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I'm Back!!!

Sorry I've been so absent lately. Work has been very very busy, but great. I did get a promotion to Senior Manager just this week, although I've been doing the job for the past year. I'm very excited and we've been working on our goals and have been getting out more for dates.

The boys are doing great. Tommy is starting to talk a lot. He says: Mommy, Daddy, Phoebe (Bee-bee), Liam (Ee-Um), Night Night, Lights, Shoes, Hello. It's so cute. Liam can say some words, but he doesn't like to let people see what he can do. He'll try to say: Big Bird, Hello, Mommy, Phoebe. They love to dance and play "Ring Around the Rosie". They also love pretending they are reading books.

They got their hair cut at a kids hair cut place. Tommy did really well, but Liam didn't like it, so I let him have a lollipop through the whole thing. Liam had all his floppy hair cut off and it looks like Tommy's now. I love it! He'll never be mistaken for a …

Goals Going Well!

I'm off to a good start to the new year. Yesterday at work, I finished cleaning up my files at work, which means I put a lot of files in the shredder bins, LOL. I also got some of my tasks done that needed to get done yesterday at work and met with my new boss. At home, DH made dinner (menu plan for the week to come later today), the boys got a bath, everyone's clothes were picked out last night, the kitchen was cleaned up, coffee pot ready for the next day and laundry moving forward.

But the best news of last night - I had my first piano lesson!!!! Phoebe's guitar teacher comes to our house every other Monday evening and he's our best friend. He came yesterday for Phoebe and said it was time for me to start! I was so nervous! I told him I hadn't played a musical instrument since 8th grade and that was guitar. I've showed Phoebe a few things on guitar over the past two years, and it's definitely come back, but piano is so different. It was fun! I…