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I Have Two Eggs

According to the ultrasounds on Wednesday and then today, I officially ovulated two eggs on my own this month! One from each side and they are now making their way down my tubes. May they please meet up with DH's product of waking me in the middle of the night on Wednesday, LOL!

Phoebe had to come to the RE's office with us this morning, because her school was closed for a Teacher's Inservice. She's seven years old now, so there was a little "Birds and Bees" lesson involved in this visit. After the ultrasound tech left saying that it was definately two eggs that released, Phoebe and I had an interesting conversation.

Phoebe: "We're going to have two babies?"
Me: "No honey, it takes a lot more than mommy having an egg released to make a baby. It has to join with a sperm in order to make a baby."
P: "Where does the sperm come from."
Me: "From a daddy."
P: "How does that happen?"
Me: "Well, the mo…

I Might Become a Believer

I might just start believing in all this "different foods impart different energy" thing of macro-biotics. I've been feeling very scattered in my brain lately. Yesterday afternoon definately very scattered. So this morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal (the 5-minute kind) with walnuts, raisins and some rice milk. I felt so much better, more grounded, just like the books said I would. It's an amazing feeling. BTW, carbs from whole grains are a big part of a macro-biotic diet. Just no processed carbs - white flour, white rice, etc.

I had an ultrasound and some bloodwork this morning at the REs office to time ovulation so we can schedule the endometrial biopsy. I've got something big cooking on the right and even something else starting to look like a contender on the left. And this is on my own! Ovulation has definately never been my problem. So looks like I should ovulate soon. Hope DH doesn't mind a little BDing tonight, LOL!

I really liked the vibe in…


I could tell I was still in a lot of pain when I wrote my last post, just by reading it. Things are going OK. I'm back at work today. I still had a bit of shoulder pain for most of the morning, but it's starting to dissapate. Now, I'm just mostly suffering with my bruised up belly.

It feels good to be back at work. I got a lot accomplished just this morning. I have to run in a few minutes to pick up a cup of green tea to help me through a big department quarterly meeting.

I have been very good with the macrobiotic-type diet so far. No coffee, just one cup of green tea a day. It's pretty much vegan, although I can have fish once or twice a week. You'd think that it would close off a lot of eating possibilities, but I think because of the big ouch I've just been through, I'm taking it a lot differently this time. I'll post more about what things I've been eating and what's working.

I'm Back

Hi all. Sorry I was gone for so long. Lots have happened. We had a great time on vacation in Disney. Phoebe collected Disney pins as souveniers and she went on every big bad roller coaster in each of the parks. We also got to go to the one water park, Typhoon Lagoon. She learned to love Epcot as much as us. She loved the pastries in France the most. My favorite ride was Soarin'. I wouldn't go on a roller coaster if you put a gun to my head. Thankfully, DH went on all the roller coasters with Phoebe.

I also got my period when we were on vacation, so I got to call the RE to schedule my laporoscopy. I had the surgery this past Friday, 2/22/08. I'm a bit disappointed as it turns out the endometriosis was pretty bad. The doctor said he got about 90% of it. It's a bit disheartening considering all the Chinese herbs and supplements I've taken. I guess it's good to know what I'm up against and that at least there is a reason for all these problems.�…

Happy (and Lucky) Chinese New Year!

I will admit to being someone who's not Chinese, but does like to celebrate Chinese New Year. I'm sitting here at work in my Chinese silk jacket, my dark green jade necklace that has a carving on it meaning "Happiness", and my jade earrings - all from Shanghai when DH was there in 2006. Phoebe wore her silk Chinese vest to school today too. I wouldn't let her wear her jade dragon neclace to school though as I'd be afraid she'd lose it and it's very good jewelry.

I also had some really good luck to start off this new year. This morning when I was in my jewelry box looking for my jade necklace, I found the 3-ct pink sapphire ring that I thought I lost six months ago. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was very surprised, because I have very few pieces of really good jewelry, so I am extremely careful with them. It was at the bottom of my jewelry box where I have extra storage for the pieces I keep in boxes, like my jade necklace. How lucky is it …

Odd Dream Predictions?

So my closest friend told me yesterday about a dream her mother had about me. Yes, her mother, who I've only met a few times, had a dream about me. Her dream was that I had a son and I was mad at her for giving him a butterscotch krimpet (this is a cupcake by a fabulous company called Tastycake!). Of course, considering I don't have a son and I'm trying to get pregnant, my friend had to tell me about this dream.

Very odd, isn't it?

It was also very odd that the Patriots lost yesterday. It was a good game to watch, nail biting down to the last few seconds, but I'm heartbroken. It was almost a "Philly-team choke", which is what I'm used to. Maybe being a Philly fan, I'm not allowed to be rooting for a team in the Super Bowl. It seems to doom whatever team I like.