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Well, I'm sorry to say the test was negative, both at home and the doctor's office. They didn't even leave me in suspense today and called me by 10 AM. We'll try again once AF shows up. I'm really feeling frustrated today. Feeling like I can't get a break.

Two Week Wait Already!

Wow! This cycle is going by quickly! My IUI was on Monday afternoon and I just had my ovulation check today. Definately had two eggs from both sides. The RE is so funny. He's very optimistic too. We've been working together for years. He looked at me today after he did the scan and said, "You should be pregnant this month." Love the optimistic doc that he is.

We've been swamped and have had other wierd stuff going on. DD got strep throat last Saturday and apparently progressed to scarlet fever. Got her on oral antibiotics straight away and the doctor said she just needed to be quarentined for 24 hours. So we went to a Phillies baseball game on Saturday as we were all going stir crazy. Saturday we got to watch a lot of movies and played games like Uno.

BTW, for those keeping an eye on dates, my next pregnancy test is 4/28/08. That'll be 13 DPO at that point, so I may take a home test that morning before I go in.

CD5 - Forward On We Go

It's been awhile. I've been OK, just really busy. Work is kicking my butt and I'm trying to get stuff done around the house too.

AF showed up on Saturday afternoon, which meant Sunday was really CD1, according to my doctor's rules. I went in for a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork on Tuesday morning and the needles commenced that evening. I go back for u/s and bw tomorrow (Friday).

Tom's going to be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, so we're hoping we can hold off on IUI until Thursday. Please everyone keep your fingers crossed for me on that one. I usually go early, so it's looking like it's doable and I let the doctor's office know. We'll see how that goes. We also discussed that we'll do another back-to-back IUI cycle, so there's two days in a row we'll be doing IUI. I kind of like the idea, making sure the odds are really good. That's really all I'm fighting here are the odds. Let's make them…

Bloggers Meet Up

BTW, I've been so busy with my training class this week and my test results saga, that I didn't get a chance to tell you about my meet up with Trace. We met last Sunday at the winery around the corner from my house. I was really happy that the owner's dad was really nice to us and gave us a special tasting they keep reserved for the regulars. This was her third time there, so Trace is a regular now too!

She made a comment that my blog doesn't do me justice and I'm blushing for that. And I do have to say likewise. She is so cute and very very very nice. Especially to a crazy chatterbox blonde like me. We covered every possible topic: wine trails, yoga, infertility, family, the things we don't post on our blog (especially me - sorry my Mom reads this often - must censor self).

Thank you so much Trace for meeting up with me! I didn't really want the afternoon to end. Hope we get to do it again soon, especially with better test results for both of us!

This Cycle's Over

It was the trigger shot. I'm really OK. I know my back was bothering me since before my period. I'm back on an upswing with that now. It's not 100%, but it's definitely healing. I've always thought that even with treatments, I'd have a hard time getting pregnant if my back was acting up, and it did the whole time we tried when we last tried four years ago. I've learned a lot since then and I know how to keep my back in shape with diet, yoga, acupuncture and chiropractic.

I'm knuckling down and getting ready for next month. I'm gonna win this time!!!

PT Day - CD11

Hi all. Test is currently inconclusive. My HcG is 7. Anything over 5 is pregnant. They are going to retest me again tomorrow to make sure the numbers are going up. If the numbers go down, they suspect that the trigger shot was still in my system.

Myself, I don't think it's the trigger shot. It's been 11 days. It should be out of my system by now. Although I did have 2 trigger shots this cycle, so it is possible. I think I am pregnant and it's just that they tested me real early at CD11 and it's really low right now. I want to think that my numbers were low this early with Phoebe, but I'm not sure if I'm mistaking that with one of my miscarriages.

I'm going to get a cup of chamomile tea and go back to class. I'll update you all tomorrow.

PT Day

Yes, today is the big day. I'll be going for my blood draw on my way to work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news. I'm in training today, so my cell phone will be on vibrate, and I will leave the room when I see the doctor's office call.

I'll post my update during a class break as soon as I know.