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Back to the Grind

Yesterday was our first day back to work. I ended up working late, but thankfully, DH made dinner. Vacation was so nice, but I love being home. I missed it. What was really nice was that everything was clean when we walked in the house, we could just unpack and start the laundry. I followed Flylady's vacation packing and planning list, and that was so helpful for this trip. We spend Sunday going to BJs to pick up food (Liam needed another case of Pediasure) and watching movies. I got caught up on a lot of stuff at work, but there is still so much more to do.

This morning I'll be going into work late though as Liam has physical therapy and then occupational therapy and Phoebe has an orthodontist appointment. I think we may be making an appointment for braces to begin! I hope my wallet survives.

I'm also coming back to update this post with a few things I forgot. For those that were interested, we did still travel to the beach last week with the boys rear-facing in…

The Beach and Proof That I Exist

Here's some cute pics of us on vacation. It's half over and some things have been awesome and some not so much. It's definitely been a learning experience. But we've all had lots of fun!!!

I'm not crazy about this pic, but here's one with me with both the boys!

Here's a cute pic of Liam (and me in the background)

Here's a cute pic of Tommy and his Mommy!

This is a funny pic of Liam crawling away from the water and Tommy sticking his tongue out in the background

Here's Tommy and his Daddy

Here's the best of the boys and their Daddy

And here's Phoebe having fun in the surf on her boogie board