My List of Sevens

Hello Again!

She's No Commercial

Where Have All the Idealists Gone?

Just Keep Swimming

Don't I look happy in my new kitchen???


New Kitchen

New House

Am Cooking Genius

Fun with Caulk (and other ways I spent my Thanksgiving weekend)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


The Fat Lady Sang

Didn't Have the Heart to Test Again

Another Negative

Testing Later Today


How do I love Tertia? Let me count the ways...


Could This Be It?

She's a Genius!

Great, Yet Busy Weekend

Momma Has Brown Hair!

The "Hey Mom Pretend This" Game

Update on New Diet

The Days of Wine and Cheese are Over (For Now)

A Late Happy Anniversary to Us!

Not This Time

Where Have I Been?

Dog as Second Child

Need to Order New Hot Water Heater

The Status of the New House

An Amazing Resemblance

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl!!!

Stressed to the Max!

Not This Month - Probably a Good Thing

Reply Hazy. Try Again Later

Testing Warning

Flash Has Arrived!

Pity Party Over

Pity Party

Being Hopeful

You're PG...Great I'm Not!

Anastasia, Phoebe's Tooth Fairy

Infertiles Rock!

Not This Month

No More Wine, Tom. I'll Just Have Some Water Now.

Sarcasm in Training

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Still Wanting

He Used to Be a Filmmaker.

Been Busy


Too Much to Do

Verdict Is In

The Plan

What's Going On?

No Verdict Yet


Oh My God!

Not Yet and Yeah for Fair Trade



Update from Phoebe's Mom

Monday Meme

Nan Not Well

Phoebe's Four Wishes

Feelin' So Good

Moving Along


Proud Mama

TCM Update