Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm still out here

Things are going well. The boys and I still have a cough. Liam still seems congested though. I know this lasted all month, ugh! But I know they are OK.

Work is crazy. I'm totally swamped at work and trying to make sure I'm doing everything I need to do a good job. Then it's getting Phoebe to afterschool activities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, running errands on the weekends, trying to keep up with housework, laundry and bills. Oh and don't forget setting up appointments for a swine flu shot for Phoebe next Wednesday and the boys 6-month check the beginning of December. They'll get the seasonal flu shot then, but not H1N1.

And Tommy must be having a growth spurt. He slept awful the last two nights and last night at 2AM, I decided to just feed him again and it worked! He had a 6 oz bottle at 2AM and slept until 6AM.

They are both so cute and I love having them. I just haven't been blogging or reading blogs for awhile as when I'm not doing my 2 full-time jobs (work and mom/wife) and have some downtime, I want to read Sookie Stackhouse books and then fall asleep 5 minutes into it. Even all that action can't keep me awake sometimes.

I'll try to get some new pics posted. They are getting bigger and bigger. We bought them some new clothes for daytime as they were outgrowing everything. They are now both wearing 9 month clothes. Liam does seem to need the arm and leg length even though Tommy is 3 lbs heavier than him, LOL!

And Phoebe's doing great too! It's nice we can joke in our house. The other day we came in from errands and took Liam out of his car seat and started feeding him dinner, as he was awake and Tommy was asleep in his car seat. About 10 minutes later Tommy woke up crying that he was still in his car seat and I joked while Phoebe was watching TV (when she usually can't hear a thing I say), "Oh look, Tommy thought he was the forgotten child. Little does he know, that's Phoebe." Phoebe immediately pokes her head up from the couch and says "Hey!" and we all start laughing. She knew I just wanted to see if she really hears what I say when she's watching TV. Love that girl! She's very proud as her art teacher selected one of her art pieces to be in the school district's Art Show at the high school in the spring. She really has a natural artistic talent. I need to make sure she gets to use that.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

This was the week from hell. Leo, both boys and I got sick on Sunday. Thankfully, on Sunday I felt well enough to make us all a pot of my wonderful chicken soup with rice. Monday and Tuesday I called out sick from work. I felt horrible. The boys felt horrible. Monday Leo was starting to feel better. Thankfully Nicki (SIL) and Phoebe were feeling fine.

We avoided taking the boys to the doctor until Tuesday. I decided when Monday night Tommy slept barely at all and every time we laid him on his back he thrashed and woke up. Turns out he couldn't breathe. The cold settled in his chest. So I decided to take them both in and this is what the doctor let us know and put them both on nebulizer treatments 4 times a day.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked from home to help with treatments for both boys (if they were in day care I'd have to do them both myself). I thank my lucky stars for Nicki! We went back to the doctor on Thursday and she said they are a little better, but she can hear that their lungs are getting better and to keep going with the treatments on Tommy, but Liam doesn't need them more than morning and bedtime, and she wants to see them next week.

Today (Friday) was my first day back at work and it was horrible. I should have put a deli number system for the people at my cube, the phone ringing and the IM messages I was getting all day - and I feel like nothing productive was accomplished. A few doors closed to possibilities and some things just went no where. I should have read my horoscope for today. I'm sure it was bad.

I now want to go home, snuggle my babies, order take-out comfort food, watch mindless TV shows I've recorded and haven't watched all week and enjoy that I just found out we have Monday off work and I had no idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!

BTW, I just almost thought Blogger ate this post with the error I got, but I was able to retrieve it in tact. That would've been the icing on the cake if it was lost....