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Cleaning out the fridge

Since I started school in August last year, one of the casualties of my studies has been not having time to clean out the fridge properly. I could tell it really needed to be done, as I was noticing a weird odor when I opened it sometimes. Tom went out of town for the week and he left for the airport yesterday afternoon. So as the boys napped yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out the fridge very thoroughly. I found a moldy orange in one of the bottom drawers, so I think that was what was causing the smell. Everything is wiped down and sparkly clean.

Now if you an tell from this picture, I need to go to the grocery store. Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare. Or at least the fridge is, LOL.

Tommy Has Glasses!

I started noticing in photos thatTommy's left eye seemed to turn in sometimes. Then I started thinking it in person if he was tired. I still wondered if it was an optical illusion. Then I started mentioning it to family and preschool teachers. They all noticed it too, so I made him an appointment with the pediatric Opthomologist they both saw when they were babies. That appointment was Wednesday this week and she confirmed he was farsighted, but his vision far away is great! It's this farsightedness that was causing his one eye to turn in as it got tired during the day. She said it was great we caught it so early so not to permanently affect his vision.

The place she sent us to order the glasses had a quick 24 hour turn around and this picture was taken Thursday night. So far so good!

I did give myself a pat on the back for being a good mom!

Word for the Year 2013

I will leave you in suspense no longer.  The word for 2013 is "Smart."  This is so perfect on so many levels.  Last year's word was "Action" and boy, did I ever take action.  I was so action-y, I haven't had time to blog or read my favorite blogs.  So sad, but true.  But amazing things have happened in 2012.  We paid of our credit card debt, I had surgery to get rid of my "twin skin" and have the girls enhanced, I had the varicose veins on my leg fixed.  I started school again for my MBA.  I met Marcia and her husband for a fabulous dinner in NYC.  I can't even begin to go through the list of things that have been accomplished around here.

What I really love about the word "Smart" is it is a joint word for 2013 for both DH and me.  It was his idea.  He loved the word last year and thought this would be good for us for this year.  I love it because I will be in school all year, so I want to be smart there!  Also now that we have our…