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Meet Up With Marcia

I have a saying lately that goes along with "When it rains it pours."  The new saying is "When the blessings come in they come in by the bucketload."  One of my recent blessings is meeting Marcia.  I've been so excited for this meet up, as we seem to be alike in so many ways online it's scary.  We both love to make lists.  We both love things to be organized and chaos drives us crazy.  We are both very into enforcing manners with our children.

I will say our meet up did not disappoint me.  Marcia is a beautiful person inside and out.  I loved listening to her talk and especially watch her talking with her hands - so happy to have a picture of that!  We got lots of good pictures, but of course there is never enough.  We had a lovely dinner with our husbands that evening and probably kept them out later than they should be, as they had early morning flights to catch back to Johannesburg.  Marcia and D - It was so nice meeting you and we owe you a trip.  Sou…

August Goals

I want to make sure I start August fresh with new goals.  I took August's goals and built on it from there.  Some of the items that didn't go so well (cardio/exercise!), I have on the list again and I will work on a better go of it this month.  This is really helping keep me focused and I really think it does pay off.  July was a very big month for me!  Not only did I get to meet Marcia, which was such a surreal experience, and work on getting prepared to go back to school while juggling work and family, but I also got requested to post for a job that is a promotion for me. I posted, interviewed and got the job all in the last week of July!!!  I can't believe all these good things are happening for me at once!!! 

Date nights with DH - working on plans for the weekend of 8/10, but not sure what we'll have time for after that. Finish filling out the paperwork for the boys to start preschool starting the 9/5.Potty training both boys to go on the big potty.  Finish wo…

July Goals - Final Update

Things have been totally crazy!!!  I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to put up blog posts about all the amazing stuff going on.  I still have to post about the great meetup with Marcia and her husband in NYC.  We had such a fabulous time and she truly is a beautiful and amazing person!  This will all come soon.  I even have pictures of the fun we had!
Date nights with DH 4 times (currently scheduled on 7/6, 7/14 and 7/28) Ensure the boys are scheduled for preschool starting the Tuesday after Labor Day (BTW, this is September 5) Potty training both boys - now we just need to get them moved over to using the real potty.  They've been using potty chairs, so we can see what they are going.  They are currently only wearing pull-ups at bedtime and naptime is in underwear!  Liam still doesn't seem to make it to the potty to poo, though.  He really wants to.  Make sure Phoebe is doing her summer reading and practicing math skills - Summer reading done and all papers …