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Bring it On, I Can Take It!!!

Did you ever have those days or weeks where you feel like your standing in a whipping thunderstorm, screaming to God at the top of your lungs, "Bring it on! I can take it!" That was this week. Very hectic, a total rainstorm of issues, but the weather is nice now, and I'm taking a deep breath of the clean air.

It started with my need to cut off my hair on Monday. I'm so glad I did that. When I said I cut my hair, I meant it. It's above my shoulder now, very Keira Knightley, easy to blow dry. I'm very happy I did that on Monday. I called for a hair appointment that morning thinking I wouldn't be able get in until next week. When they said she was free that afternoon at 4:30, I was ready to scream "Woo hoo!"

Work has been piled on me pretty high since the beginning of the year, which has been tough since I've been distracted with the whole moving and selling of the house thing. So I worked really hard on Tuesday, with the impression that…

I Cut My Hair

Really my stylist did, not me. Yet again another of a thousand things I owe pictures of. I love it!!!!

BTW, if I forgot to make it clear, we're under contract with the old house. May 10th is the closing date. They have a contingency for them to get a contract on their house good until April 20th. They have to have the home inspection done by this Friday.

Nice Quiet Day

A nice, quiet day was had by all. We went to the accountant this morning. Lots of fun there. We owe money this year because of the investments we took out to put the downpayments on this house. We're trying to make sure we don't end up owing next year. We're going to be sending the accountant some paperwork to make sure we know if we should pay some extra taxes this year or if we'll be OK.

Phoebe started the new session of ice skating. She was trying out some new skates that someone gave to us for free, but we don't like them. They aren't the "good" skates that have lots of support in the ankles. Her right ankle was giving in after she was skating awhile. I'm going to have her try on the size 2 that I bought second-hand for $30. If they don't fit, she'll go back to renting again. It's only $2/week, and they have very good rental skates.

After that, we went to the old house and loaded up some more basement storage stuff to bri…

It Should Be Official Soon

This has been as bad as dealing with infertility treatments! We signed the contract with some agreed upon changes on Tuesday at 8 AM, but the other party finally signed for the changes last night. They made one last change last night, that is being sent over to us to initial right now via fax. This does still have a 30-day (expires 4/20/06) contingency on them getting a contract on their house. They have to do the home inspection prior to 3/31/06. The closing date will be 5/10/06. The realtor said we should be fine moving all the furniture after the home inspection is over, so I'll be calling to setup a date for the first week of April.

On the other front, AF started today, right on time.... Ack! I didn't expect any different. Tom and I were fighting a lot during the big O timeframe this month. All moving stuff. Just want it to be done. We're all better now.

And we got our Phoebe back on Tuesday night! We missed her so much! It's so nice to have her back with us. She …

We're Accepting the Offer

We're signing the offer at 8 AM tomorrow! Woohoo! They are offering a very nice price, only slightly lower than what we are asking. They do have a contingency in the contract for 30 days for them to get a contract on their house. It's pretty standard, I'm told when you are working with people not buying their first house. The "Jamaica people" say they are going to put in an offer tomorrow. Good for them. Then they'll have to give us at least 72 hours for the other buyers to decide to back out or drop the contingency. They could've put in an offer today and had an answer, but I guess they aren't that much in love with the house.

Tom's installing our dishwasher here at the new house now, so I better go help, unless I want to wash a lot of dishes tonight!

We Have an Offer!

We have an offer on the old house. It is very attractive (close to our asking price), but there is a contingency on them getting a contract on their old house. It's not from anywhere that we were expecting, so our realtor is calling the other agents to let them know that we've received an attractive offer, but with a contingency. If they want to put in an offer, they need to put it together today. What I mean by not from somewhere we were expecting, is that this is a local family, and we've had a lot of activity from relocations. The people that went to Jamaica and said they would put in an offer when they got back are also a relocation. At first I thought the offer was from the "Jamaica people" as we like to call them these days, but it's not.

Can't wait to see what the next 24 hours brings!


Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a tough one. Not that I'm upset that it's my birthday, just that everything is so out of whack. I can't wait for things to get back to normal. I keep trying to tell myself that we're living out our dream and dreams take work, but I constantly feel like I'm taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. It'll get better I know.

Today, my goal is to work my butt off at work today. Tom's at school today and won't be back until tomorrow evening. I borrowed his SUV instead of my sedan, so I can go over to the old house and seriously move some stuff to the new house. I've contacted two moving companies to get quotes to move just the furniture. We'll see how that goes.

There are also so many other things that I want to do this weekend. I want to put our menu together for this week and go grocery shopping, because we need to stop eating out so much. I also need to do some bills, and straighten up at the new house.

We still d…

Post-Long Weekend Updates

The guy never put an offer on the house. He came back late from work and said he was going away the next morning with his aunt and mother and didn't want to rush it. We had more people see the house this weekend, and one couple in particular loved our house, we've been told. We'll see what happens. Our realtor is back from vacation today and he was going to follow up with the realtor of the first party and see when he's getting back from being away and if he still wants to put in an offer.

We had a so-so long weekend in Phoenix. The weather was cold and rainy. It hasn't rained since October last year in Phoenix, and it picked the weekend we were there to do so. Aaaaackkkk! And it was with Tom's work collegues, so it wasn't like we could really let loose or anything. Oh well.

Phoebe's with her grandparents on their way to Wisconsin to see the new baby. She's having a great time. Corona was at a new kennel over the weekend while we were away…

No News on the House Front

This is worse than waiting for AF to show! Found out yesterday afternoon that they hadn't made a decision as the boyfriend is waiting to find out which of the two houses she prefers. They were strongly leaning towards our house I've been told. Just got off the phone with my realtor and he said that last he heard from the other realtor last night was she was having the power company pull our heat/electric costs. He hasn't heard from her yet today. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Want to guess when I think we'll get an offer?

Phoebe got off without a hitch with her grandparents last night. I miss her already. You get used to the constant happy chatter. It's like my background noise these days. I need my background noise!!! I'm going to try to get a lot done while she's gone, so we can have lots of fun at the new house when she gets back.

Registered her for Kindergarten this morning. Tom could tell I was a little cranky about the whole thing.…

Real Quick

I have a ton of work to do, so this needs to be quick, but lots to say!
A couple that's been looking at our house was supposed to be making a decision last night between our house and another one. Let's hope I hear today that it's ours! Our realtor is on vacation this week (I'm working with his backup this week), and we're going away this weekend, so that should make an offer come in right? Yes, Tom and I are going to Phoenix, AZ this weekend for an awards banquet for his work. They are paying for me! We leave Thursday morning and come back Sunday afternoon.Phoebe will be with her grandparents while we're away, and then they are taking her to Wisconsin to see her new baby cousin and her other cousin that's 6 months older than her. We won't see our little girl for almost two whole weeks. They are picking her up tonight. I will miss her terribly, but I'm going to try to get a lot of things done with work and home, so things will be more normal …

Lots to Say, Not Enough Time

Things have been crazy around here. Still have no offers on the old house. I'm starting to tune it out, as I have lots of other things to get done. Work is really busy, and this week we got a lot of stuff done of canceling the old phone service and cable, moving all our clothes (still no furniture, though) and planning what other things we need to get done. I've had a lot of reasons to write though, so I'm going to ramble through a few of them.

I'm very lucky to have such wonderful women looking out for me. They may no longer be with us on this earth, but they are watching out for me and I'm very grateful. I could use all the help I can get these days. The reason I know this is both my mother and I are having very vivid dreams. Mine are extremely strange, and I try not to remember them. Mom told me one of hers that involved me this weekend, and we both agreed on it's meaning. BTW, Mom and I live 3 hours away from each other, so isn't it weird that …