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Don't Think So

For anyone who hasn't stalked my temp chart yet today, the temps have dropped and my not friend Spot has showed up. Guess I'll be moving my unused pregnancy test to the new house. Let's hope I get to move lots of stuff to the new house soon. Still no offers on our old house.

Updates all Around

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we get a good offer this week. We've had more people look at our house in the past three days than we ever had. We had two appointments on Friday, four on Saturday and over a dozen people/families come by at the open house today. The realtor said that two of the families have their children in the private Christian school around the corner and they live far away and want to move closer to the school since they go for drop offs/pickups around three times a day. Sounds very promising. The only competition we really have is the neighbors next door's house that's on the market too, but it seems people like our house better, which is good, as we're asking a little more than them.

We had the QA walkthrough at the new house on Thursday. It went well. Identified a bunch of dings in the walls I want them to spackle/repaint and some scratched up cabinet doors. Real minor things. You really had to look for them. I'm good at…

Tag I'm It

Thank you to everyone for all your comments on my last post. To keep my mind off my two-week wait, I've been tagged by Mandy, so here it is:

4 Jobs I've Had in my Life
Grocery store checkout girlFiber Optics Lab TechnicianNetwork EngineerProject Manager4 Movies I Would Watch Over and OverBridget Jones's Diary (and The Edge of Reason too!)Jack and SarahDuneA&E's Pride & Prejudice4 Places I Have Lived (and I'm moving back to PA?)DelawarePhiladelphia, PAPhiladelphia suburbsNortheastern PA (north of Poconos)4 TV Shows I Love to WatchNip/TuckSmallvilleCharmedBeauty and the Geek4 Websites I Visit Daily (I'm not counting blogs)For Better or Worse Comic StripBoards for Working Women/Working Moms - esp under "The Balancing Act"XPN Music to listen to while I workPeople Magazine - gotta get my celebrity pic fix4 of My Favorite FoodsGreen teaOatmeal with dried cranberries and walnutsSoft boiled eggsPasta in a good cream sauce4 Places I'd Rather Be Righ…

Once Again - The Two Week Wait

If you are one of those people who have a life and don't look at my link to my temp chart, I'll let you all know.... we are now in the two week waiting period. We've given it a really good go this month, and I've been feeling really good since I started taking 4.5g of spirulina a day. It's supposed to be good for endometriosis. Let's all keep our collective fingers crossed. If all goes well, I'll be able to test on February 1st or 2nd, a week before we close on the new house. I really need an excuse not to have to move heavy boxes. Considering I've never gotten pregnant without a doctor's assistance, that would be a really good reason.

My Feelings on Brangelina

I've seen quite a few posts in the infertile world with the opinion of thinking that Angelina Jolie is a stupid, odd woman. I'll attempt to give the other side. I think she's odd, but I also think she rocks! I think it's fantastic that she's more interested in the issues of the world (and more importantly the people in the world that need help) than going to some red carpet affair and being hung up in looking perfect for the camera all the time. I think her beauty and grace show through in the way she handles herself and her family.

I've had some family members make comments about pre-Brad that she would meet friends/lovers at hotels and wouldn't mix that with her home life with her children. I applauded that. I've always said if something ever happened to DH, I would probably never marry again. But of course I'd still have needs that must be taken care of and I wouldn't want DD to know about that side of my life. I want to be able to tal…

Death of a Cell Phone

My Treo cell phone/PDA/MP3 player is on it's last legs. I have no idea what happened to it, but I'm glad I got the extended warranty/service package with Verizon. It really hasn't fallen much or have any visible damage, but the touch screen won't work. It really is very had to navigate using only buttons and you can't play games at all (biggest problem!). So I went to Verizon and called the data support team and they Fed Ex'ed me a new one. It's waiting at home for me right now. I could've had it yesterday, but no one was home, so I asked DH to work from home this morning to have them drop it off.

Things have been nuts the past few days. Getting lots of stuff together. On Sunday night, I got all the additional documentation the mortgage company wanted while Tom was studying. He however, got the job of dropping off the documents at the mortgage company as it was too big to fax.

Today's spare moments (ha!) have been spent getting 2 different qu…

Closer and Closer

It's getting much closer to our closing date for the new house. We stopped by yesterday after Phoebe's ice skating class, as we had people coming to see our old house (please bid soon people!). It looks fantastic. They've pretty much finished and had all the cardboard pulled up from the tile floors and plastic from the carpets. It's amazing!!!

We've got a lot of stuff to get done with putting final documents together for the mortgage, starting to request utilities to be turned on, and of course packing. I have some boxes already as they moved my desk at work finally, so I can sit in the same building as my department. That's going to save me some time at work. I kept the moving boxes at work and I'm going to bring them home to start packing with them. I'll also probably start raiding the copy paper boxes too.

We stopped by the vineyard after we finished at the house. We met up with K&G there. They're doing very well and optimistic for the…

Music History 101

I was in the car the other day with Phoebe and I put on a CD, as the radio stations in the rush hour ride home talk too much. I put on The Pet Shop Boys. Here's the conversation that followed:

Phoebe: Is that The Beatles?
Me: No, it's The Pet Shop Boys.
Phoebe: The radio doesn't play The Beatles often, do they?
Me: No, they don't. Not as much as we'd like.
Phoebe: Why's that? Is it 'cause Mr. Lennon died? (Yes, she said Mister, not John)

Where some of this came from. We used to leave for work earlier (yeah, we need to do that again) and there is a radio program on at 7 AM where they play about 20 minutes of Beatles. It's called "Breakfast with the Beatles." She obviously misses listening to Mommy singing these songs at the top of her lungs first thing in the morning. Also, she seems to remember me making her listen to NPR on the anniversary of John Lennon's death and talking to her about what happened. Her little five-year-old mind a…

It's All Coming Together

I'm so happy!!!! I got the best news yesterday at work! I got an "Exceeds Expectations" on my review this year (very hard with our forced ranking at our company). I haven't gotten that in 3 years. I also got the promotion to Senior Project Manager that I've been working for during those 3 years as well. My boss actually said I'm his right-hand person!!! You have no idea what this means to me. I've had my work-ego broken down over the past few years from bad managers and upper-management in the department I was in. If you remember, I took a risk in the summer and changed to a different department. I left the Info Technology department and went to Marketing, but still in a technical project management role. It's so nice to see it all coming together and to reap the rewards from a calculated risk.

We have an open house tomorrow, so I have some extra cleaning I want to get done before then. Tom's not feeling well, and he's at school, so …

A Pep Talk for Me

Getting back into the non-holiday routine is rough, so I need a little pep talk from myself. First here's how I'm feeling and then the correlating happy thoughts:
Annoyed that I couldn't wake up earlier than 6:15 AM, which meant that I didn't get to work out this morning.My hips hurt today, as I'm PMS. I've been spotting for three days. My temp dropped today, so I'm sure it'll be here full force tomorrow.Frustrated that I've been working hard all day, and I still have much more to do.I didn't get much personal planning done last night.Here's the things I know I should be happy about:
The sun is out for the first time in three days, and I might be able to exercise tonight by walking the dog. I think I may need to make some yoga time as well.I may have some of my PMS symptoms gone. No stomach/digestion issues, and I haven't been exhausted.I'm employed, I like my job, and I'm working very hard to stay on track with what needs to …

Life in Fast Forward

We've been incredibly busy the past few weeks with the holidays and visiting family. We had a great Christmas and New Year. Couldn't have asked for anything better. We've also been off work since 19 Dec and go back tomorrow!!! I'm actually quite energized again for work. It's been a tough year there this year, but the changes I've made I know will be making this year much better.

In our time off, we've gotten to see lots of movies, which was fun! We saw "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" in the theater with Phoebe. It was amazing. I've wanted to see something like this since I was a kid reading these stories. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. The special effects were incredible! The battle scenes! Peter riding a unicorn going into battle with the White Witch! And if anyone has seen it, doesn't Lucy look just like Drew Barrymore in "E.T"? Exactly how I always pictured her. I have to admit the be…