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Tommy and Liam in Their New Stroller

I'm working on staying positive these days. It's hard when everyone at work is negative and then when I get home people are negative. I'm not going to let it get to me. If I have to be that beacon of hope and happiness that will be me, d@mn it!

Anyway, I also need to get more pics and videos of the boys. Liam did start creeping along on his belly, sort of commando crawling, on Friday night. It took a lot, I had to get Tommy to leave the toy alone that I was trying to have Liam get. Tommy is always taking whatever toy Liam has or is interested in. So I kept Tommy away and Liam got the toy that I was putting just out of reach in front of him. Yeah!!!! And now he's doing it all over the place. Between that and rolling Liam can now cover the whole living room.

Here's a pic of the boys in their new stroller. Next step in June is to get the regular car seats and get them out of the infant ones. I still have to research which ones we want. And yes, I can't ke…

MS Walk Information

So I'm going to be shameless at the last minute. I'm walking in the MS Walk this weekend on fellow blogger friend's team. Please donate generously!!! I know three people with MS, so when Merlot asked me, I said yes! Here's the link to my page on the team!

Thank you!!!!

BTW, my days are numbered. Tommy learned to both sit up on his own and pull himself to stand on the same day!!!! He keeps pulling himself up in his crib over and over again at bedtime tonight. We went back in to get him to sit down three times. Oh my! I'll get pictures of Tommy standing I promise.

Busy, Busy - Orthopedist for Liam and Stroller News

Wow! Things have been crazy around here. I am so behind on everyone's blogs and I haven't posted in awhile.

First off, we're all still getting over a cold. All of us: Leo, the boys, Phoebe, Niki. Lots of nose blowing and coughing. I have a humidifier on in the boys room and it helps keep their cough loose.

Last Thursday, we had an appointment for Liam with the orthopedist to look for any signs of hip dysplasia that might impact his not wanting to crawl yet. There was good news and more good news. Good news #1 - no signs of hip dysplasia. Good news #2 - the orthopedist wants to see him in three months to follow up on how his torticolis is doing (a tight neck muscle - he holds his head tilted to the left). It's so nice to have that follow up with a specialist on that and that Liam was acting very much himself for the doctor. Meaning that Liam's fine if you touch his legs or his hips, but start touching his hands, arms, neck or head and he'll freak out.…

Hoppy Easter!!!

Every Easter we go to my SIL's house for an egg hunt and dinner and especially our annual family portrait on her park bench in front of the forsythia bushes. Last year I was hugely pregnant with the boys and now we have our first family photo with them on the outside. It is really hard to get everyone looking forward in a photo. I just pick the best one with the most people looking forward. Usually when it's just us at home I can get both the boys to look at the camera, but at a strange house, outside, with lots of people, they were all so distracted.

Here's a photo of Leo holding the boys.

Here's Phoebe on the egg hunt. I did curl her hair for the day, including using a setting spray. They still mostly fell out and just the ends look curled. Her hair just really wants to stay straight.

And lastly, here is a pic of the boys sitting under a little tree.

Close Up Baby Pics - with Teeth!!!

I was playing with some really close up photos of the boys and other than the little dots you can see on their skin, I think they are great! Here's Liam - elfin goodness! He has six teeth now, but you can only see the bottom two

Tommy also has teeth now. The bottom two, which you can see here and the top two are working their way out. My latest nickname for him is Wild Thing.

I'll have some other updates later today. I have to pick up Liam's xrays today so we can take them to the orthopedist on 4/15. He may have hip dysplasia.