July Goals - Better Late Than Never

I have had all my goals in my head and it's starting to hurt!  This weekend I spent a lot of time updating my To Do list.  I keep feeling like I'm forgetting things, so this weekend I kept my iPad with me and every time I thought of something I should not forget, I put it on the list on my iPad.  I use Awesome Note on my iPad and iPhone and it really does help me when I don't forget to put things there.  The month of July is going to be very busy both school and work wise.  Most of my school assignments this term are due before the end of the month, and with work I really need to work with my managers and peers to put a vision together for our future.  Then we need to start executing.  And I need to balance all this with the family stuff that needs to get done.  Let's see how this goes.  I feel much more calm just writing this down.

1.  Finish Q2 reviews, write up my own accomplishments too!
2.  Move four people to new managers in system.
3. Document vision for both Scoring and Risk Reporting teams. Create LOE for vision.
4.  Fully understand and manage the new requests that come into the team.
5.  Setup regular communications with peers and teams how we are managing our visions.
6.  Manage where we are with the Controls implementation.  Get weekly status reports from the 'Factory' team.
7.  Stabilize HSM platform so it does not impact day-to-day work productivity.

1.  Complete readings for all classes - the list is in AwesomeNote
2.  Consumer Behavior - research and put together presentation and 3-4 page written analysis on Netflix case
3.  Consumer Behavior - research and put together paper and presentation for team project (Zulu Blonde beer)
4.  Performance Measurement - write up on Pilgrim's Activity Based Costing case
5.  Performance Measurement - write up for Balanced Scorecard case
6.  Performance Measurement - research and help put together team paper and presentation on Systems Thinking and Corporate Compensation programs

1.  Submit Phoebe's sport physical to school.
2.  Schedule six month dentist cleaning - Phoebe has a form for school needed from them
3.  Reschedule boys' eye doctor appointments for August.
4.  Make sure Phoebe is getting her summer reading done and keeping up with math practice.  She needs a book for the latter.

1.  Exercise on elliptical 5-6 days a week (started back last week, got 3 days in!)
2.  Lose 10 lbs, but I'll be happy if my skinny pants and dresses fit great on my hips.  I am also keeping track of my bust, waist, hip measurements.  It's not easy over 40 ladies!
3.  Stay off coffee (last week only herbal tea, am now allowing self green tea) and limit wine to weekends (this has been great for the budget too!)
4.  Keep eating healthy. Lots of veggies, whole grains, lean protein (mostly vegetarian), and some cheat food treats sparingly.


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