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July Goals - Better Late Than Never

I have had all my goals in my head and it's starting to hurt!  This weekend I spent a lot of time updating my To Do list.  I keep feeling like I'm forgetting things, so this weekend I kept my iPad with me and every time I thought of something I should not forget, I put it on the list on my iPad.  I use Awesome Note on my iPad and iPhone and it really does help me when I don't forget to put things there.  The month of July is going to be very busy both school and work wise.  Most of my school assignments this term are due before the end of the month, and with work I really need to work with my managers and peers to put a vision together for our future.  Then we need to start executing.  And I need to balance all this with the family stuff that needs to get done.  Let's see how this goes.  I feel much more calm just writing this down.

1.  Finish Q2 reviews, write up my own accomplishments too!
2.  Move four people to new managers in system.
3. Document vision for bo…