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Nova Nation

Early in the pregnancy when we found out we were having two boys, the one thing Leo bought were Villanova onsies. Leo got his MBA from Villanova and is really into cheering on their basketball team. It's so hard to get pics of the boys in something matching, because usually one of them will spit up all over their outfit. And I'm being kind when I say "spit up" usually Leo or I have to change too it's so bad. To say I do a lot of laundry around here these days is an understatement. But, without further ado, here are the boys in their Nova gear!

BTW, I'm not sure if you can tell from these pics, but it seems both the boys have my blue eyes. Which I find very funny since Phoebe has really dark brown eyes like her daddy. Glad to see I get to pass on some of my genetic material to my babes.

The End of the Apnea Monitors!!!

Last night was the first night without the boys hooked up to the apnea monitors. It was amazing!!!! For the first time since they were born, I was able to swaddle them without having to make way for wires. I will admit I did check on them a few times to make sure they were breathing, but I think we all do that with our babies anyway.

We were able to stop using the monitors as I am a month past my original due date and they are very healthy. We did go to see the pediatrician yesterday because it looked like Tommy was breathing weird. His ribs on his chest were looking like they were being sucked in when he was breathing. I'm not sure how long he's looked like that when he was breathing as I never worried about Tommy's health even when the false alarms have been going off for him and not Liam. I think it's mostly because Tommy is the big eater, bigger baby and always such a happy baby. Liam is smaller, doesn't eat as much, throws up his feeds often and is real…

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep or "Things That Go Beep in the Night"

Since the boys were premature more than 8 weeks, they had to come home with apnea monitors. Liam had problems with his heart rate or breathing stopping while in the hospital and he was on caffeine for the issue, so this made sense. But no matter, they both needed to come home with them. We should be able to turn them in the end of this month, which is one month past my original due date. I can't wait..... It's such a pain not being able to just pick up your baby from their crib and walk around with them if they get fussy. With the apnea monitors you have to turn off the machine, unplug the wires and then pick up your baby. You have no idea how many times I've picked up one of the babies and started to walk away from the crib only to be pulled back when I get to the end of the length of cable to the monitor. I'm trying very hard to make sure that if these aren't necessary that we can get off using them as soon as possible.
Lately Tommy has been setting his o…

Nicknames and a the Honeymoon Phase

I'm really enjoying the babies as they are starting to be more alert and checking things out. I love talking to them and watching their reactions. They both have the biggest blue eyes. I wonder if they will stay that way. I keep coming up with new nicknames for the boys. It seems to be easier coming up with nicknames for Liam than Tommy. The nicknames for Tommy I come up with usually refer to his stature or his head. I call Tommy "Mr. Round Head", "my little brick wall" and sometimes just "Brick". Liam I call "Spike", "my little love bug", "Mr. Cozy" and his street name "L.I.Am" (LOL!).
I have a great story by the way. The other day, I heard Tommy crying and I was surprised as it wasn't time for him to eat yet - which is his usual reason to cry like he was. I ran in to see what was up and Liam was sucking on the back of his brother's head. Seriously. There was sucking noises and a huge wet spot…

Sorry I've Been MIA

Things have been so busy and we had to get ready to go to Knoxville, TN with the boys and Phoebe to go to my youngest SIL's wedding. We had a great time, but it was exhausting for us all. Nicki (the SIL that is helping me with the boys now and when I go back to work) is back with us and I'm looking forward to getting more accomplished now that she is here.

To make up for my absence, here are some adorable pics of the boys and Phoebe. I love this one. It shows how Liam will sleep through Tommy making a fuss. Tommy loves to make a fuss when he is hungry. You just can't get to him to eat fast enough. Liam is so laid back and patient and obviously deaf, LOL.

Here's some pics of our boys' cute little faces.



Phoebe and "her siblings". Please note the "University of TN Forensic Anthropology" t-shirt that has a skull on it under the bedtime sweater wrap, hospital scrub pants for pj bottoms, the pink hair clip-on and the arm full of bracele…