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So Much To Say!

We had a great Christmas and a very peaceful New Year's.  Hope everyone did the same!  We also became a great aunt and uncle on January 6.  It's our oldest niece's baby and her name is Nora Grace.  We've also all been getting over colds.  About three weeks ago, both Tom and I came down with something very flu-like, if not the flu exactly.  I'm still getting over the congestion and cough that is lingering.  The boys had it a few days before us, and they recovered much faster than we did, LOL.  At least the fact they had the same cold and got through it without antibiotics told me it was definitely a virus of some kind.

Other than that, Phoebe has had winter cheerleading and having some indoor field hockey practices with the high school team.  The boys are busy with Kindergarten, learning their sight words and enjoying their swimming classes at the YMCA.

I need to get back to training!  This year, we have the Spartan Sprint in July and the Philly Rock n' Roll ha…