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With The Stress, Some Happiness Has Arrived

Our closest friends, K&G, had their baby girl Thursday evening around 7 PM. Her name is Jameson Claire and she's absolutely beautiful. She weighs 5 lbs 14 oz and she's 20 inches long. Her weight is a little small because the doctor's wanted to take her early as she was measuring small on ultrasounds. I think she just needs to fill out now. She's definately long enough. I visited them at the hospital yesterday during my lunch time and she is gorgeous. She's got dark brown hair that we wonder if it will fall out and come in red or continue dark brown like her daddy (before he started shaving his head, LOL!). I didn't see her with open eyes, but she slept so sweetly with little rosebud lips and tiny eyelashes and eyebrows and a button nose. Can you tell I'm in smitten already?

Phoebe's been doing better. She had one incident on Thursday which caused her to lose TV and friend privs for another week. But I can tell this is working because Frida…

A Day From Hell (Spread All Around)

Where to start... we'll start with my poor brother-in-law who was in a car accident this morning. A 17-year-old driver ran through a stop sign and into the driver's side door of the car my BIL was driving for work. It's also a very small car he was driving. They had to cut him out of the car. He has a broken pelvis and his left arm is broken in two places. He's supposed to have surgery for the arm, but he's now on his way to the third hospital in order to have this surgery. The first was a local, rural hospital, had to transfer him to larger hospital for surgery. Found out at the second hospital that the only surgeon is on vacation and he has to go several hours away to another bigger hospital. Did I mention he lives in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin? I know I sound like such an East Coast girl. I am. Poor guy. He's going to be on a rough road to recovery. It'll probably take months.

Then I'm on my way home from work. Tom was working at …

Science and the Gender Gap

The name of this post is taken directly from this article I read today, and I'm very excited to see that the issue of women in science and engineering studies being treated differently from their male counterparts. I'm especially excited for Phoebe. Yesterday in the car we were listening to NPR and they were talking about the development of new computer chips to make them run faster. They were talking about the difference of wires vs. optical. A light when on in her head, "If computers can go faster, you can get your work done faster and then I can play my games when you're done!" We started talking about if she would like to be part of building faster computers. She liked that idea immensely. We talked about how she would need to study math and science a lot, and that's what Mommy and Daddy went to school for (we both have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering). It was exciting because very often she doesn't seem to show an interest in being anything …

Tag I'm It!

My friend Kelli has tagged me, so even though I haven't posted much lately, I need to do my part. I'll respond to the words, but I'm not sure who to tag.

1. autumn - Best time of the year. My wedding anniversary and Phoebe's birthday are both in October, prime autumn season.

2. hand - My mother's hands. Mine look a lot like hers do. I wonder if Phoebe's will be the same. It would be nice as I do get some comfort in looking at them.

3. dream - I have lots of them. Not at night though. I post about my wierd dreams at night. But decorating the new house. Having my family around me. I want to study yoga with Joan White in Philly when Tom's done school next spring.

4. avoid - procrastinate. I do that sometimes. I force myself not to on a regular basis.

Feminist Motherhood

Great post yesterday from Motherhood Uncensored! Kudos to her for having a phone conversation with THE Gloria Steinem! They had an interesting conversation on men being more involved in child rearing, and it's prompting me to write on the topic. For those of you that read this that are about to have babies, pay attention....

My husband is a very involved father. He doesn't do everything exactly the way I would, but does anyone ever? I knew right from the get-go to let him take care of Phoebe in his own way when I'm not doing it. I have to say, we split raising her 50/50. I can't say that about house work, but he does his share. I just prefer things cleaner, more often than he does, so when I clean it's for me more than anyone else and I know that. When Phoebe was a baby, I never said he was "babysitting" when I went to the hairdressers. Babysitting is when it's not really your child. People would ask and I'd say, "She's with her…

First Day of Homework

Today it hit me. I have a school-age child. No more preschooler is she.

We're trying a new schedule these days. Tom's taking Phoebe to the YMCA morning program, and I'm trying to leave work early to pick her up from her after-school program. I picked her up today and I'm watching her while we're walking to the car. Here is this almost 4-foot tall girl walking next to me with a backpack and lunch bag. Wait a minute this girl is mine! She looks so sure of herself, so old. All last week I didn't get to witness this by myself, so I don't think I had time to register it. Too many things were going on in my mind last week.

She had her first homework assignment tonight, and I'm very pleased with how I handled it. She said she did her homework during the afterschool program time. I cleaned out her bag as soon as we got in the house and we found her homework. I wasn't really pleased with what she did, but I held my tongue.

The assignment was to dr…