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Phoebe's Santa Visit

I'm going to attempt to post every day for the next few weeks. I usually have something to say, but always forget or get too busy.

Phoebe did get to sit on Santa's lap on Saturday night. She did really well. This was the first year we didn't have to go with her. What was really funny was that last week she told me that the Santas in the malls weren't real and she knew that because their beards are fake and can come off. Well, the Santa at the King of Prussia Mall was the real Santa! He had his real long white hair and long white beard. She was very impressed. She told Santa she wanted art supplies and an American Girl doll that looks just like her.

I'm going to try to see if I can upload the picture to blogger.

Sick Sense of Humor

Am I the only one with a strange sense of humor? Last week on the car ride home from Phoebe's school, she's telling me about a conversation they had that day with some of her friends and it was so hard for me not to laugh out loud. She apparently has two boys that are Jewish in her class and they were talking with another boy that is not Jewish that they could make him Jewish. Phoebe wanted to know if that was possible. We talked about it, but the one thought in my head was, "Don't give those boys scissors during craft time!!!" I crack myself up.


Definately not this month. AF showed up late yesterday afternoon, after my temp dropped in the morning. I was hoping that I could add a lack of PMS symptoms to my victories, but unfortunately, I can't. Although they didn't show up until the day of the temp drop. I was so cranky yesterday. Definately not in a good mood. Today I'm feeling cranky, but on the upswing.

I recently watched pieces of "The Secret" online. It is extremely interesting. From a fertility aspect as well as a career and overall life aspect. It reinforces what I've always thought around the power of positive thinking, or as they like to call it "The Law of Attraction." I know I haven't exactly been the most positive person about other aspects of my life recently. I used to be such a positive person. In my senior year of high school, I was nastily voted for an unofficial class poll as "The Person Most Likely to Think They are Most Likely to Succeed." I kn…

Two Week Wait Almost Over

And of course my body is messing with my brain again. Sorry if this is TMI for the readers that I'm friends with IRL, but last night I had a small amount of spotting. This happens to me often when I spot and then don't get my period for another five days. What is that? Is that implantation spotting but then it doesn't work out? Who does this happen to, except me as my body's way of fucking with my head? Anyway, I am going to test this week on Thursday or Friday morning. I probably wouldn't get my period until Friday or Saturday, but if I am pregnant, I've decided I do want to go to the RE that I was seeing before for bloodwork before the weekend. If my progesterone level is low, I want to make sure they put me on suppositories straight away. I was on those when I got pregnant with Phoebe. Low progesterone does seem to be an issue with me. I'm hoping that my lifestyle changes are fixing that (like giving up coffee!), but if I can manage to get pre…

Six-Year Physical

Well it's official, Phoebe is extremely tall. She had her six-year physical yesterday, and she was 48 inches tall in bare feet!!! Four feet tall. Oh my goodness! Everything else in the physical went fine. She's in very good health, hearing good, etc.

So last post was good. I outed a friend I didn't know what reading my blog! Thanks, Glenn! BTW, Phoebe says my hair looks like "Aunt Kelly's" with my new red hair color. Hopefully when Tom get's home this afternoon, he can spend more time getting used to my new hair than one evening on Thursday.

I'm also not sure how the unwanted advertisement in my comments came about. I mean, I have word verification turned on. I guess someone figured out how to get through it.