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It's Been Awhile

I'm still out here.  I'm currently working on getting my morning setup from "The Miracle Morning".  One of the items is journaling.  I was starting to put it in a notebook, but then realized why should I do that when I have my long neglected blog.

Things at my corporate job are going well.  I've put a lot of time and energy into it and people are seeming to be noticing.  Just yesterday, my manager got some great feedback from someone before I even got off the phone with them.  Glad to see my hard work is paying off on that front.

I really want to spend more time on my Beachbody business though.  I'm in a Dash to Diamond group and I haven't done much with it the past few days as by the end of the work day I'm exhausted and work seems to consume all my day hours.  I need to work on that balance.

I think I'm also tired at the end of the day as I'm trying to get back into working out and being a better runner.  I'm running a 5K in mid-May and…