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You Can't Cure Endometriosis

I knew if I went and looked at a few blogs today it would give me some thoughts on something to post. And boy did it ever. It was Nancy's post about the misleading infertility POAS test.

It made me think of these local radio commercials for the other reproductive practice in my area. There are only two in Delaware and I went to the one that doesn't have commercials. And if I was looking to change to the other practice, this would have made me not. One of the patient's husband is talking in the commercial "Dr. So&So cured my wife's endometriosis and now we have a baby!" Gag! OK Dr. So&So, have you explained to these people that endometriosis cannot be cured but only treated? Or are all your patients just stupid and don't really understand infertility? "OK crazy husband, let me set you straight. Once the doctor has cleaned out as much of the endo as they can through surgery, they really can't stop it from coming back, barring putti…

Current Routine of Craziness

I think I do prefer the term "routine" to "schedule" for babies. I decided to go ahead and brave Murphy's Law and document what our days seem to be like. I will also say that the boys didn't really start taking a full 6 oz in their bottles until 2 weeks ago when they started cereal.

5-7 AM - Babies wake up sometime during this time frame to have their first bottle of the day. They usually drink about 6 oz of soy formula at this time.
7 AM - Phoebe (our 3rd grade daughter) wakes up and gets ready for school.
7:45 AM - Get Phoebe on bus for school.
8 AM - I usually leave work at this time and the boys are still awake and playing with their Aunt Nicki. Sometimes they start their morning naps early, but most of the time their playing.
9-11 AM - morning naptime
10 - 11 AM - babies wake during this time for another bottle of soy formula after their morning nap. We setup 6 oz, but they may only take 5 oz.
11 AM - 12:30 PM - Playtime. Nicki sometimes takes the boys outsid…

In Praise of Dr. Brown

I usually don't give product endorsements, but I have to say Dr. Brown's bottles are amazing!!!! When the boys came home we used the same bottle brand that we used with Phoebe. I will not mention which as they are perfectly fine bottles, except for projectile vomiters and fast eaters like our boys. They took in too much air with their feed and they were fussy and especially Liam would throw up through his mouth and nose!!! Ewwwww....
One of the twin mamas at my office told me to try Dr. Brown's bottles and that they were a godsend to her with one of her twins that was a big spitup'er. I went out that same day and bought a starter pack and they've been awesome! That was the first night Liam ever slept through the night. He didn't keep it up the next night, but the boys have been so much more comfortable and spitup has been greatly reduced around here. I must say I will be recommending these bottles to all pregnant friends.

Capturing the Smiles and Matchy Matchy

Sunday I spent a lot of time taking pics of the boys (and getting Leo ready to fly to the Left Coast for the week, sniff!). Some of them came out really really good. Enjoy!

Phoebe loves her brothers. She even said they are cute when they are crying. Here's her on Sunday morning with Liam.

Here's my attempts at capturing their smiles and their gorgeous eyes. Here's one of my favs of Liam. He's going to be such a ladykiller with those eyes!

Here's a real smile from Liam!

Below is a smile from Tommy. These happen all the time, but it was challenging to get it on camera...

Another pic of Tommy's cuteness

I was able to capture a pic of both boys in matching clothes (love these outfits!) with somewhat of smiles on their faces

Work and Sleep Updates

Work seems to be going well. I think having going from one to three children so quickly has made me more efficient now that I'm back to work. I don't have time for idleness when I'm here at work, so I think I'm getting more done in less time. I get in, get to work immediately and I want to go home as soon as possible!

Some days have been tough due to the lack of sleep. Tuesday I overdosed on coffee and had an anxiety attack on the drive home from work. Leo took Phoebe to ice skating that afternoon and let me take a bit of a nap before the boys would want their dinnertime cereal, which they are very much enjoying. They are each having 1/4 cup of cereal mixed with breastmilk every evening around 5:30 - 6:00. They then get a bath every other night and their final bottle around 6:30 - 7:00 and we put them to bed for the night around 8 PM. This was the kind of routine we had for Phoebe when she was a baby and it seems to be working well for "the boys" too. …

Cereal and Smiles

I got a good night sleep on Friday when Leo came home and took care of the boys. Yesterday was such an awesome day. Liam gave me his first smiles and that made me very happy. Tommy has been smiling for weeks now and is always so happy. Liam always seemed too serious, so to see him give me happy smiles from Mommy kisses was wonderful!!!!
The boys also started rice cereal last night. I wanted to give it a try with Tommy as he's been seeming ready, but I didn't think Liam would be. Funny thing is Liam liked it even more than Tommy did. They both seemed to like cereal, but Tommy got tired and just wanted his bottle, LOL. Their sleeping still stinks. Tommy woke up at 11 PM and they both woke at 2:30 AM and 6:30 AM. Hopefully they will start sleeping for longer stretches at night soon, as we're really sleep deprived around here!

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day back to work. Things are going well, but I'm really tired today. Coffee is my best friend. My SIL is watching the boys and yesterday I felt like I didn't get to see them much as Phoebe had her ice skating class until 9 PM. By the time we got back, the boys were in bed. So when they woke up at 2 AM and 2:45 AM to eat (first Tommy and then Liam immediately following Tommy) I was happy to spend some time with "my boys". But now I'm paying for it as I'd really love a nap. I'm going to try to get home early tonight and spend some time with them. And tomorrow I need to take Tommy to an eye doctor appointment.

Gratuitous Baby Pics

For those of my readers that love pics of the boys (hi Nan!) here is your payoff. We got to take this pics one day after we took the boys swimming, so they had their eyes open for a change. I really love how they turned out.

By the way, the shout out is to my Nana Smith. She’s a great grand-mom to three now (all mine bwaha ha ha). I did get your card and the two blankets your friend made. I promise to send her a thank you card straight away. We’re working on a day that we can come up to visit for the day to see you. I have to do the same for Poppy too!

Things are so hectic with the boys and I go back to work next Tuesday. I took the boys to work today for their one and probably only visit when they are babies. I’m going to be so busy when I get back to work. But we were joking at work that I’m happy to come back to work so I can relax! They definitely are not sleeping through the night, but who can be upset about that when it’s these adorable faces that wake you up? So I’m e…

First Day of School - 3rd Grade!!!!

Yesterday was Phoebe's first day of 3rd grade!!! And in our school district that is in a different school, they call it the Intermediate School and it goes from 3rd to 6th. 7th and 8th is the Middle School. Such a big girl. I miss having her here with me all day, but I go back to work next Tuesday. My SIL is going to be at the house taking care of the boys. She's watched a lot of the kids in the family and has experience with twin babies when she was a nanny for a friend of the family.

Blogger (or my Internet connection, I'm not sure which) has been giving me a hard time uploading pictures today. Of course it is on the day that I have lots of pics to post.