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PG - 14 Weeks 1 Day - Ultrasound Withdrawl

Nothing exciting to report. This is the first Monday since I was 6 weeks pregnant that I haven't had an ultrasound. I won't have another one until 2/23, so I'll be wondering until then what we're having. Thankfully, since I feel them move every now and then - it is still too early to be consistent - I feel that everything is OK.

Everything else is completely busy though. I never really seem to have any time for any quiet time for me - unless I'm comatose sleeping. I'm busy at work - Friday was horrible I felt terrible at the end of the day it was so horrible. I'm busy at home - keeping up with laundry and bills. Thankfully Leo has been doing most of the cooking. I like to eat, but I'm too tired to cook.

We bought Phoebe new ice skates on Saturday. They are a size 5. Yes, a women's size 5!!!! She's only 8 years old!!! She really measures as a size 4, but in order to keep her in her skates longer, they always let you go up a size. It …

PG - 13 Weeks 4 Days - The Roller and the Kicker

It's been official since about Tuesday of this week, not only do I definitely feel the babies moving, but I can tell which is which. Baby A is on my right side of my abdomen and he/she is the Kicker. Baby B is on my left side and he/she is the Roller. I confirmed this on Monday's last ultrasound before the 5 week withdrawl now commences. I don't have another ultrasound scheduled until 2/23/09, which is the 18 week appointment. Hopefully they will both cooperate and let us know if we'll get to reuse our girl clothes (and girl's figure skates!) and if we'll need to buy any boy's clothes.

So it's been fun as I sit down in meetings or on the computer or as we watch TV at night to feel the little - kick kick kick - and then - roll, roll, roll.

I'm off to get a snack before I have to take Phoebe to ice skating practice. Hopefully today she'll get her routine for the ice skating exhibition she agreed to do in March.

Correction to My Last Post

As my Nana corrected me in the comments, it was the Chief Justice that misread the lines of the oath for President Obama and Obama's pause was waiting for him to fix the wording. I did hear that on NPR on my way home from work last night.

Thanks, Nan!

I'll have more updates on the pregnancy, but at this time, things are going well. Just still a little tired, lots of stuff going on at work with the new folks to manage and new projects, and shuttling Phoebe back-and-forth to activities and getting homework done. It's hard to believe things will get even busier soon.

Happy Inauguration Day!!!

About 15 years ago, I was working for the CIO of our division who recently had gotten promoted to CIO for the corporation. He came to my desk with the Annual Report and showed me the picture of the Senior Executive Team and asked me what was wrong with the picture. I said, "There's no diversity." "Wow!" he said, "I never thought of it that way. I meant to show you that I wasn't in the picture because my promotion hadn't been announced yet. But I see your point. There is all old white men in this picture. I would just be another old white man to add to the group." And yes, he did use the term "old white men". It cracked me up. The next year, he came to me with the picture in the Annual Report. They had hired an African-American woman to be the head of HR and he was in the picture. The funny thing is they had her front and center in the picture too. I teased him that they still needed to do better in diversity than trying …

PG - 12 Weeks 2 Days - What I'm Wearing Today

I know when I blogged about the maternity clothes I picked up, some people asked for pics. I don't have any yet, but I can explain exactly what I'm wearing today to work. It's really hard to figure out what to wear to work everyday. I picked up a two nice dresses and some tops until I desperately need maternity pants, but that time is pretty much here and I'm trying to hold out as long as I can for budget reasons. This is my last pregnancy, so this stuff will be going to consignment shops when I'm done.

The two dresses I picked up are really for Spring, so today I figured out how to winterize them. Here is the one dress I picked up from Destination Maternity that I'm wearing today. /I'm kind of impressed with what I did to winterize it and feel fashionable at work. I put on an eggplant purple turtleneck (non-maternity), a pair of maternity black patterned tights, black low-heel suede boots, a costume set of three black bead bracelets and my good bla…

PG - 12 Weeks 1 Day - Bad Saturday

I had a real freak-out on Saturday and for family that reads this, sorry we didn't call, but we wanted to keep it to ourselves until we found out what was going on and wanted to try to stay as calm as possible until then. I was having a good time starting to clean on Saturday and Leo was taking down Christmas decorations with Phoebe. I went down to help Leo a little put some lights in boxes and when I stopped to go to the bathroom, there was a small amount of bright red in the toilet. I haven't even thought to do the TP check for weeks now. I never had anything like this happen with Phoebe. I haven't seen my OB's office yet, so my first thought was to get off my feet and call the reproductive specialist. I knew the OB would just send me to the ER, and that wouldn't help not to have someone I know see me.

I must admit my RE is awesome! I called their number to write down the off-hours phone numbers and they had one to contact the doctor. I figured it was an a…

PG - 11 Weeks 4 Days - The Next Phase

I am now entering what I'm lovingly referring to as the "Oh, Shit!" phase of pregnancy. As in, "Oh Shit, I have an eight-year-old wonderful girl who is totally self-sufficient and I'm about to go back to not just diapers but diapers x2!" Don't count me entirely ungrateful. I'm totally excited about this pregnancy. We worked so hard for it. But I have to admit that it always scared me a little of what if it works? What are we signing ourselves up for? How can I love anyone else as much as I love my daughter I have now, who is just the coolest kid around? How are we going to pay for college for two more children? How much more energy am I going to need to keep up with Phoebe's ice skating schedule (which we won't cut back on - she's doing so well with it) and take care of two babies?

Granted, I know this is going to be awesome for our whole family. I can't wait until my DH gets his wish of having lots of kids jumping into our …

PG - 11 Weeks 1 Day - Another Great Ultrasound

Today was my last ultrasound at the RE's office as I'm officially transferred to my OB next Monday. Today's ultrasound went great! Both heartrates were 163 and one measured at 12 weeks exactly and the other was curled up a little and even with that he was measuring 11 weeks 4 days. They were also moving all over the place. Everytime the ultrasound tech was trying to get a heartrate reading, they'd move and she'd have to start over again. We also got to see the RE today. I hugged him twice. He's awesome! Anyone in the Delaware area that needs to see a specialist, drop me an email. I've known my doctor for around 10 years and his practice is awesome. I've never felt like a number. He also mentioned that they are starting a mentoring program for new patients and wanted to know if I would mind participating. I told him of course I would and mentioned for the first time to him that I have an infertily blog and our whole story has been out here on…

PG - 10 Weeks 5 Days - Happy New Year!!!

I actually came into the office today to get a head start on the work that needs to get done next week, but mostly since my brakes needed to be done and the car dealer is up the street from my office.

We're going up to the Poconos to see my family for the holidays. My mom is a nurse and worked most of the time over the holidays, so there was no point in going up earlier. Can't wait to show everyone the photo album of my ultrasound pics. Next Monday is my last ultrasound appointment with the RE. The following Monday I have the nuchal translucency test in the morning at Maternal Fetal Medicine at the hospital. Then I have my first appointment with the OB office in the afternoon. It's only with the nurse practictioner. Not sure when the next appointment will be after that. I think I should be expecting to have another ultrasound around 18 weeks.

Other than that, the holidays were nice. I'm glad they are over, but it was nice to be off while it lasted. I just wis…