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Play Pics

I got some pics of the boys at play before the battery died on my camera. I really want to get some tummy time pics of Liam now, as I think my favorite pics I've done so far of Tommy are these on his tummy.

Mommy's Day Off!

Off of office work, not Mommy work! I got to take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off this week and spend it with my boys as Nicki had to work the elections in New Jersey. It was hectic, but I loved every minute of it. I got some pics in before the battery on the camera needed to be charged.

Here's pics from breakfast Monday where they fell asleep during breakfast. Liam actually finished eating, but Tommy fell asleep before he ate, so I let him finish his cereal when he woke up 2 hours later. They were so tired when they fell asleep here, I was able to wash their face, put them in their cribs and they slept for 2 hours.



Bathing Beauties

BTW, for those that don't have boys, the washcloth on the privates isn't just for their modesty or being online. It's also to protect Mommy from the unintentional spray!!!



Another Fav Pic of Tommy Grabbing Liam's Ear/Hair

The Boys - Dress Up Clothes

Here are some pics of the boys in their dress up outfit that fits them right now. For those that have forgotten, Tommy is in the first pic with me. I need a pis of me with Liam. Liam's hair is longer, but he looks like he has a receding hair line and paler blue eyes. Tommy is bigger than Liam and has what looks like buzz cut hair and darker blue eyes.

Happy Belated Halloween!

More catch up pics! Here we all are on Halloween. Leo and I were too busy to dress up ourselves, LOL!

Happy Belated Birthday to Phoebe!

Catching up on pics. Phoebe's birthday was October 6. We got her her own camera, so she doesn't have to use our heavy SLR with it's heavy lenses. She loves it!