Saturday, April 05, 2014

Losing Weight Over 40

I am finding that for me losing weight over 40 is extremely difficult.  I have a lot of empathy right now for anyone that has tried to lose weight, as I'm finding it to be hard to achieve.  I've gained about 10 pounds while I've been in this EMBA program due to lack of exercise and comfort eating.  I've been trying for a few months now to get very serious about losing this weight, but now I've stepped it up in high gear.  Especially this week, I've been very good, but I've barely seen the scale budge.

I managed to exercise three times this week, as I try to get back into that habit.  Unfortunately, it could not be more as we had a presentation at school this week and we had a lot of team conference calls to prepare for that.  But on top of that, I've been very good with my eating.    I'm drinking green tea and not coffee all week.  This reduces my sugar intake as I like sugar and milk in my coffee and nothing in tea other than lemon.  I've also been starting my day with a glass of lemon water to detox my system to hopefully help my metabolism.  And I've had no wine all week, which is so unlike me.  I did have two glasses last night when I went out with two of the ladies from the EMBA program for Spanish tapas. I've also been drinking a lot of water and herbal tea during the day to minimize hunger and stay hydrated.

I've been working off a default diet to ensure I'm not thinking too much about what I'm eating.  I've had my Shakeology protein shake every morning made with unsweetened almond milk.  A salad for lunch every day with greens, cucumbers and avocado with Gwyneth Paltrow's carrot-ginger salad dressing.  I also always need an afternoon snack around 3PM.  I try to make it sensible, like veggies and hummus.  Then I will eat whatever we are having as a family for dinner, but being very mindful of my portion sizes.

You would think all this would make the weight shed very quickly as it is so different from how good I'm being.  Not so much.  I'll be really happy and feel accomplishment when I see the scale get below 135, as that is the set point my body seems to want to stay at or above these days.  Let's hope it happens for me this week.  I'm blaming the difficulty of achieving this to being over 40 and my metabolism is just much different from what it used to be.  I also think there is a piece that is hormonal, as I'm due for my monthly cycle next week.  It is usually had for me to gain weight the week before my cycle, so maybe being steady and practicing some new healthy habits will make me shed next week if I continue.  Let's hope so!

Update:  I did get a fourth workout in on Saturday when I got back from school.  They let us out early. I was very happy with that, as after I gave my presentation Saturday morning, I was ready to be done!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cucumber Lemon Water - Wide Mouth Water Bottle

My favorite water bottle has a very wide mouth.  I could say it has a big mouth, just like me!  I love it because I can then put lemon and cucumber slices in my water.  Makes it taste so yummy and it's so good for the body!  I love the pretty pictures on it too.  Very soothing, just like the water.

I am definitely finding some great new blogs to read!  Some of my new favorites are as follows are Hungry Hungry Hippie and The Wellness Warrior.

The other thing I have to say something about is the breakup of Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband.  I'm really not a huge fan of the media and the paparazzi and how they have to turn and twist everything to sell their papers or get traffic on their website.  I've looked at several of the articles and every one of them seems to be not very flattering.  I'd like just once to see something that indicates they seem to be doing this carefully for the children and don't want any drama for themselves, but to remain friendly.  There may have been affairs, possibly on both sides, but seriously, do we need to know all their business?  Can this be between them and not the whole world?  Their children will grow up someday and they don't need to see all the speculation.

It's a shame they couldn't work it out.  Being separated for so long cannot be good for a relationship.  My husband and I miss each other when we don't get a lot of time together.  We'll sometimes decide we need to play "be by me".  We just want to be near each other even if we are not really engaging in any activity together.  It's just a hang out think to do and feel the other one's presence nearby.

Anyway!  Drink more water!  It does a body good.

Monday, March 24, 2014

On The Search For New Blogs

I cleaned out my blog list in Feedly today, as I was home sick and had been meaning to do so for quite some time.  I was surprised how many blogs I used to read are no longer around.  Originally my reason for blogging and reading blogs was dealing with infertility.  My blog has changed since having the boys and we know we will not be trying to make any more babies.  We really want to close that chapter in our life.  And the blogs I used to read seem to have closed that chapter as well, some had success and others may not have, but all seem to have moved on.  So I cleaned out those that are no longer updated or meet my needs in this phase of life and I am now ready to update with some shiny new to me blogs.  Here's the topics I'll be looking for: parenting especially twins, food, healthy living, photography and FLY Lady stuff.  I'll let you know what I find!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Almost Over - Life Will Get Back to Normal

It's almost over and thank goodness!  What may you ask?  My MBA program at Villanova.  I only have two more weekends after today, both in April, and we walk in May for graduation.  This has been a long, hard journey, but I'm so glad I took it, and I'm so glad to see the end of it.  Below is a picture with me and a bunch of my classmates in South Africa last May.  We were about to tour the BMW plant floor.  What an amazing trip!

But I'm very happy to see the end of this journey.  I have so much new stuff to do.  Work is busy and keeps ramping up more and more, but I also want to spend more time with family, friends and home.  The boys are now registered for Kindergarten in the fall.  They are going to the local Catholic school for Kindergarten as it is full day, where our public is still half day, and we won't need after care as they will be on Phoebe's bus home and she will babysit them until we get home from work.  Tom is still working from home when he's not traveling, but he's working, so he can't be trying to take care of two active boys from 3-5:30 until I get home.  She will be getting paid (modestly), so she's quite happy about that.  We will only use after-care, which is available if she is in sports after-school.  Phoebe will be in 8th grade next year and she is now officially taller than me by 1 inch.  Niki has moved back to New Jersey to help out parents, plus I think she was getting bored at our house.  We have nothing going on all day when everyone is out of the house.  There is always stuff going on at my in-law's house.  

I also can't wait to get decorating in the house and I've even started some organizing in a small way.  I recently organized the pantry, the linen closet, and the boys closets and drawers.  I want to decorate now.  I am planning for the laundry room, Phoebe's room, the boys' room and the master bathroom.  I can't wait to have a decent garden (vegetable and herb) this year.  Last year was pitiful, as I had no time to plan, plant and maintain.  Right now, I've been actively working for the past week on eating clean and exercising again.  I'm really trying to lose the weight I gained in this graduate program.  I've been using our elliptical machine at home, but I want to start again with the Tracy Anderson metamorphosis videos, and maybe take some classes at the YMCA with Phoebe.  

On a final note, I have a story about Phoebe that makes me laugh.  How come I'll be at work and her father is in the car with her picking her up from a sports practice after school and she's texting me about her horrible day?  Her father is right there on the car, but #1 I'm Mom and  #2 texting to a 13yo is much better than talking out loud.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Word for 2014 - Move

Looking for graphics for my word of the year, I found a few people that had it as their word of the year last year or the year before.  Let's review what my words have been:  2012 - "Dream" and 2013 - "Smart".  Which makes "Move" perfect for this year.  I am looking to "move" forward with a lot of aspects of my life:  I will be graduating with my MBA from Villanova in May, I want to decide what my next career objectives are and what I want to build for our future life as this time consumer of my life (school) will be ending.  I am getting back to exercising, so I am literally "moving":  elliptical machine, Tracey Anderson Method and yoga.  It also refers to how I feel about our home.  I either want to move forward with making changes and decorating (with that free time I'll have) or maybe we'll move to a new home local to where we are now with more land and no homeowner's association, so I can build a huge garden and get farm animals (chickens, goats, sheep) or the final possible move if my husband's job would like him to move to Colorado and we all decide to go with him.  I have a feeling we'll just move forward with plans for our current house, but I'm open to all options!  The boys will also be moving to a new school in the fall as they move to the public school for Kindergarten this year! We have a lot to do to get ready for that!  I don't feel they are quite ready yet with letter and number recognition and writing their names, but we have time.  With our daughter, I just like when she's moving physically.  She played field hockey this past fall and it was awesome how it made her so tired she didn't want to argue with me!  Love teenage girls!

So here's to all of us and our words for this year!  May 2014 bring us all we want, lots of health and more!  Special shout out to Marcia!  I love your word for 2014 and I love you! Miss you very very much and think about you often.  It is your time to shine!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cleaning House

A long, long time ago I wrote a post while I was going through the cleaning of the day.  Today's cleaning and laundry is to get ready for Thanksgiving. I sent Tom and Phoebe out to do the holiday grocery shopping with a list, coupons and gift card we got for the one warehouse store (BJs) as part of the rewards you get.  That will help keep the holiday grocery budget down!  The boys had cheese sandwiches for lunch:  Tommy's cold with oil, oregano and crushed red peppers (yup!) and Liam's was grilled cheese.  They are sitting for some quiet time with the movie Toy Story.  They may nap.  They might not nap, but at least they are having quiet time.  My timeline today has been:

2:30 PM - At this point, the toys in the living room are cleaned up and the room is vacuumed.  I took a lot of trash out of that room as they get out of control when Mommy was at school on Friday and Saturday.  The trash was like ripped up papers, McDonald's Happy Meal boxes (their little indulgence from Daddy that Mommy doesn't do, LOL!) and broken pencils and such.  The trash is out.  The room is clean and vacuumed.  I have things on the stairs to go upstairs.  Got a load of laundry started and dusted the living room.  Will move onto the kitchen in a moment.  Need to sit down and have a drink of water.

3:30 PM - Took the basket of stuff to go upstairs and put everything away.  Took out recycling. Dusted kitchen, sunroom and front living room.  wound the grandfather clock.  Vacuumed the kitchen.  In between I made the boys popcorn for a snack and need to remind them it's still quiet time.  I think it will be quiet time until Tom gets back.

4PM - Moved laundry from washer to dryer.  Started another load of laundry in the washer.  Emptied dishwasher, filled it up again and started it.  Hopefully, it will be done by the time we need to load it from dinner dishes.  Going to stalk Tom's iPhone and see if I have enough time to wash the kitchen floor.

8:15 PM - Yup, had time.  Mopped the floor.  Finished vacuuming downstairs, both staircases and cleaned the powder room.  Tom and Phoebe were home around 5PM.  We got the car unpacked and groceries put away.  Our friends came by around 5:30PM and we had salmon, scallops, brown rice and steamed Chinese greens.  Dishes are done, Phoebe is in the shower and then the boys are next.  I still have to keep the laundry moving.  I'm looking forward to having the kids all in bed and some peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I need to finish a few things on the first floor and then get the upstairs done before we have company Wednesday night into Thursday.  I have work Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off the rest of the week.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coming Back

I've really missed my space here and all my blog friends.  So sorry if I've been absent, but good things have been afoot.  Here's some updates:

Graduate school has been kicking my behind!  I knew this was expected to be a tough term, but it really lived up to it's reputation.  I'll be graduating in May 2014, and I'm very much looking forward to that event!  Work has been interesting.  We were re-organized into the IT department from the business in April and there have been a lot of new processes and procedures to get used to.  My boss also left the company in September and she hasn't been replaced yet, so I've been reporting directly to her old boss. Home has been OK, although I've been completely stressed with school and work, so I think my family will be very happy when school is over.  Actually, I know they will be happy as my husband has professed so numerous times.

He's awesome!  Holding down the fort with the kids:  pickups, drop offs, homework, etc.  We have prioritized date nights at least two to three nights a month.  So our house may be messy, but we have spent some good nights out together both alone and with our friends.  He's been through a re-org at work too and has worked a lot of late nights at home, but he's also beginning talks with his work about promotion opportunities if we move to where the company is headquartered these days, which is outside Denver, Colorado.  I'm 100% ok with this, as I don't mind a move part of my looking for new employment.

Wonderful!  She's really coming into her own.  She was the only goalie for their 7th grade field hockey team and was doing very well with it.  They got their first report card with real grades on it and she got all As and one B (Algebra I, which is way advanced for 7th grade).  She's been doing some of her own laundry these days and helping around the house, although her room is still always messy.  A week ago, she was Confirmed in the Catholic Church and I had to keep myself from crying during the ceremony.

Tommy and Liam
I don't mean to negate their individuality by lumping them together in my status, but they are both doing fantastic.  Their vocabulary has exploded and they are learning their letters and Tom has been teaching them about addition and subtraction (We are such total math geeks!).  They have been chasing each other around the house as their latest game.  We're working on them not hurting themselves so much, but they are such boys.  Liam had a concussion a few weeks ago, when he fell and hit his head on the hearth of the fireplace.  They were not chasing each other during this incident, but he was standing on a chair in the living room and fell onto the floor.  Tommy had a bruise on his forehead a week later from hitting his head on the headboard of his bed.  What must the preschool think!  I am considering changing preschools as I wish the boys were working more on writing their name, letters and simple math.  I've heard good things about a school that is around the corner from where they are right now.  I remember where Phoebe was educationally at their age and I know they are not quite being given as much of the "fun" education weaved into play that I'd like to see.  I'm going to call that school this week and see if they have availability for two more students and if so, I'll schedule a visit without the kids and see what I think.

All of us are excited to get ready for Thanksgiving.  The two turkeys are ordered already from the Amish poulterer in Philly we use every year.  Tomorrow we'll do shopping for everything but the turkeys.  When we get home from shopping, I'll be working on cooking down the pumpkins and making pies.  Wednesday Tom and I will both take the day off, go into Philly to pick up the turkeys and have family begin to arrive in the afternoon and evening to start prepping everything.  Then we get to move on to Christmas decorating, which the boys are very excited for.  They are currently very aware that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving, but I don't think they realize yet, that it will still be another month, not the next day!

Hope all my American friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving, I hope all my non-American friends are well and happy, and for my South African friends - enjoy your summer, it's freezing where I am!


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