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Stressed to the Max!

I know, not good for fertility, but can't be helped. We've got a lot going on in our little world. So to give you an update on what I've been up to here's a strange stream of consiousness. Saturday, we went to my boss's house and I bought a relatively new spare washer and dryer from him. Mt. Washmore began to come tumbling down after my DH and BIL hooked it up that afternoon. Sunday, went to in-laws to see the new baby. He is pretty cute. And to pick up my munchkin who had been spoiled by her grandparents for a week! Monday and Tuesday, Tom and I were both supposed to be off work, so he could finish the taping and spackling of the drywall in the soon-to-be-finished basement. I was to finish painting and get caught up on assorted appointments we needed to take care of (calling an installer for the basement carpeting we picked out, making appt to order blinds for the front rooms of the current house, rescheduling appt with the landscaper for the new house, c…

Not This Month - Probably a Good Thing

I had my first 28-day cycle since I was in my 20s! Woo hoo! BTW, this means AF came on Sunday. I say it's probably a good thing since I have so much stuff to do, I probably shouldn't be in the "I'm so tired phase" I get for the whole first trimester. I'm going to take the day off today, take Phoebe to school and get some more stuff done. The good news is that I got a washer and dryer from my boss. They had just moved and ended up with two sets. So my washing machine issues are over. No second trip to the laundromat for me, thank God.

Not to bore anyone, but I think my blog over the next few weeks is mostly going to be about the things I have to get done around here. Not much to report on the infertility front this month. I'll still be doing my charting though and we'll see how it goes.

Reply Hazy. Try Again Later

Actually, it wasn't even hazy, but non-existant. At 11 DPO today, it's still pretty early. I don't think I'm going to try again until Sunday morning if my temps stay relatively high. My almost tri-phastic chart let me down the immediate next day.

So of course on top of looking for phantom pregnancy symptoms, I'm also looking for my usual PMS symptoms. You all know how it is.

Testing Warning

OK, all. I'm coming clean now. I'll be doing the ol' POAS tomorrow AM. I'll be 11 DPO. So while I'm doing a prayer to all creation tonight, please do the same, or at least keep all your bits crossed for me.

Usually I'm not an early tester, but I'm telling myself to do this as I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow and I'd like to be able to give her good news if I can. Am I fooling anyone here? Really I'm just getting really impatient at this point and I'd like to have good news myself as early as possible.

Of course I'm noticing every possible phantom pregnancy symptom: being tired, is my tummy upset?, my gums were bleeding when I flossed my teeth. Yup, I'm going certifiable.

Flash Has Arrived!

Dylan Thomas (aka Flash), my new nephew, was born via cesearean section on Saturday afternoon. He was 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Both Mom (my SIL) and baby are doing well.

I went and stayed overnight at the hospital with the rest of the family on Friday night after her water broke at 8 PM, but quite a few of us left on Saturday morning as she was only at 2 cm dilated by 10 AM. Many went back in time, but I waited for Tom to come back from school later in the afternoon so we would only have one car in NJ.

On other news, the Melting Pot was awesome. Had one fantastic glass of white wine (had to drive to NJ to take Phoebe to her cousin's anyway and always hold out hope to be PG) and the food was wonderful! We didn't have dessert as we were so full already! Had Wisconsin cheese fondue to start, mixed green salad with walnut raspberry vinegrette dressing, and then the coq a vin fondue with surf n turf and the regular combination platter.

Had a good (quiet) cry on the way…

Pity Party Over

For anyone who might read the last post and worry about me. I'm OK. The pity party is officially over. My friend Suzy invited Phoebe and I out to dinner tonight with her DH and 2 kids (teenagers, the older is our babysitter). We're going to the Melting Pot. It's a fondue restaurant, and none of us have ever been there before. When she said she'd like to try it I thought it would be great for Phoebe, what 4-year-old doesn't like to play with sticks and dip their food?

After that I'm taking Phoebe to her grandparents and will see SIL#1 who is due to have her baby today. I'm truly happy for her and I know our time will come.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Pity Party

I'm having a rough day today. I swear this is the worst two-week wait ever! I'm surrounded by PG women, my SIL is due to have her baby today, and I feel like I want to curl up in fetal position and have a good cry. Then there's the other part of me that wants to smack myself and say, "Snap out of it!" a la Cher in Moonstruck. Maybe I'll feel better just typing this. I hope so, because then there's the guilt factor in my brain saying that this mood is not conducive to me having a good outcome this month. Like whether or not I have a good cry is going to get me knocked up.

I took the day off work yesterday and got a lot of personal errands done, which I so needed to do. Here's my day yesterday:
Took Phoebe to school.Went to Starbucks as I had time before my acupuncture appt and went over my to do list and read some personal emails on my Treo cell phone.Went to acupuncture appointment. Love it there. Even the smell relaxes me.Went home, had lunch.…

Being Hopeful

The other shoe dropped this morning. My friend who sits next to me is pregnant with her second child. She found out over the weekend. She got pregnant with her first when I was seeing the RE. We were doing our 2nd round of IVF when she had her baby. It was an oops baby. Not that her DD was unwanted though, she really is the cutest little baby. I showed the appropriate amount of happiness for her and promised not to tell anyone (but I will tell DH tonight, but that doesn't count). She's not one of those naive women that will announce to the world the instant she has a positive POAS. She's told some of her family members and me. We tell each other this stuff and she knows what I'm going through, so she's very sensitive to that. So all in all, I'm happy for her.

In other events, I need to post some pics of the building of the new house. They framed the rear walkout area of the basement and are starting to put in the support beams in the basement to supp…

You're PG...Great I'm Not!

So I'm getting good at hearing the news that others in my life are pregnant for the thousandth child while I'm still looking for a second child and maybe my first without at RE involved. On Sunday, my BIL called and talked to DH. His wife is pregnant, with their third child no less. I think I took the news very well, other than the thoughts in my head of "why not me?" As well as thinking who else is left in my life to say their pregnant like the lady who sits next to me or my hairdresser, because at this point, Phoebe now has 3 more first cousins that will born in the next 9 months. The next of which is in about two weeks. At least I'll have more babies to hold until they start crying.... It is nice to give them back when they cry.

Anastasia, Phoebe's Tooth Fairy

Phoebe lost her two bottom front teeth, one today and one yesterday. She was so excited about losing the first one yesterday she had more energy than usual. One of her new friend's at the new neighborhood told us that there are several tooth fairies and that you get assigned one. Her's is Genivieve. We found out from the note that Phoebe's tooth fairy left that her name is Anastasia. Such a lovely fairy name isn't it? Anastasia left her the note and a Sacagawea dollar coin to start a coin collection.

Tonight Phoebe put the second tooth under her pillow with a letter for Anastasia. One of the things she asked in the letter was where she lives. Phoebe told us in the car ride back from getting ice cream that she wanted to visit her Tooth Fairy. I told her that I thought she lived in Neverland with her friend Tinkerbell, as her new friend says the Tooth Fairies and Tinkerbell are all good friends. Phoebe replied, "Mom, Tinkerbell is not real. She's just…

Infertiles Rock!

I just got back from my regular physical appointment with my PCP. I love this woman! I want her to be my best friend, or at least let me stalk her. Other than their practice being very efficient and on time, she is the most personable woman I know. We both about the same age, maybe she's about 5 years older than me, obviously she is a woman, but she is so cool! Why? Both her kids are from IVF. She doesn't hide it. She knows it's frustrating. She asks all kinds of questions around your life, stress, mental state, etc. We talked about how we gave up on conventional infertility treatments, got a dog, and I'm now seeing an acupuncturist. She totally understood, how cool is that??? She also agreed that the dog was important, as she got a puppy when they found out they needed to go the IVF route. So basically, I want my PCP to be my best friend because she's another rocking infertile, as we all are.

I think also as she's a mom. One of the things we talke…