cream cheese, but I knew I'd feel horrible afterward. So I got a cup of herbal tea and ate some raw pumpkin seeds.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 1 Update

Not cycle day 1, but Day 1 of "new and improved being good to me." I behaved on my diet all day, eating foods that are good for me. No dairy, no wheat. I will admit I had a few bites of a Power Bar I like as a snack and then realized that it has some dairy products, so I threw it out and I'll leave those to DH to eat. They are good for him when he's on the run traveling for work. I worked out on the elliptical machine at home and did some yoga stretches. A lot of what I'm re-reading in The Infertility Cure is about how my type worries too much and doesn't have enough physical activity as an outlet. So I'm not over-exercising, but 30 minutes on the elliptical machine followed by some relaxing yoga and meditation will help. Then we watched the final season episode of Rome. God, I love that show. Can't wait for the next season! But that had me up late to watch that, so it was about midnight when I went to bed. I also did some acupressure before I went to sleep, so all in all, I think yesterday was a good day taking care of me. I also did setup an appointment with the new TCM guy for April 12th and I did order the imagery CD I mentioned in my last post.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Going Full Force

So I had the worst period of my entire life! Or at least the worst that I remember since being on infertility drugs. On Sunday, my lower back was the worst it's been in a very long time. It hurt so much I wanted to cry. I took two Tylenol, then an hour later two Alieve. It still hurt. After walking around Philly a little it felt better. Today I still feel like I'm recovering from someone hitting me in the lower back with a baseball bat. BTW, I know why I feel this way. I was starting to get all smug and letting myself have some dairy products or a half a whole wheat bagel. And let's not even get started on how much I drank on St. Patty's Day. Bad, bad Heather.

But you must get to the bottom sometimes, to make your way back up to the top. So I've decided to go back to the full TCM ways I should be following: no dairy, no wheat, no alcohol, no caffeine (I've decided to even give up my cup of green tea in the AM). I'm also going to contact the acupuncturist I was referred to from the birth center here in Wilmington. I was seeing a different one and stopped about a year ago because I felt like it was very rushed and I didn't know if she was really listening to me or if she wanted to help. I felt like she thought that since I had one child, I should be happy. I'm also following a specific diet for my type based on the book The Infertility Cure. I know this is one of my biggest hurdles to keep my diet in check. So I will be posting regularly what I've been doing and eating in order to keep me on track, so sorry if it will be a bore, but this is my blog anyway. Giving up alcohol will only be difficult on the weekends when we are out with friends, but I'll do it. It must be done. I'm also going to go the the Fertile Heart website today and buy the imagery CD. I need something to relax to at night.

So far today I've been a very good girl. I took my two shots of wheatgrass juice on an empty stomache. Then I took my vitamins and tinctures of false unicorn root (good for spleen) and milk thistle seed (good for liver - have to make up for that alcohol, LOL!). On my way to work I did have 1/2 cup of green tea. I came into work and went to the cafeteria and got some honeydew, canteloupe, and pineapple. I need to try to have summer melon fruit for breakfast for some time in order to clear out my damp heat symptoms.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


So far it looks like a big fat no. My temp went up a little this AM, so I did the old POAS. It was negative. Then I noticed I was spotting. So I guess AF is on her way.

I've been working very hard on my Flylady routines. Trying to make sure I'm ready for the day the night before, packing lunches, putting out clothes, and making sure dishes are put away and my sink is shiny. Now I need to work on my AM routine to get out of the house at at decent time and start using the elliptical machine in the morning again. When I have 1/2 hour on the elliptical machine most days, I feel better about myself and my hip doesn't hurt as much. Then I can move on to making sure my weekly home blessing is done consistently every week and I need to try to work a bit on decluttering the garage for 15-min every day. But for now, I'll be happy if I can do my night routine, do my morning routine, and get out of the house earlier every day for work.

Phoebe's been very helpful lately. I've been giving her odd jobs to do other than the usual setting of the table, making her bed and feeding the dog. She's helped me lately by moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and turning it on and doing a little vacuuming.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Birthday Update

So my birthday was last Friday, but I've been too busy to post about my fabulous 36th! I woke up to cards from each of my sweeties. I went into work late because I was so tired from the trip and got home so late from the airport. It was raining, but I didn't think much of it. After working for a bit and grabbing some lunch from the cafe, I found out from my co-workers that it was starting to get icy and the freezing rain was starting to pile up into piles of slush. They sent us home at 3 PM. I left about 3:30 and I didn't get home until 5:30 PM. My usual commute is only about a 1/2 hour. Some parts of the drive home I wasn't even going 5 MPH! I didn't mind though, just took my time. DH made me a great dinner. Since it's Lent and my birthday fell on a Friday, I told DH that I didn't want to go out for dinner, because we wouldn't be able to eat most of the menu. DH read my mind and bought my favorite Mediteranean crusted salmon fillets from the grocery store. We also had brown rice and roasted brocolli with garlic. Also when I got home, DH had bought me yellow Gerbera daisies in a ceramic orangish-red pitcher. It was wonderful. What was so funny was that DD asked me last week what kind of flowers I like and I remember saying, "I like daisies, I like mums, I like daisy-mums." Gerbera daisies remind me of daisy mums. I also was sent a bouquet of miniture roses from friends. Both my parents called to wish me a happy birthday. For dessert we had a carrot cake birthday cake! I love carrot cake the most!!! Even with the bad weather and the long drive home, I really couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

NC Trip Update

I have lots of updates! But we'll start with the oldest info, my trip to Cary, NC. The trip was good, but flying was a nightmare, both ways. When we were leaving, I got to the Philly airport early, but hit a massive rush at both ticketing and then security. I had to ask some people in line at security if I could move ahead because my flight was boarding. They let me through, but then I still had to run all the way from security to the gate. I was the last person on the flight. Coming home our flight was delayed 5 hours beause the plane had a mechanical issue and was being repaired. We were able to get on an earlier flight, but then our baggage didn't make it on our flight and we had to wait for the next flight to come in and it was on that flight.

The trip once we were there went well. We saw the presentations we came to see and the vendor took us out for a really nice dinner. I was so tired, though I couldn't sleep. I was afraid I wouldn't wake up because that day I woke up at 3:45 AM to get ready to leave and then we got back to the hotel from dinner at 11:30 PM! I woke up about three times that night jumping up to look at the clock to make sure I didn't sleep through the alarm.

The other funny thing was the last presentation the vendor gave us had nothing to do with what we do or need, so I got some daydreaming time in. I haven't been able to do something like that in ages. I was able to come up with several ideas for writing some of my own Bridget Jones fan fiction, so maybe one of these days I'll get around to writing it.

My next post will be about my fabulous birthday this past Friday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I really need to get better about posting in my blog more often. We had a good weekend, now to be followed by a hectic week. This weekend we watched V for Vendetta. Great movie, really blew me away. Kind of like the first time I watched the first Matrix movie. I wasn't that crazy about the other two Matrix movies, but the first time I watched the first one, I was left with this amazing "Oh, my God!" feeling. I like that. The other thing on TV that always gives me that feeling is the mini-series on HBO, Rome. We watched this week's episode last night. Only two more episodes till the end of this season. I will be so sad. It's the only thing I get excited to watch on TV. I must be the wierdest person in America for not being so "American Idol" crazy and loving a show like Rome. I cried last night when Pullo's wife died in childbirth because that bitch slave put something in her tea. Of course, she seems to have gotten away with it.

I've been getting very anxious the past two days. I know it's because I feel that there is so much that I want to get done, but my time is limited this week. I have a lot of work to do before I go out of town tomorrow. I'm going to Cary, NC for some meetings at SAS. Tom got his annual bonus info yesterday. We wish it was more considering everything he did last year, but it is still pretty good. We have a lot of practical plans to do with it, but then I hope to start planning our vacation to Disney World in September. Phoebe will be so happy. I think it's every kid's dream to go there. I'm glad we can have it with her. Then once taxes are over, we'll decide about going back to the doctor if nothing's happened by then. I'm hoping something does. I'm very hopeful about this month. We used PreSeed and the timing was perfect, even though it was only once. I do plan on testing early this month. I will not be waiting for my due date. I'm thinking to test starting Day 11 or 12, which would be a week from today.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Last Weekend Craziness

Last weekend had even more craziness to it, but I still had some more processing in my brain to do before I could write about it. It's also something I never really discuss with DH ... my past and I know he does read my blog sometimes (obviously from my last post). We ran into my ex-boyfriend's older brother and his wife when we were out at a club with friends. It was very disturbing for me as it reminded me of the most difficult time of my life. The ex I speak of and I lived together for a few years. It was understood by everyone that we would eventually get married, but then I came to a realization that we were not right for each other. He could never understand me and what made me think the way I do. Trying to break up was very difficult. It was like I lost all of my friends and family as well as the friend I had in him. His family was like my family and all of our friends stayed his friends. The meeting with his brother and wife last weekend was awkward, but nothing mean or a scene made. We spoke briefly twice, but the second time we talked, we needed to leave with our friends. I understand now we may run into each other again, as they did know some of our friends. I'm sure I can handle it much better the next time. Although, DH did say that he couldn't tell it bothered me at all. I hide my true feelings very well.

On other news, my temp went up this morning as expected, so I'm now in the two week wait. We didn't have a huge quantity of BDing this month, but I think the timing was perfect and the PreSeed arrived in the mail in time to be used. We'll see what happens.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Updates

What a wild ride this weekend! Apparently DH updated his reading my blog on Friday, and of course, I got in trouble, but I think we worked it all out for now. Of course it had to do with baby making. He thinks I'm obsessed, because that's all he reads on here. As I explained that this is the purpose of my blog as I don't discuss or write any of this stuff anywhere else. This is my outlet for baby making thoughts. Plus, he's not crazy about the thought of going back to the doctor. It was crazy when we've done that before, but as I explained and it took all weekend to sink in, I've changed a lot of things in my life and diet since the last time we were at the doctor and I have a better feeling about it working this time. But I also had to explain that I'm not ready to jump back in again on that front. I want to get some more finances cleaned up first as well as continuing to clean up my health. We also talked about how he is still ambivilent about me getting pregnant versus adoption (he'd rather adopt at this point). He said he knew how much I liked being pregnant, but that from his perspective he was worried all the time. I think this conversation (which were really multiple conversations during the weekend) were good. He understands where I'm coming from and I understand him. But it sounds like he's willing to try the doctor route one more time again, if it comes to that.

On the other side, I bought PreSeed on Friday. It should come in soon, which is good because I'll need it towards the middle to end of this week. I also bought a yoga video package on Amazon when I ordered the PreSeed. I'm so excited to get this in. I've been wanting to see B.K.S. Iyengar in action for a long time. And to have this many of his classes in one place!!! I'm calling it my little birthday splurge.

So I'm definitely going to fully go for it and devote my heart to this desire to be pregnant again. I know my next hurdle is giving up wine and making sure I'm really careful on what I'm eating. I want to have more time to relax with yoga and visualization exercises. Phoebe's starting to be interested in having a little sister again, but we've mostly talked about adoption. I asked Phoebe how she would feel if I ever had a baby in my belly (careful to let her know this wasn't true). She said "I'd jump up and down and scream 'Hooray!'" You and me both, baby.