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Now a Beachbody Coach

I'm not sure if I've ever posted about my love for Shakeology, but it is my favorite go-to breakfast as part of my default diet.  "Default diet" not meaning when I'm on a diet, but I don't like to think about what I'm going to eat in general, so I have certain things I prefer to eat to make it easy to eat healthy.  I've also done P90X as an at home exercise plan and it's awesome!  Love the yoga video!

I've decided I love the products so much, I'd finally decide to break down and become a Beachbody coach.  I won't make this blog become about pushing that business, but if you have any interest in the products or having me as a coach, the websites I have for this endeavor are as follows:

Beachbody coaching -
Shakeology -
Ultimate Reset -

I'm looking forward to being able to help people progress in their fitness g…

I Missed My 10 Year Blogoversary 2/24/2015

What a difference a decade makes!  I can't believe I started this blog 10 years and a month ago!  So much has happened and when I look at how time has gone by, it's amazing.  I read earlier blog posts and am amazed at where I was.

I was trying to rationalize to have another child or not.  We had so many problems and infertility treatments were not working.  I was sometimes trying to accept our fate in life as a one child household and other times desperate for hope, wanting to understand what could help us expand our family.  I already loved yoga, having found it before our daughter was born and that love has blossomed; however now I need to find time to go back to the mat.  I learned about eating clean, healthy food and what my diet was doing to my lack of fertility.  I embraced Traditional Chinese Medicine, leaving one acupuncturist when I didn't feel she was on my side and finding another fabulous one who by twist of fate, was good friends with my yoga instructor!

We …

I Wish God Didn't Have Such Faith In Me - LOL

Did you ever hear the saying "God only gives you what you can handle?"  Sometimes I wish he didn't have such faith in me!  In the past few weeks, Phoebe had a concussion that caused her issues for three weeks, we had rough weather last week, that kept the boys out of school for all days but one and last but not least, Tommy had a stomach bug that took him to the hospital last night.  He's still working on getting his appetite and fluids back.

Phoebe got the concussion in cheerleading, which she will never do again, thank goodness as it conflicts with field hockey going forward.  She's doing great now, but it did involve two doctor's visits, being out of gym and sports at school for three weeks and therapy for the concussion.  Thankfully, that was over as of last Friday when she was cleared for all activities again.

The weather last week was crazy!  Icy roads from freezing rain on Monday, Tuesday was good, Wednesday icy roads, Thursday we had a big snow storm…