Word for 2014 - Move

Looking for graphics for my word of the year, I found a few people that had it as their word of the year last year or the year before.  Let's review what my words have been:  2012 - "Dream" and 2013 - "Smart".  Which makes "Move" perfect for this year.  I am looking to "move" forward with a lot of aspects of my life:  I will be graduating with my MBA from Villanova in May, I want to decide what my next career objectives are and what I want to build for our future life as this time consumer of my life (school) will be ending.  I am getting back to exercising, so I am literally "moving":  elliptical machine, Tracey Anderson Method and yoga.  It also refers to how I feel about our home.  I either want to move forward with making changes and decorating (with that free time I'll have) or maybe we'll move to a new home local to where we are now with more land and no homeowner's association, so I can build a huge garden and get farm animals (chickens, goats, sheep) or the final possible move if my husband's job would like him to move to Colorado and we all decide to go with him.  I have a feeling we'll just move forward with plans for our current house, but I'm open to all options!  The boys will also be moving to a new school in the fall as they move to the public school for Kindergarten this year! We have a lot to do to get ready for that!  I don't feel they are quite ready yet with letter and number recognition and writing their names, but we have time.  With our daughter, I just like when she's moving physically.  She played field hockey this past fall and it was awesome how it made her so tired she didn't want to argue with me!  Love teenage girls!

So here's to all of us and our words for this year!  May 2014 bring us all we want, lots of health and more!  Special shout out to Marcia!  I love your word for 2014 and I love you! Miss you very very much and think about you often.  It is your time to shine!


Soupy said…
Love your word! Makes sense -lots to look forward to! :) How do you like the Tracey Anderson DVD's?
And can you believe our babies are going to Kindergarten?!!! *gasp*

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