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Productive Day from Nowhere

Can someone explain to me why the days that you want to be the most productive you end up feeling like you accomplished nothing, but a day that you have low expectations to be productive end up being amazingly so. I had accomplished a lot yesterday which was really wierd considering it was "Take Your Child to Work Day." Phoebe came to work with me for the morning and then DH met us for lunch and took her home for the afternoon. I got so much work done yesterday and stayed a little longer (it was about 5:30 PM when I left) so I could do a little more email cleanout. Then I got home and made dinner, moved laundry, brushed out the dog (labs shed like mad at this time of the year), put Frontline on the dog, cleaned up after dinner, fixed my timer with superglue that I hadn't had time to do for weeks now, called a friend to discuss my mac issues to get advice, and went through a few papers to make sure things weren't too late. I hope I have another productive day toda…

Love My New Computer

I got a new computer this week, which is awesome considering I haven't had a new computer in over a decade. The computer I've been using was a hand-me-down from DH's work. It's ancient. Anyway, got a new Apple 17" screen notebook. It is the coolest thing ever! Only thing I'm trying to figure out is that if DH is working on his school laptop on the wireless network, my wireless network connection seems to get run over and I eventually can't work on the network anymore. I need to figure out how to fix that one. So I'm getting used to a whole new OS. I'm sure eventually it will be no big deal. Once I get used to all this, I'll probably move my blog to my .mac account so I can do more and prettier things with my blogging capabilities.

I went to see TCM guy on Tuesday. I'm loving it. I'm on herbs now for the coldness. He's trying to work on my Liver Qi stagnation mostly with acupuncture. I go back in two weeks. So we're d…

Weekend Update

Wow! What a beautiful weekend! An update on the juice fast though. I couldn't make it past dinner time. I had to have something as I was getting very cranky and weak and I had to drive up to Villanova to drop something off for DH, so I had some mung beans and rice. At least it was good for me.

Saturday, I cleaned the house and we had some friends and their kids come over for dinner and hang out. Dinner was great! Very summer inspired and it was all my creation. We had grilled chicken (from my grill pan, we need a new outside grill), baby greens salad with mandarin oranges, and an awesome black bean salad recipe I found. Everything was great, but the black bean salsa was a hit. When I showed the wife the recipe, she asked if it even had the pumpkin seeds in it and when I said yes, she was surprised. We played around with the karaoke machine. All Sunday I had Copacabana going through my head, as we were having fun goofing off with singing that.

Sunday, was such a beautifu…

Juice Fast Day

I decided to do a juice fast today. Funny thing is I decided after I left the house and had brought my lunch and stuff with me. I'll eat it tomorrow. I realized today was the perfect day to do this as AF just finished and I should try to clean out the works considering I've been in such a chocolate mood lately. It's all gone from the house now and good riddance!

I also just found a great new website today All healthy, whole-foods recipes. I really need to spend more time in that big loverly kitchen I have.

I have to go to Newark, DE this afternoon to pick up Tom's final paper and bring it to him up at Villanova, as it's due tomorrow. So I'll stop by my favorite juice bar in Newark this afternoon and pick up more wheatgrass juice and buy a large veggie juice (my favorite is called "Rainbow Magic") to hold me over until tomorrow. Other than veggie juice, I've had lots of water and herbal tea.
I never know what to title these posts. So no title. Lots of train of thought here.

To answer Bonsai's question, I found this TCM practicioner through one of the nurses at The Birth Center in Wilmington, DE. This particular nurse is also an herbologist, and I called to see if she could help me. She talked to me and discussed that if I really like TCM and want to continue that route that she knew of this guy who only takes clients right now that are referred to him from someone he knows, but that she'd be happy to refer me as it sounds like we'd be a great fit. I didn't do any of these things during any of the times I was trying to get pregnant. I've always been a stress-laden, Type-A, coffee-swilling, wine drinking gal. I started trying more holistic methods after going through years of inferility treatments (mostly OI/IUI and 2 rounds of IVF). And yes, I still didn't clean up my diet when I was going through the treatments, mostly because I felt if it …

TCM Update

Went to the new TCM doctor yesterday. I really like him. I'm not on any herbs yet as he's going to take his time to research what is best. He did some acupuncture and we found that my Conception Meridian was blocked. We worked on that as well as my Liver and Spleen Qi deficiency which is what my primary diagnosis was. I was so glad I did this. With all the reading I've been doing I've been getting confused as to what my primary problems were and how to adjust my diet and exercise accordingly. But this diagnosis really covers the big issues of my erratic mood swings. I get so irritable one moment and weepy the next. Poor DH. I try not to show these mood swing issues, but in hiding them, it makes me feel worse sometimes. I'm going back in two weeks and we should have my herbs by then. Until then I need to make more time for the elliptical machine and yoga and to try not to multitask when I'm eating.

My cycle this month is all confused. I spotted a lit…

Happy Belated Easter

Haven't posted in awhile. I kind of fell off the blogger wagon last week, as my daughter was off for Spring Break. She spent a few days with Tom's parents and then we did some family things. My diet was followed as best as possible, but I'm back with renewed spirit, especially since my appointment with the new TCM guy is on Thursday. I'm very interested to see what he thinks. I'll be bringing my new book with me, Healing the Whole Foods Way. Amazon doesn't have it in stock, but my health food store did. This book is as big as a bible, but it's very interesting and has lots of recipes at the end. I've read through quite a bit of it by now and it's really helped me learn a lot about why to stay away from dairy and limit meat products and why carbs are not a bad thing. Refined carbs are bad. Brown rice, barley, potatoes. They can all be in a healthy diet. It also explains why alcohol is not good for you. Still my weak spot when out with fr…