Lots of Updates! Stuck Between Braces and Potty Training

I've been continuing to get lots of things done.  My favorite thing lately that keeps me from blogging is reading "Game of Thrones".  I'm on the second book now.  Yes, I am a dork, LOL!  It really does take a lot of thought to read. So you end up reading a bit, your brain gets exhausted, and then you have to stop and rest the brain a bit.  It's so interesting though, so you keep coming back for more.

On the title front, Tommy peed on the potty today!!!!  Very exciting.  Liam has no interest in the potty, but Tommy is so excited and kept saying after dinner, "I'm a big boy!  I go pee pee on the potty"  I'm a big boy!"  What a cutie patootie.

Tomorrow Phoebe gets the top half of her braces in the morning!  She's so excited.  Of course she wants every color of the rainbow (and then some!) in her mouth, but I'm talking her down to two colors.  One on top and the other on the bottom.

Hope everyone else is doing well.  I'll be going out and trying to find out where everyone else is in blogland.


Mandy said…
I'm pretty sure I cried the day I got my braces, good luck to Phoebe!

Hopefully Tommy can send some potty vibes this way!

Glad all is well!
JEN said…
Those books are THE BEST! I feel like i know all the characters personally. The 3rd book is the best if you haven't gotten there yet.
BigP's Heather said…
Congrats on braces and peeing!!
Deanna said…
I have heard a lot about the Game of Thrones books...I might have to try them.

Hope the braces go well! I hear the first few days can be rough, but at least she's excited about it.
Trish said…
I can't decide if I want to tackle Game Of Thrones. Hmmm..

YAY for potty peeing. Robbie's managed to go at least NEAR the potty (yeah, I've been cleaning a lot of pee out of the floor) three times now. Baby steps!
Carrie Ann said…
Good luck on the potty training! That is great!

I loved the Game of Thrones series on HBO and now started reading the first book too. I can't wait!
My mother made roast beef the day we got our braces...so mean!

Love when you get sucked into a good series...what is it about?
Lauren said…
It is funny how cool it is to have braces and glasses these days. For me it was the worst thing ever. But I am glad since my daughter will probably need braces and already has the glasses.

I started to watch the show Game of Thrones but didn't always have time. I will have to check out the books. Are they good?
Lauren said…
And YAY for going on the potty! That is always so great!

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