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Lots of Updates! Stuck Between Braces and Potty Training

I've been continuing to get lots of things done.  My favorite thing lately that keeps me from blogging is reading "Game of Thrones".  I'm on the second book now.  Yes, I am a dork, LOL!  It really does take a lot of thought to read. So you end up reading a bit, your brain gets exhausted, and then you have to stop and rest the brain a bit.  It's so interesting though, so you keep coming back for more.

On the title front, Tommy peed on the potty today!!!!  Very exciting.  Liam has no interest in the potty, but Tommy is so excited and kept saying after dinner, "I'm a big boy!  I go pee pee on the potty"  I'm a big boy!"  What a cutie patootie.

Tomorrow Phoebe gets the top half of her braces in the morning!  She's so excited.  Of course she wants every color of the rainbow (and then some!) in her mouth, but I'm talking her down to two colors.  One on top and the other on the bottom.

Hope everyone else is doing well.  I'll be going…

End of Summer and Stinkbug Battles

Wow!  Have I been busy!  We've had the beginning of the school year, the garden has been cleaned out for fall planting and I've put up some roasted red peppers, regular salsa and salsa verde up in pots.  I promise to  post my recipe for salsa verde soon.  We think it's pretty yummy!

Today was a very busy day, but I think I was making up for being so lazy the rest of the weekend.  I'm cleaning the house very well as I will be having people over Friday night for a Tastefully Simple party.  I'm getting things as clean as possible and that feels pretty good.  I got the laundry done too as that was getting backed up.  Now things are looking much better.  Tom hung up a bunch of paintings and cleaned out the grill.  We had a mouse build a nest in the grill for herself.  There were no babies in it, but she had a nice cozy space for herself.  Sorry to tell her, but she had to move out.

The boys are back from their grandparents again, but they were very cranky today.  I'…