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PG - 27 Weeks 3 Days - The Working Mom Blues

I'm not really blue though, just so busy I don't have time to be blue. I could write a book on juggling First Communion Retreats and weekend implementations at work, husbands that go out of town, First Communion dress rehearsals, orthodontist appointments, 2nd grade homework, more implementation issues from the weekend spilling over into the week (and the previously mentioned orthodontist appointment), end of 1st Quarter reviews at work to give, documenting all the great work we've done in the 1st Quarter, etc. I can't wait for this week to be over, but there's so much going on it's going very quickly. The bright spot is that I'm getting my roots touched up at the hair salon tomorrow morning, as I can't fathom going to Phoebe's First Communion this weekend with my big dark roots.

I also had my 26-week appointment with my OB on Friday and things are still going great. I got the official word that I did pass the glucose tolerance test! and my bloo…

PG - 26 Weeks 2 Days - Level 2 Ultrasound

Wow! Updates two days in a row! You guys will start expecting more updates soon! But I had to post today as I had another Level II ultrasounds checking out "the boys". I haven't been in for an ultrasound in four weeks, so it was very exciting. Their stats are as follows:

Baby Boy 1: head down, presenting second, heart rate 129 bpm, estimated weight 1 lb. 15 oz.

Baby Boy 2: head down, presenting first, heart rate 140, estimated weight 2 lbs, 2 oz.

So for the first time, one of them had an estimated weight different from the other. They aren't concerned though, as they are still very close together. I have to admit what looked great was that they looked so much more hearty than the did at the last ultrasound. You could see how they were filling out very nicely with their weight.

I was also happy that they were both head down. Let's all keep our fingers crossed they stay that way, as I'd really rather have a natural childbirth as we had with Phoebe. But …

PG - 26 Weeks 1 Day - Catch Up on Pics

Everything is going great! We've been super busy nesting (more on that in a later post!), so here's some pics to help you all forgive me for my infrequent posting as of late. First off - here's Phoebe at her ice skating competition!!! I'm so proud of all the hard work she put into learning her program and how she performed on ice for the first time by herself. The fact that she got second place in her age group and level is just icing on the cake. She's so much more graceful than I ever was at this age. Then again, she works so hard at at it.

Next up - Easter family photos! We clean up good! I especially love Phoebe's dress we bought this year. And you'll get to see my belly without a big black trench coat hiding it, although I'm realizing now that the print really hides what I look like. At work I call that shirt my "shock and awe" shirt, meaning I distract people from my pregnancy with the "shock and awe" from the bright …

PG - 25 Weeks 2 Days - Glucose Tolerance Test

Everything continues to do well. My energy level has gone up lately. I think it has to do with eating more greens (iron), but then again, I could just have been having a good past week.

Yesterday, I can't say we had a good day. I had the glucose tolerance test in the morning and it wiped me out for the rest of the day. First off, the concept of me fasting right now is a fate worse than death. I'm currently eating "2nd breakfast" at 9:30 AM. A raisin bagel and cream cheese. I have a bowl of banana nut cheerios every morning for breakfast as soon as I get up in the morning. So I didn't eat anything yesterday morning and then they had me drink that sugary drink. It didn't taste too bad - they gave me orange flavored. Within 5 minutes, the boys were all over the place jumping around. An hour later, they took my blood, Leo took me to get some real breakfast at Perkins, and then I called out sick for the rest of the day. I was so tired from coming down o…

PG - 6 Months!!!

So Sunday was the official twenty-four weeks mark (the four key still doesn't work - someday I'll get that fixed and I'm too tired to go find one to copy and paste). And yes, I said I'm tired and it's the morning. I just woke up about 15 minutes ago. I think I slept over 9 hours last night and I'm still tired. It does continue that some days are good and some are bad. Saturday was bad. I felt good during Phoebe's ice skating competition, but then when we went to run errands, I thought I was going to die (or go into labor). My lower back hurt, my lower stomach hurt, and I felt like I wanted to cry. I was able to get through Costco OK by holding onto the cart like a little old lady and then I felt fine. Sunday was a good day, but we just lied around and caught up on movies, which was great. I even got to see "The Good Shepard" which Leo has been saying is such a good movie, but it's 3 hours long, so watching without me falling asleep h…

The End of ER

I can't let the series finale of ER come and go without leaving my comments. Leo and I have watched ER since the first episode due to our love of all things from Michael Crichton. The other interesting thing about those times, is we were newlyweds. We've been married for almost 15 years (this October is our anniversary) and ER has been on TV for all those 15 years. There were times that we stopped watching the show as it got a bit boring, but the past two seasons we haven't missed a single show thanks to the DVR capabilities on our cable box. Even though Michael Crichton has been as involved with the show since the beginning, it seems like a fitting time for the series to end since he passed away recently. This spring will be the release of the last novel by him and I don't know how I'll get Leo to read anything since I was at least guaranteed that every time one of these novels came out we'd both devour it. We'll try to watch the new TV show on duri…