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Happy Easter Photos!

Easter we had some fabulous weather! It was up to 80 degrees and sunny. I don't think we could have asked for a better day.

We have a new family photo! That park bench in the back of my SIL's house is either getting smaller or our family is bigger, LOL.

The boys had fun on the egg hunt in their Aunt's backyard. Here's Liam. I couldn't get him to face forward for the photo. Very Liam!

Tommy was less camera shy, but enjoying himself so much he didn't ham it up for the camera like he usually does.

Phoebe had fun too! She's still not too old for this egg hunt stuff!

Then the boys had fun on the slide in their Aunt's backyard. Tommy went first as he climbed up the ladder as soon as he saw it.

Liam had to get in on that action too. They love slides! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Great Hot Healthy Breakfast Cereal Recipe

I've been cleaning things up around the house, doing a lot of Flylady decluttering. As I've been doing that, I've had the luck to find things I thought I had lost. One of them is this recipe for a hot breakfast cereal that was at one time on The Fertile Soul website. It is no longer there and I've really, really missed it. I was so happy the day I found this and in case I lose the paper copy I have, let's put it on my blog, so I can look it up whenever I need it. Plus it's yummy! You should all try it!

Oatmeal or Immune Support Breakfast
4 cups rolled oats
2 cups oat bran
1 cup ground almonds
1 cup ground sunflower seeds
1 cup ground flax seeds

I grind the seeds and nuts in a nut and spice grinder I've used for making baby food before. I hear a coffee grinder works well too. Mix all the ingredients and store in a big ziplock bag in the freezer.

To make breakfast - take 1/3 cup and you can soak overnight covered in water, or just add plenty of water in the…

Happy Easter!

We took the kids for a picture with the Easter Bunny yesterday. It went really well. I wish I had a moment to fix Liam pant legs, but after this picture, both boys loved the Easter Bunny so much they wouldn't look forward. They just wanted to keep checking him out and touching his fur and buttons. It was too funny. And again, I can't get Liam to smile for a photo and he did really enjoy himself.

Yoga Class After Over Two Years and Sunday Bliss

I took a yoga class on Saturday at one of the local yoga studios, and let me just say, "She kicked my a$$." Not that was her intention. She's a very nice person and told me to be kind to myself, which I am. Yoga is not meant to hurt. But if you haven't taken a class in over two years, the first one will leave you sore in muscles you didn't know existed.

That said I want to go back to the same class next Saturday and see if I can do any better. They also have a gentle yoga class on Monday evenings and I was thinking it might be a good thing to take Phoebe to. They do allow children 10 years and up to take their gentle yoga class. I think she'd be pretty happy to come.

So I was very proud of myself. That was one of my goals this year to get back to a good yoga practice. I've also been eating healthier recently. Much more vegetarian with lots of veggies. I made my fried noodle recipe again on Friday for the family and the boys loved it again. The…

Ugh! Rough Day! Yesterday

I thought I posted this yesterday, but it turns out this got posted to my other blog. Apparently Blogger decided to reorder my blogs on my Dashboard and I was on autopilot. Plus I was really tired yesterday. Today is much better.

I woke up from a nightmare at 3:30 AM this morning. I dreamt Phoebe was kidnapped. Couldn't go back to sleep. Wasn't thinking about the nightmare, kept thinking about work. That usually never happens to me. Then I started watching a movie to take my mind off things. Ended up watching Showgirls (movie) on cable. Kyle McLaughlin is in that movie and it's only redeeming feature. I had coffee and a danish at 6:30AM and it gave me heartburn, which is very unusual for me. I took a Pepcid and got in the shower, drove to work drinking water, trying to calm my stomach down. I didn't eat anything right away. Looked at work emails. One of my managers resigned today. Ugh. I'm already trying to hire two people in that area. Guess I now…