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Leading Up to the Big Day

The boys birthday is tomorrow! I'm cleaning the pics off the cameras and charging all the camera batteries. Not that we're having a huge party. We're actually not. Tomorrow on their birthday, we're really just going to VaLa (the vineyard near the house), listening to our friends play in their jazz trio there and then going back to the piano players house for a barbeque. I just want to enjoy some peace on their birthday. I worked hard this time last year to bring them into this world. Now I just want to enjoy my time with them. Sunday we're going to my in-laws for our usual barbeque we have every year. We never barbeque on the holiday itself, but the day before, so we don't have to drive home from NJ on Monday. We're going to have cake for the boys on both days. I'm also hoping to make some other good food for the weekend of hanging out.

So here's some pics I cleaned off since the last ones I've taken. Liam loves to wave at people. He…

Tag I'm It

The fabulous, gorgeous (and very organized) Marcia tagged me for this meme. I get the impression she realizes I'm not in a lot of pictures and decided to torture me with this one.

You have to pick 5 photos of yourself that you love and I think say why, and then share 5 things you really like about yourself.

Here goes:

I dug this one up from 2002. It's a pic of me with Phoebe when she was a toddler in our front yard of the old house. She reminds me so much of a darker Liam in this pic.

Here's Phoebe and I taking a tour of a ship in the harbor of Baltimore, MD. She's 3 years old in this pic and I think we both look kind of cute.

Here's a pic from the same summer. This time we were going to visit Tom's brother and family in Wisconsin by way of Canada. It was so much more fun that way than going the boring way through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to get there. That's the way we went home. Here we are with the Niagara Falls behind us. Later that …

So Far, So Good

Today the boys woke up with just very wet diapers. Nothing gross and disgusting waiting for us running up their back and making them needing a shower first thing in the morning with us. I got ready for work before they got up, in the hopes that they were feeling better.

Yesterday, all they had was pedialyte and I made a pot of homemade chicken soup for dinner. So that seemed to settle well in their stomach. This morning we let them have some cheerios again and still no formula, just pedialyte. We decided to hold off on formula until this evening when I get back and to stick to the pedialyte and chicken soup for lunch.

I'm at work now and I'm making sure I have my cell phone with me just in case Niki calls to say that they had a messy diaper and if they do, they'll be going right back to the doctor.

I really hope we're done with this. BTW, here's my current list of how I've been looking at the sunny side of life:

REALITY: The dishwasher is broken and to f…

Still Not Better

Ugh! At least the top end is better. Now we're still working on the bottom half. They both took showers with us this morning as they had it running up their backs and all over their onesies. Today we're not even going to give in a give the few stray cheerios they've been getting. Just pedialyte. If they are not better by tomorrow, they are going back to the doctor's. This is one nasty bug. I'm used to stomach bugs being gone in 24 hours, but they haven't had real food since Tuesday morning.

For now, I'm going to drink my coffee and check up on a few blogs. After that, I'm going to sanitize the house and get some more work from home done today. The boys are napping as that's what they love to do right now when they aren't chugging pedialyte or acting completely miserable in your arms although they act like that's all they want. Then they are completely happy when you put them back in bed and let them sleep it off. Poor dears.

Laundry Machine on Overdrive

We're under the siege of the stomach bug of 2010, and hopefully it is the only one and the only infected are the boys. But it's nasty. It seemed to start on Sunday, but I wasn't sure if it was just that they had a stuffy nose and it was making them gag and making their BM runny. But not so. Yesterday we went with cereal and dry toast to eat and pushed the formula thinking it was still just a cold. But then they really seemed to be throwing up without gagging and then for sure I knew when at 5:30 AM Liam had dry heaves. Poor thing.

Off to the doctor we finally went today. They've had no fevers and that's good, but the doctor said no food except maybe some dry toast or chicken noodle soup tonight and no formula but to give them pedialyte. The funny thing is Phoebe never got stomach bugs until she was 4 years old, so I had no experience with NOT feeding a baby formula or breastmilk. She tried pedialyte once too, and she hated it. The boys seemed to like it.…

Happy Mother's Day (Everyday)!

Happy Mother's Day to all! I will admit the older I get (and now that I have children, LOL), I'm more interested in the love I get the other days of the year than to put tons of expectations on one day.

The boys are taking baths in the regular bathtup now that they can sit up more stably. Phoebe helped me. She took her shirt off later, but I didn't want to post those pics, as she's getting older now and who knows what perverts are out there.

Liam was too distracted to look at me, but here's Tommy

Then I tried to take a pic of them together in their PJs. They wouldn't stay together though.

Unless a book was involved. They love this Elmo book!

Then pics of them being tucked into bed. Liam loves to sleep and his blankie. Tommy will not let me tuck him in anymore. He wants to go back to playing in his crib and standing.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Believe it or not things are going very very well. Busy as hell, which is why I haven't been around the blog world lately. I've been working hard on keeping positive thoughts and trying to make things better at home and work. I started listening to some old podcasts about The Law of Attraction. I got the podcasts from iTunes and not her website, but this is the lady. Let me tell you, she's pretty great! Since I've started using some of her tools, really good things have been happening at work and at home. Drama that used to be at work has almost all gone away. I keep telling myself, "I love that there is no drama at work!" and it seems to be working. I'm sure there's more to it. I'm sure my attitude has been more to diffusing the drama, which is helping matters, but I think it's the attitude that has to come first.

I've been working out the past two mornings too, which is great! I've been setting up the coffee pot the night b…