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Crazy Busy Week

What a crazy busy week! Since I last posted, here are some overall updates of what I've been up to each day:

Tuesday - Submitted passport application at post office. Phoebe had CCD - we did CCD homework on the way there, we totally forgot about it. I went to Girl Scout Registration Night while she was at CCD and agreed to co-lead a Brownie troop as they don't have enough leaders and Phoebe really wants to be a Brownie. I was a Girl Scout for most of my school age years and loved it.

Wednesday - Phoebe's ice skating classes started up again. Afterwards, we went to the mall to get birthday party invitations for her party on October 7th, I stayed up until midnight writing them out so she could take them into school. We're inviting her whole first grade class thinking that the only ones that will come are the ones she's friends with. Found out I had a yeast infection (cr@p!!!) - gotta love when that happens when you're ovulating. No chance in h*ll I'll get …

Love the Fall

I love the fall. The weather is a lot cooler and crisp. Of course, our days here in the Philly/Wilmington area is in the 80s this week, but our nights are still pure fall weather.

Both DH and I are trying to exercise more and this weather is perfect for that. I swear once you get to be a certain age, just eating right doesn't cut it anymore. You lose all that muscle tone you used to have when you were younger. I would love to have DD's abs! It's not just that they are flat, but she's so active that they are so toned and muscular. So anyway, I took our dog for a two mile walk last night while DH was on our elliptical machine. When I was done, I went down to the basement to play "Be By Me" with him and I used the weights and then the elliptical machine. When we went upstairs, I did a few ab exercises. I really need to work on that area these days! They are totally out of use. I can't do nearly as many reps as I used to even a year ago. Bad Hea…

Did you know God has Santa's ear?

I always say I want to capture little snippets of things Phoebe says that crack me up. Here's some of my recent favorites:

1. From the girl that just started CCD classes and is excited to be learning about how God is all our father and Jesus our brother..... "Mom, I'm going to pray to God to ask Santa to get me xxxx for Christmas this year." I had no idea that God had the ins with Santa.

2. When her, DH and I are talking about what celebrities we're told we look like, "Mom, you look just like Gwen with long hair!" I love that kid. That's the ultimate compliment to me. Gwen Stefani is the coolest.

3. I asked her last night when I was tucking her in what her favorite part of being in her 1st grade class is. "Being the Line Leader, passing out papers, doing calendar." I asked her what part she really didn't like, "Sitting at my desk." Seriously, the girl cannot sit still. Even when she watches TV, it's an exercise…

I'm Back - Hope Died Last Week

Well, I'm back to blogging. Had a rough Thursday and Friday last week as hope died when AF showed up a few days early. The acupuncturist still wants me to stay on the herbs I'm on as they are working, it's just going to take some time. DH and I had some talks. We still wonder if we are asking too much to have more than one child and if we should just move and and be happy with what we have. But we did come to a decision to schedule a consultation with the old RE and see what he says. I haven't called to set that up yet, but I will soon. Need to check with the insurance and find out if he's in the network still. I'm also trying to give up coffee again which is really hard considering my new early working hours and all those great pumpkin spice lattes out there.

The rest of the weekend was great. Phoebe started her program at OperaDE, which is great. She's learning a little German, clown skills, they are going to make masks for their performance of M…

9/11 Anniversary Post

To celebrate 9/11, I sent my DH to NYC for work. I kissed him goodbye this morning and waved to him as he drove to the train station to take him to NYC. He will be there tonight and tomorrow he'll be in White Plains for work. As I do this, I pray for the families that lost their loved ones and pray that mine will be safe at home soon. This may sound a little melodramatic to some, but I believe that 9/11 is our generations Pearl Harbor and yet even more so. Unless you were on the West coast, Hawaii seems so far away, even though it is American soil. As Americans, we always feel geographically sheltered, being so far away from areas of conflict. For an attack to happen on American soil, and more importantly on the East coast of the US, it brings our idea of security in question.

My DH was supposed to be in NYC in the financial district on 9/11/01. It was only fate that made him decide to hold off that trip and go to his Malvern, PA office instead. He was driving there when h…

Getting My Hair Done

I've been so swamped this week I haven't been able to keep up with posts or reading my favorite blogs. It's nice that my hairstylists has computers for us to play on the Internet while my hair color is sinking in.

DH is doing better, but he's finally got some discomfort in his foot. I took him to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and they took some more Xrays, but between the new ones and the ones at the hospital, they couldn't find a break. They didn't use the word sprain, but I guess that's what they are thinking it is. He goes back in two weeks and they gave him a boot to wear, since his foot was too swollen to fit into his sneaker. We put some ice on it last night and that seemed to help and he could get into a loose sneaker today, but he's getting a lot more discomfort now that the swelling is going down. He's a little bummed even though we're all happy it's not broken. He's not used to having anything slow him down. I'm …

Life with Itchy and Gimpy

I wanted my next post to be about the great trip we had in NYC this weekend. I guess I'll have to post that later. I have some great recommendations for places to go in NYC when I get to it.

However, we've had some fun (sarcastic tone here) at our house over the past few days. DH is now called Gimpy and DD is Itchy. DH broke his foot on Sunday playing football. We didn't realize it was broken until Monday morningish. We took him to the hospital on Labor Day night after dinner and they put it in an air cast and gave him crutches. He's getting along very slowly now, but at least he's being a good patient and not trying to put weight on his foot and mess it up more.

DD is called Itchy because she had multiple tiny bug bites mostly in her panty area, but going up her back and down her legs. She developed some kind of allergic reaction to them as well. We noticed this Monday early afternoon too and called the on-call ped who told us to give her Benadryl until t…