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First Day of School!

The boys started their first day at school/day care yesterday!!! Niki is out of town and I found a day care near our house that can take the boys when we need them. I have a day care at work for emergency care, but they are never available even a month ahead of time, so I registered the boys where my best friend takes her daughter. I've been at the school several times to pick up her daughter, as we're on the list to be able to when they are in a pinch.

Anyway, the boys had a great time! They really loved it. When we dropped them off in the morning, we held them for a few minutes while we were talking to the teachers, but then put them down to put their things away. They both immediately went off in the same direction to check out some toys. They didn't care we put them down at all. Then when we went to kiss them goodbye, they couldn't be bothered. I'm waving bye as we're walking out the door and they glanced at us, but it was like, "Whatever, we…

Who FLYs?

So here's a question for my few readers? Do any of you follow (or try to follow) the Flylady routines? I've been on and off working on my routines for almost 10 years now. I will admit that when I've been using routines, life seems so much easier, especially a before bed routine. Our daughter has a morning routine to get ready for school and it really keeps her on time to not miss this bus. Which is good, as her school is 20 minutes from our house and that's just one way!

The one thing I'm working on these days is to be up and dressed before any of the kids. This is important especially on the weekends, as they are leaving morning naps behind in the dust and with that my ability to get dressed before noon if I'm taking care of them. On the weekdays, Niki gets up with the boys while the rest of us finish getting ready for work and school. But not next week! Niki will be away and the boys will be going to day care for a week. I really want to make sure I…

Tommy Is Walking!

Here's is Tommy's favorite thing to do these days. He loves practicing walking! What's really funny is that he will already kick a ball while walking he loves to chase after the ball and kick it again. Liam is working on his walking, but he's till happier if you hold at least one of his hands. Otherwise, he drops down to crawl again. Soon enough they will both be running around like this.

Updated Pics!

We've still been amazingly busy. I've been working hard on my Flylady routines both at home and work. I've taken my new timer (that has a vibrate mode!) to work and it's been great for my productivity in the office. A great example at home is that last night I set my timer for 15 minutes and I got the dinner dishes done, setup the coffee pot, shined my sink and wiped down the kitchen counters. I couldn't believe I got all that done in 15 minutes. I got the beginning of the month bills done in two 15 minute sessions.

This past Saturday, I cleaned out the closets in the boys' room. I had Phoebe's old clothes and the old baby clothes that don't fit the boys anymore. Phoebe's old clothes were either given to a friend's daughter (sizes 4, 5, 6 and some 7s) and anything smaller than a 4 went to a Goodwill bag. I separated the old baby clothes into either a bin for consignment or Goodwill. My car trunk is full right now and I'm going to t…