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Word for 2014 - Move

Looking for graphics for my word of the year, I found a few people that had it as their word of the year last year or the year before.  Let's review what my words have been:  2012 - "Dream" and 2013 - "Smart".  Which makes "Move" perfect for this year.  I am looking to "move" forward with a lot of aspects of my life:  I will be graduating with my MBA from Villanova in May, I want to decide what my next career objectives are and what I want to build for our future life as this time consumer of my life (school) will be ending.  I am getting back to exercising, so I am literally "moving":  elliptical machine, Tracey Anderson Method and yoga.  It also refers to how I feel about our home.  I either want to move forward with making changes and decorating (with that free time I'll have) or maybe we'll move to a new home local to where we are now with more land and no homeowner's association, so I can build a huge garden and g…