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He Rolled Again!

Last night I found Liam on his stomach in his crib, so he had to have rolled from his back to stomach! The last time he did that on his own was 12/28/09. He's really taking his time learning how to move around on his own. Makes me think I should be afraid when he finally starts moving for real. He'll have some serious exploring to catch up on.

When I got all excited about Liam rolling last night, Leo told me he saw Liam roll the other day when he was in the living room. I asked if it was back to tummy. He said "No. It was tummy to back." I told him that didn't count as he doesn't like to be on his tummy, so he loves to get himself to his back again.

Yin and Yang - The Twin's Personalities

I have to admit the boys are like each other's opposites which is really really funny. Here are some of their differences:

Tommy - Very very happy baby. He does get mad sometimes when he's tired or hungry, but sometimes you don't realize it's coming on because he's such a happy baby. Which is why we usually watch the clock to realize when he needs to eat or sleep. He loves everyone and is a big flirt. I'll actually see him look at people when we're out and doing something like "Do they see how cute I am?"

Liam - A very serious baby. He looks at everything quite warily, not sure if he's going to like it or not. Thankfully, by now, he knows us and if he's not getting hungry or tired he smiles a lot at us. But he easily begins showing he's hungry or tired by moaning. He's adorable in public and people seem to notice how cute he is, but he plays hard to get kind of smirking to himself like he's thinking, "Yup.…

Twin Boy Pics! - 7 1/2 months

Here are some updated pics of the boys some are from yesterday, but others are from within the last two weeks. First. Here's "my little destroyer" aka Tommy. He tipped the whole baby gym on it's side when he forced himself to roll over when he was at the end. Sorry if Tommy is out of focus, but this was the best pic that showed the carnage.

Here's some pics of Liam and his beautiful teeth! All four of them. Tommy still has none! But Tommy loves to eat teething biscuits and Liam hates them. I needed to take two pictures to get both top and bottom teeth captured. You have no idea how many pictures I took to get these. Liam will laugh and smile, but the instant he sees the camera he goes all serious and won't smile again.

Here's a cute photo of Tommy's face. Poor thing has these little blemishes around his top and bottom lip from the way he sucks his fingers and/or thumb. He has such sensitive skin. I'm constantly putting lotion or some …

Doctor's Visit - RSV and H1N1 Take Two

The boys went to the doctor yesterday for their second month of RSV shots (Synagis) and their H1N1 flu booster shot. The exciting part was that they were weighed yesterday to know what dosage they needed for the Synagis shots. They both needed two shots for this time because of their weight, but that's not the exciting part. What was so exciting was that they are only 2 pounds different now instead of three! I thought Liam was starting to catch up in weight. Their weights were as follows:

Tommy: 17 lbs 15 oz (8.14 kg)
Liam: 15 lbs 15 oz (7.23 kg)

The boys are starting to look a lot more like each other that you have to think pretty hard as to who is who. Which is funny considering they were so different looking at birth. Although if their mouth is open, it's pretty easy to tell. Liam has four pearly whites that peak through with every smile. I'm working from home today as the boys have their physical therapy appointment at home in the morning, so I'll try to…

Movie Time!

We bought the movie Julie & Julia and watched is Sunday afternoon. It was a very good movie, but I frequently found myself jealous as I saw both women spending lots of quality cooking time. I realized I haven't been able to cook dinner without babies screaming in the background in seven months. I love the little buggers, but my goodness! From 5 PM until they go to bed at 7 PM, it's usually a mess at our house. The babies are tired, but won't nap. They just want dinner, bath and bedtime as quickly as possible. Sometimes they have been so tired, they've fallen asleep by 6:30. This usually leaves me trying to prepare our dinner in a few stolen minutes during this chaos. Last night, I was trying to make a pot of three bean chili while I was alone with the boys. We were expecting Leo's parents for dinner and Leo had to go take Phoebe to the children's opera rehearsals she started this weekend. I was really ready to cry a few times. I was exhausted after…

The Joy of Cooking

I had to share some pics from December of the new dishes and pots and pans we bought from a very very good sale in Delaware. Apparently the American distributer of Mauviel pots and pans and Emile Henry bakeware and dishes is located about 30 minutes from our house and has a warehouse sale up to 80% off every December. This was our first year we knew about it and we've had our eyes on the Mauviel copper pots with bronze handles for several years now, but the cost in stores is way out of our range. BTW, Leo and I both love to cook, so we've been researching what new pots we wanted for awhile now. The ones we had were from when we were first dating in college! So they are more than 15 years old, Eeek!

Anyway, between how desparately we needed new pots and how our everyday dishes were chipping from our granite countertops (that is a drawback), we were very happy with the very reasonable prices at this sale. We showed up at 8:30 AM and there was already a line to get in! Gl…