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Boys Preschool Portraits

The boys portraits at preschool came out really good!  I didn't think they could get Liam to smile as big as they did!  He rarely smiles and "no" is his favorite word.

Hope everyone had a very Happy Christmas and is having a great time getting ready for New Year.

December 2012 Goals

1.  Schedule 3 date nights with DH - already got 12/7, 12/8 and 12/15 scheduled.
2.  Help boys get through sleeping through night without pull ups.  Still working with Liam on going #2 in the potty.
3.  Scheduled time to go to Longwood Gardens to see holiday show with the family.
4.  Schedule time to go see Santa and have pictures taken.
5.  Attend Phoebe's school choir and orchestra concerts.

1.  Finish holiday shopping for kids and extended family.
2.  Decorate inside and outside house for Christmas (Tom does outside with Phoebe, so that's really their goal, LOL)

1.  Finish writing year-end reviews for three directs.
2.  Finish writing my own year-end summary.
3.  Assist as I can with the work to bring the UDBAs into Risk Execution.
4.  Plan Controls implementation for Risk UDBAs for next year - put together deck to describe.
5.  Clean out SEAL of new and retiring UDBAs.
6.  Ensure final tasks for the UDBA Controls Pilot are completed.
7.  Quietly work on…

Been Very Crazy with Super Family

I've been very busy with starting school and my new job at work all happening at the same time. I will try not to be a stranger. In the meantime, enjoy a pic of cuteness from Halloween this year.