Goals Going Well!

I'm off to a good start to the new year. Yesterday at work, I finished cleaning up my files at work, which means I put a lot of files in the shredder bins, LOL. I also got some of my tasks done that needed to get done yesterday at work and met with my new boss. At home, DH made dinner (menu plan for the week to come later today), the boys got a bath, everyone's clothes were picked out last night, the kitchen was cleaned up, coffee pot ready for the next day and laundry moving forward.

But the best news of last night - I had my first piano lesson!!!! Phoebe's guitar teacher comes to our house every other Monday evening and he's our best friend. He came yesterday for Phoebe and said it was time for me to start! I was so nervous! I told him I hadn't played a musical instrument since 8th grade and that was guitar. I've showed Phoebe a few things on guitar over the past two years, and it's definitely come back, but piano is so different. It was fun! It definitely used all my brain and I'll be enjoying practicing what I've been given. I'll be a great example for Phoebe on practicing.

I also did another great thing on Sunday - DH and I inventoried the freezer!!! We have a big freezer in the garage as well as the freezer on the side of the fridge, so you can forget what you have in there. I'm glad to say we now know exactly what we do have. That will help in planning meals greatly.

Are you off to a good start this year?


I'm off to a good start with D and with photos - they are all organised (I sacrificed two hours of sleep though) and today i just have to back up the whole lot. now i'm trying to figure out Picasa web albums
I am off to a good start on cleaning up, not so hot on cutting back chcolate.
Excellent job on your progress.
I wish you and yours a wonderful 2011.
Anonymous said…
really trying to be off to a good start! the semester is starting off too quickly, though!!

sounds like things are going good for you! congrats on piano!
Anonymous said…
I AM! I am now in WEEK 2 of doing the eliptical everyday except Sunday. I am proud of myself :-). I also cleaned out my laundry room cabinets and moved the shelves so they made more sense :-) as far as being the appropriate size to put the food. Especially if you do a lot of BIG box store shopping and have a lot of xtra.
ModernMom said…
I used to play paino and do regret that I have let that go. Good for you for starting up again! Hmmm Maybe I should try again:)

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