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Merry Christmas

Here's another post from the hair salon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my online friends and anonymous blog readers! I'm having my roots touched up (Thank God!) this morning and then I'm looking forward to a quiet day of baking cookies watching movies and playing games while we wait for Santa to come.

I think this is probably Phoebe's last year for believing. We may be able to get next year, but I'm not sure. Between older cousins that are starting not to believe now and the kids at school, I know it's going to come sooner rather than later. No matter what, I'm really excited to have her see her presents in the morning. She's getting a real 3/4 size acoustic guitar (she wants to take lessons from our friend), a Nintendo DS Lite, gravity-defying boots, various Harry Potter stuff such as a wand, Griffendor scarf and tie, a set of all the Narnia books and pajamas.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!

Phoebe Fell and Other Updates

Why is it Phoebe can make such a huge deal out of a hangnail or a splinter, but an almost trip to the ER doesn't slow her down? The weekend before last, she was walking down her Aunt's basement stairs with her two-year-old cousin. He started to fall over the open side of the staircase (they were five stairs up). Phoebe grabbed him and broke his fall. He had one scratch on his leg and that was all. I couldn't say the same for poor Phoebe. Her face broke her fall on the concrete floor. She had a bloody nose (those happen all the time in the winter - I have to start running her humidifier tonight!), the left side of her mouth swelled up bigger than Angelina Jolie's lips, and she had scrapes all over the left side of her face. We were at a holiday party when this happened, so when we got the phone call we (or I should say, me) were really upset. Once we realized that she was not too bad off and her nose bleed stopped, we agreed they should make her lie down and pu…