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Trying to Climb Back Up

It's Thursday and things are looking up. I worked late last night as I'm off today and tomorow. Today we get to visit Phoebe's first grade classroom and teacher. I'm looking forward to that. Then we are going to NYC tonight with friends. Phoebe will be going to her grandparent's. I've so been looking forward to this trip to NYC. We haven't had a childfree trip there in a long time. When we have gone in the past, we would lament over that we couldn't be sitting in some quiet cafe drinking wine over dinner or go to the hotel bar in the evening for drinks. Now I just can't wait for this weekend to be over so we can start the school year and a normal schedule.

I'm trying to remind myself to be positive. I know that I do believe in that whole "Law of Attraction" thing from "The Secret." It's not that secret. It's just the power of positive thinking that has worked for me most of my life.

So I have a driver'…

Weekend Not So Good

The weekend was definately not relaxing. We went to a baseball game in Reading, PA and my wallet was either lost or stolen from my purse. Considering I was carrying my "Mommy purse" which is one big pit with lots of papers, straws, napkins, etc. I have no idea how it happened. I've never had anything like that happen to me before. We canceled everything immediately while we were at the game, frantically (but carefully) looked through all the places we had been during the one hour I can pinpoint when it went missing and talked to the baseball stadium staff. I know exactly when it went missing because I gave DH some of the MAC money during the fourth inning and then an hour later when I went to get some money out to buy glow sticks for the kids it was gone!

And of course the rest of the weekend was a mess. DH and I have been disagreeing a lot lately. I know we love each other and it will totally blow over, but until then, he gets on my nerves. I'm sure a lot o…

Week Recap

I'm really glad to see this week over. Phoebe has been at her grandparents all week and I'm feeling like she's starting to overstay her welcome. Thankfully, we are picking her up tonight and she'll be with us all week.

I also didn't mention this, but I threw a diaper shower at work for my co-worker that is having her third child next week. We waited so long because the lady that works for her was going on vacation for two weeks, so the planning was also all on me. I ordered the cake, sent the invitations and collected the diaper fund $$ from the folks that participated. I'm glad I did it, and I really have no hard feelings, but I don't think she realized I organized it myself instead of the admin who usually does. I don't think our admin was that crazy about throwing a shower for someone who will have her third child as she's fighting infertility issues as well. Myself, I kind of give her a bit of credit for managing that many kids so well.


What's A Sun?

It's been rainy and dreary here since Sunday. On Sunday I liked it, but by now it's gotten old. We haven't seen the sun since Saturday and I haven't been able to wake up in the morning all week. The weatherman keeps saying we'll see the sun each day, but then it never materializes.

I haven't sent my laptop in for repairs yet. I can start it up plugged in now, so that's a lot better. But the number four key still won't work. I think that's the only problem left. Eventually I'll send it in for repairs, but I'm so behind on a lot of computer stuff, I don't like to be without it.

For those that have found my blog by searching for LisaJH's Bridget Jones Fan Fiction, it disappeared from the old website a few months ago, but I've found something even better. SFaith on Live Journal posted a new Bridget fan fic story this week. It's a continuation of one of her previous stories. I highly recommend. I'm late for work this …

Laptop Update

So I can use my laptop a little bit. It won't start up if it's plugged in, but if I unplug it, it will start up and then I can plug it in to keep it charged. The key for the number four won't work either. I took it into the Apple store, and it won't be covered under warranty because it was accidental damage. Kind of sucks. I wanted to let it dry out a few more days and see what would happen, but the status doesn't seem to be changing. I'm going to call the 800 number for Apple and have them send me a box to send it in for repairs and then my warranty will be good again. I'm going to have to pay to have it fixed, so after that's done, I don't think I'll be letting other people touch my laptop too often. After I send it in, I'll have to do my blog updates from DH's laptop or from work, so I don't know how many I'll be able to make.

Also on other updates, Aunt Flo showed up again today. I think the herbs are working. So fa…

Monday, Monday

Yesterday was such a Monday. Glad that's over. It felt like one of those days where everything is just cr*p. DH took DD to his work in Aberdeen, MD and I let them borrow my beautiful new laptop for her to play games and watch movies. She accidentally spilled water on it. It's dead now. Thankfully I have a warranty, but I need to call the Apple store about how to get it fixed and hopefully I won't lose the pictures I had stored on there and my budget file. I hadn't gotten around to setting up the backup yet. Work was tough too. Working hard trying to meet deadlines and not feeling like I was getting anywhere. Got home and DH and DD didn't get home until 8 PM, because she wanted crabs for dinner and he was trying to find a place that was open. He even admitted last night that he can't say no to her. Them being so late totally through everything I had planned out the window. I love DD immensely, but I told him this morning I want to call him Haphazard…

What Would You Do?

I was in my boss's boss's office today (hey that looks funny!) and he has a really great plaque on his desk. I guess it's a paperweight of some kind. It says, "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" It's really an interesting way to ask yourself what would mean the most to you to do right now. I can think of three things:

1. Have one more child.
2. Make our house more the home we want to have.
3. Become an Iyengar yoga instructor.

So then you stop and think to yourself what is holding you back from these things. I know right now, it's all just me. Even item #1. I'm holding a lot of mental baggage right now with issues with my mom, the baggage of that relationship as I've taken it in with my relationship with my husband (love that man!), fear of disappointment if I go back to the doctor, and fear of losing myself in the hormonal mess that comes with IF treatments.

So tell me what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Tired, Wheatgrass Update, Yoga and Hummus, Oh My!

Wow! Was I ever tired when I wrote that last post! I definately knew I've written better posts, but I was so excited that I was able to make my own wheatgrass juice. They say it's supposed to be really good for you and fertility. It has a very interesting taste. The frozen stuff I was getting didn't taste like much, but when you freeze your own fresh wheatgrass it has a very distinctive taste. It's kind of sweet and kind of tastes like your drinking grass.

I was also really good to myself last night and went to my yoga class. I haven't been there in about two weeks. I left there feeling awesome, but when I got home I kind of got cranky. I had a really busy day at work and I wanted some quiet time. DH kept talking non-stop the minute I got home about weekend plans for the rest of August. I think he's making up for not having last summer off and making sure we get to do everything we want to do before the end of the summer. But it was driving me crazy …

Wheatgrass Party Time

We had a wheatgrass party at the Joys House tonight. About two weeks ago, I was at the health food store and found out that someone had ordered a tray of wheatgrass that had just arrived. I didn't know you could order a tray of wheatgrass. I kept that in mind and last Thursday I ordered a tray. It came in on Saturday when we were away, so I picked it up today.

One of the reasons I chose the juicer I bought a few months ago, was because it can juice wheatgrass It's an Omega 8005. So we got to play with making wheatgrass juice when I got home from work today. I say we, because DH did help me. He cut the grass and put it on the counter for me while I fed it into the juicer. The one tray of wheatgrass made about 28 ice cubes. I measured it out and each ice cube is about 1 oz. It's in the freezer right now and when it's completely frozen I'm going ot transfer it to a freezer bag.

I'm so excited to have fresh wheatgrass at home I might be able to give up t…

Working Mom Website

For any of my readers that are working moms, I've found a great resource I'm currently checking out. Here's the website:


In Between Days

I've been really busy with work the past few days. It's funny I've been so busy, because I'm working from home most of this week, and you know how people always think it's a picnic when you're working from home.

I'm working from home because the emergency backup childcare at my work apparently isn't very good for emergencies. Phoebe is spending most of the summer at her grandparents, which includes overnights since they are over and hour away from us. She's usually OK with this and spent three weeks in a row there last summer. But for some reason last week she was really homesick, so we brought her home for the week. Except for the fact that DH is traveling for work, so he only worked from home on Monday. Since the backup childcare at my work is full and we're #11 on the waitlist, I've been working from home. Which is great for me anyway, because I have a lot of straight computer work to do and it's been great for being undisturbe…