Back to the Grind

Yesterday was our first day back to work. I ended up working late, but thankfully, DH made dinner. Vacation was so nice, but I love being home. I missed it. What was really nice was that everything was clean when we walked in the house, we could just unpack and start the laundry. I followed Flylady's vacation packing and planning list, and that was so helpful for this trip. We spend Sunday going to BJs to pick up food (Liam needed another case of Pediasure) and watching movies. I got caught up on a lot of stuff at work, but there is still so much more to do.

This morning I'll be going into work late though as Liam has physical therapy and then occupational therapy and Phoebe has an orthodontist appointment. I think we may be making an appointment for braces to begin! I hope my wallet survives.

I'm also coming back to update this post with a few things I forgot. For those that were interested, we did still travel to the beach last week with the boys rear-facing in their car seats. Partially because we didn't have the time to get new car seats, but also because as Liam still isn't hitting 20 lbs, I just want to wait as long as possible. They are currently 14 months, so they are over one year, but I'd like to wait another month or two to make the switch. Tommy is over 25 lbs, but we luckily bought rear-facing car seats that go to 35 lbs.

Another thing that is really cute that the boys are doing is leaning in to give us kisses. It's so cute! They don't make kissy noises or pucker up their lips, but if you ask them for a kiss, they will lean into us with their lips to ours. I love it!


I know EXACTLY what you mean - I also LOVE coming home :)

It's the comfort and security of your own space, isn't it?

Yes, i was curious about the car seats... we still at 13 months haven't done anything. I forgot to ask the paed what he thought (something tells me he won't care one way or the other) so will check at 15 months :)

you're amazing to be nearly caught up already.
Rebecca said…
Can you post a link to Flylady's vacation packing and planning list? Coming home is awesome...welcome back!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
I'm so jealous! I still can't get Harlee to give kisses, or even lean in for that matter! She is going through the "no" phase and shaking her head no at everything!
Good luck with the braces... I have one who just got out of them and one who is needing them... I could buy a car for what these things cost.
Martha said…
Welcome Home, sounds like a wonderful vacation. Your boys are so precious, and Getting Big!!!
Best Wishes to Phoebe for a great year in 4th grade.
sara said…
I love blowing kisses. Brynn does that now when I put her down to bed at night she says "night night" and blows me a kiss. Makes my heart melt! I do love coming home. Something so comforting about it. I had Brynn rear facing for quite awhile too if I remember correctly.
Lauren said…
I love they are giving kisses. How very cute baby kisses are!!

We too ended up in Jersey and then NYC for a day before we headed back to Hershey. It was just so crazy we were sort of within close range of each other on the same week both on vacation. :-)
Great post...
Thank you for the post..
cat said…
Tough to be back, but also nice to be in your own familiar space.
Anonymous said…
where did you get the packing list? i will have to look at that!!

we came home to a clean home, too. luckily we were at a place where we had laundry, so we only had 2 loads to do when we got home :) if the kids would only recover with their sleeping!!

we just replaced the car seats with the convertible ones. they are HUGE. makes me want to move them to forward facing, but my goal is to wait until as close to two years as i can!!

welcome home, btw :)

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