The Beach and Proof That I Exist

Here's some cute pics of us on vacation. It's half over and some things have been awesome and some not so much. It's definitely been a learning experience. But we've all had lots of fun!!!

I'm not crazy about this pic, but here's one with me with both the boys!

Here's a cute pic of Liam (and me in the background)

Here's a cute pic of Tommy and his Mommy!

This is a funny pic of Liam crawling away from the water and Tommy sticking his tongue out in the background

Here's Tommy and his Daddy

Here's the best of the boys and their Daddy

And here's Phoebe having fun in the surf on her boogie board


what beautiful pics of your beautiful family, Heather.

Glad you're (mostly) enjoying it.

Do they eat the sand, or are they leaving it alone?
Deanna said…
Great pictures! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! : )
These are fantastic! We took a little beach getaway a few weeks ago -- mostly because I wanted cool "baby beach pictures". But it was just too bright and blindingly sunny and hot and the photos came out all bad instead. At least we have the memories!
Jane said…
You have such a beautiful family. I love the pics. I bet the boys loved playing on the sand. Enjoy your vacation.
Suzanne said…
What fun! I can't wait for a beach trip with F and Z! Please share your do's and don'ts!

You all look great!
Martha (MM) said…
They are all great shots but that one of Dad and the boys is definitely one to be framed. Hope it was a wonderful time! :-)
sara said…
You have an absolutely stunning family! Beach getaways are the best. I'm glad you had a good vacation.

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