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June Goals Recap

Keep in mind, Mercury was in retrograde for most of the month of June.  When that is occurring, plans usually go awry and you need to be flexible and work on researching next steps, but don't sign any contracts or start new projects.  I think that was amply noticeable in how my goals went this month!
Family One date night per week with DHFind a YMCA class to do with Phoebe - doing yoga on Monday nights, but she's away nowWork with the children to have less yelling in the house and more cooperation and listeningPlan for summer schedule with kids at grandparents, doctor physicals, dentist appointments, fittings for uniforms, etc. -  Very close.  Finalizing rest of summer schedule today.Home/Garden/Finances Have ice maker installed - still missing a piece.  Tom is ordering thatUpdate the new annual budget file - Done!Menu plans for week/less takeout in the budgetWork Develop processes for managing our workPlan for projects and WRM needsClean up inventory of processes we supportDocume…