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Garden Update

The garden is looking fantastic!!!  I can't wait to start getting some of the fruits of our labor.  But for now it looks beautiful.

Some of the veggies we're looking forward to - zucchini and yellow squash:

Radishes (these should be ready soon)

And a fig tree in the corner

We also have some cucumbers and beans.  The flowers and other plants in the front yard are doing very well too!  The deer usually eat my day lilies, so since we've moved into the house, I've never had a decent crop of flowers.  This time, I sprayed them with deer off stuff at just the right time and it seems to be working.

Here's the flowering bushes in our front beds

And we planted topiaries in the planters by the front door this spring

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer!

Happy Birthday, Boys!!!

Happy birthday, Tommy & Liam!!!  May your days be filled with sunshine, laughter and ice cream!  I can't believe you are three years old today....

For those keeping track, Tommy is on the left and Liam is on the right.  They are usually found that way in pictures.  They seem to do it on purpose.

Cleaning out the House and Other Nurturing Activities

Here's the latest goings on in our house and the things to come.  Lots of moving and shaking happening:

1.  Yesterday I cleaned out all of Phoebe's clothes.  She had lots of clothes that did not fit her anymore in her closet and drawers.  Now that they are all gone, we can see properly what she needs for the summer.  Not that I want to spend much on clothes for her this summer.  I'm sure they won't fit her very long.  She's already 5'4" and getting taller all the time.  I think by the end of this year, she will be taller than me. 

2.  I also cleaned the carpets in her room and the upstairs hallway last night with my carpet steamer/cleaner.  It's a Bissell and I love it! 

3.  I started cleaning off my desk at home this morning while I was getting ready for work.  That desk can get messy and then I clean it and then it gets messy again.  I think I need to stick to keeping it clean.  I always feel better when my home desk is organized.

4.  DH and I deci…

Nurturing vs. Pampering

I read the most amazing blog post today (thank you, Marcia) and it really resounded with me.  You must go read this post from Tara Whitney

What really stayed with me is the concept of nurturing yourself vs. pampering yourself.  I've been slowly creeping into the nurturing of myself.  DH and I started working out first thing in the morning.  We started last week and it's continued into this week.  We each have been spending 50 minutes on the elliptical every day, which my lower back is starting to thank me for.  However, I want more in this work and life balance than just that.  I want to spend more time in the garden.  I want to spend more time in the kitchen making meals instead of ordering take out.  I want to work on more healthy meals.  I know we're healthy now, but I want to have the time to tweak it a bit.  And I want time to declutter some things and not have some things be so messy.  I'd like to be able to take a yoga class with Phoebe.  I've had as my w…

Skin Care in Your 40s

Thank you for all your kind comments on my self portraits.  I will admit I've always been more about skin care than wearing lots of makeup. My skin care has evolved over the years.  When I was a teenager, I used Ivory soap to wash my face and Bonne Bell toner my mom advised me to use (Thanks, Mom!).  When I was in college, I started using Clinique soap, toner and moisturizer.  This was the first time I ever used moisturizer.  When I was in my 30s, I started using Mary Kay skincare.  I still use their day solution that has sunscreen in it and Phoebe uses their Velocity line of skincare, which is for younger girls. 

Today, I'm in my 40s and I've noticed my skin has gotten noticably drier.  It's awful.  So I've switched up the skin care again and I've been going to Sephora.  I found the Kate Sommerville products and I love them.  Here are my current favorites:

I start with the Quench Hydrating Face Serum

Then I use the Deep Tissue Repair Cream

And then for under …

Self Portraits

Marcia from 123 Blog challenged us to post Self Portraits.  I'm not a big fan of pictures of myself, and I felt quite narcisstic taking these pictures and trying to make them look good.  But I rose to the challenge, so here are my self-portraits!!!

These are taken with my Sony Cybershot in the ladies room at work, LOL!

Lots Going On

I need to get better than a once a month update on my blog.  We'll see about that as things continue to get more crazy!  I got the call today that I was accepted to the Villanova Executive MBA program.  It's hitting me now with how scary that is.  I will be busier than ever.  Other things are going really great!  DH and I have worked out first thing in the morning on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Would have done so this morning, except I couldn't wake up early this morning as DH and I had a date night last night.  It was a Tuscan wine dinner at a local restaurant.  Five courses and five wines.  Whew!  That was a lot of wine to put in my head.  I was so tired and happy when we got home last night. 

I've been busy with other "Action" things of my theme for the year.  I'm getting my varicose veins fixed in mid-June!  Keeping up with work stuff, got my vegetable and herb garden planted this year already, cleaning carpets in the house, ordered a sectional…