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Boys Last Synagis Shots and Busy at Work

The boys had their last Synagis shot of the RSV shot yesterday. Leo took them as I had to get ready for a meeting with Internal Audit at work. Very frustrating that they ended up rescheduling for Wednesday. Anyway, as part of the Synagis shot process they got weighed, so their latest weights are:

Tommy - 20 lbs 7 oz (9.27 kg)
Liam - 17 lbs 4 oz (7.82 kg)

I need to take some video of Liam rolling now that he's doing it more faithfully. He's not crawling yet, but he's managing to get around a bit more by rolling and wiggling. Tommy's been cutting the top two teeth lately, which has made him miserable. I've been giving him Motrin before he goes to bed at night to keep the pain from waking him up in the middle of the night. I don't give pain meds for all teething, but I've found that the top two and molars are the worst that wake them in the middle of the night with pain.

We also took the boys out to dinner on Saturday and it went great. We we…

Baby Food, Schedules and Nicknames

So the boys are interested in giving up baby food. Especially Tommy. He'd much rather feed himself. Liam doesn't mind, but after awhile he seems to get tired of feeding himself and wants somone else to put the food in his mouth. He doesn't mind if it's a smooth puree like yogurt or if it's a tiny chunk of cooked carrot for him to mash what few teeth he has on it. Tommy's still working on teeth, LOL. He has ***1*** tooth. That's it. On the bottom. The two on the top look like they want to break free and the other one on the bottom is thinking about it too, but he can eat solid food like a champ! Here's an example of what they might have for a daily menu:

Breakfast: Cheerios and fruit (cut up into cubes)
Lunch: pizza (cut into cubes) and peas
Dinner: fried noodles with veggies (basically what we're eating but cut up the noodles into little pieces and cube up the veggies in it after it's all cooked)

Their overall schedule seems to work ver…
Thank you so much for the advice on the stroller. I think we're going to go with the Maclaren Twin Techno, which was an option I didn't notice we had yet, as I was just looking at the Twin Triumph. I did look at all the other ones people mentioned, but I want a side by side that can still go through doors and folds up easily and as small as possible for storing while at restaurants.

We had a great weekend visiting my family about 3 hours north of where we live. We visited my grandmother at her place and then my grandfather who has Alzheimer's at his nursing home. Phoebe amazed me with how wonderful she was with him, making funny smiling faces at him as he's very hard of hearing. He smiled a lot and it really seemed to perk him up. He only knew my mother when we first got there, but by the end of the visit he remembered us all and even commented that Phoebe must be in 2nd grade now. He was close, she's in 3rd grade.

The boys had a great time. Tommy explored th…

Need Twin Stroller Advice

OK, my twin moms out there, I need twin stroller advice. I'm about to purchase one other than our snap and go for the infant carriers and I'm thinking between the Maclaren Twin Triumph and the Combi Twin stroller. Anyone have any advice or experience to share about their twin stroller? What do you like or not like?

9 Month Check Stats and Hamming it Up for the Camera

I have lots to update everyone on. The boys had their 9 month check last Thursday and their stats were as follows:

Tommy: 29 inches long (73.7 cm), 19 lbs 12 oz (8.96 kg)
Liam: 28 inches (71.7 cm), 16 lbs 12 oz (7.6 kg)

So now that Tommy is spitting up less, he's back to being 3 lbs more than Liam. The doctor did say to encourage Liam to eat more. She wasn't acting like it was a big deal, but she did say that he's in the 5% for weight for his age! She also recommended a neurologist consult and a hip xray for Liam as a precaution that he's not as interested in moving as his brother is. We'll definitely do it, but I'm thinking that he just needs the light switch to go off in his head telling him it's time to move. Which seems to be true because all of a sudden last night, he wants to roll to his stomach when I'm changing his poopy diaper on the floor. He kept fighting me like Tommy does. Once I got his bottom cleaned, I let him finish his roll a…

By the Way I Forgot to Mention

Today is my birthday! I am 39 now. Officially in my last year of my 30s. I'm very excited. I love birthdays!

Boys Baptism - 3/7/2010

I'm really late in getting these posted, but hopefully I can get caught up on some good stuff over the next few days. I'm working with my diet as it comes to the exhaustion and my acidic stomach I've had lately. I broke out my Traditional Chinese Medicine cookbook to guide my way and it's been very helpful.

This picture is my favorite and Phoebe took it. I wish we had one as good of Liam.

Here's a pic of Liam from Phoebe's camera

Phoebe took this one too of us. She really is a great photographer for a 9 year old.

And here's a pic of all of us together. Liam is popping his head up, but he was asleep on me, which is why I didn't turn him facing the camera. The boys didn't take their morning nap before going to the church, so they were both exhausted.


I've been really really tired this week. I think I need to start drinking a cup of nettle tea again to make sure it's not low iron. Because of that, I've been losing things. I lost my car keys yesterday, wedding ring last week, and now I can't find the thing to get the pics of Phoebe's camera. So I'll entertain you with pics from our camera of Phoebe from her show. Check out all the stage makeup! They had to wear foundation and powder that was one shade darker than her skin tone to make sure they didn't look pale onstage, so if you see that it's not matching her neck, that is why.

She had a great time with the show, but it was tiring! No more plays until this July's summer camp when they will do Disney's Aladin. I'm trying to get her encouraged enough to audition for one of the more prominent parts (doesn't have to be a lead). She is just so funny and I wish she'd feel confident enough to share it with others. This show was …

Great Weekend!

Had a very busy weekend. More busy than most. Phoebe had two shows on Friday and two shows on Saturday. She had some cousins sleep over Saturday night as they came to see one of her shows. And then we had the boys' baptism on Sunday during noon mass. I have to admit the whole weekend when I look on it was surreal. Just unbelievable to think we now have three wonderful, healthy, happy children. When I think of eleven years ago having an anxiety attack coming home from visiting a new nephew and we had no children or pregnancy to speak of yet. We had been married for four years at that point and wanted children so desparately. Then even after having Phoebe, going through almost 9 years of not knowing we'd have any more children. And here I was holding Liam while he was baptized in the church while my husband had just held Tommy through his! I almost cried during that moment.

I always swear that it's the odd moments that hit me and make me emotional. Never the one…

Living a Full Life and It's a Bumpy Ride!!!

I can't remember which blogger, but someone said they feel you should live a full life and blog about it later. I love that statement and it was especially true yesterday.

First off, Tommy's doing great! The first 24-hours on Zantac and thickening his bottle-feeds and he's almost completely spit-up free! And when he does spit up, it's such small amounts. He was also always a happy guy, but now he's even 10 times happier. Except now he's noticing that his teeth are bothering him. I guess when the stomach pain went away, he got to notice that there was pain elsewhere. He did also pull himself up to stand on one of his toys yesterday. I wasn't there to see it, but it's no less exciting. Now if we could just get Liam to roll more!!!!

Here's the bumpy day. I went to work, knew I had to leave early to take Phoebe to perform with her Opera Delaware group at an elementary school and thought everything would be manageable with my work schedule that d…

Tommy Has Reflux

Believe it or not all the copious amounts of spit-up from our 9-month-old really was a problem. I broke down and took him to the pediatrician today after his physical therapy appointment that I swore we thought he needed an exorcism. I finally started piecing things together over the past few days: the arching of his back, preferring to sleep on his stomach, spitting up large amounts at any time of day (it could be hours after meals), the spit up smelled really sour and being very mad when his bottles or food was over. We really just thought this was something he'd outgrow, and I didn't want to overreact knowing that he seemed happy and like nothing was wrong and some babies just spit-up, right?

But the physical therapist confirmed what I'd been thinking. That at 9 months this should have been gone by now. I called the pediatrician and they had us come in this afternoon and after meeting with the doctor, she confirmed that he seems to have reflux and she put him on…

More Exercise and Seeing Blog Buddy!

Yesterday was another good day of accomplishment. I got my car repaired, inspected and registration renewed. All while I was at work. I love my car dealer!!! I also did another 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and the Gentle Hatha Flow #2 from I have to say I really liked that one.

Today, I have more to get caught up on tackling both my work and personal To-Do Lists. Phoebe has ice skating tonight and Niki has curling, so I'll be taking the babes with me to ice skating. I know we'll get back pretty late for me to fully work out, so I think if I at least do a yoga practice when we get back, I'll be happy.

I also need to get my bills done today as we had a great surprise on Sunday when I was about to start. My fellow blogger, Merlot, that doesn't live that far from us happened to be at the vineyard around the corner from us and did we want to stop by? The boys were down for a nap and Niki didn't mind keeping an eye on them and Phoebe, s…