December 2012 Goals

1.  Schedule 3 date nights with DH - already got 12/7, 12/8 and 12/15 scheduled.
2.  Help boys get through sleeping through night without pull ups.  Still working with Liam on going #2 in the potty.
3.  Scheduled time to go to Longwood Gardens to see holiday show with the family.
4.  Schedule time to go see Santa and have pictures taken.
5.  Attend Phoebe's school choir and orchestra concerts.

1.  Finish holiday shopping for kids and extended family.
2.  Decorate inside and outside house for Christmas (Tom does outside with Phoebe, so that's really their goal, LOL)

1.  Finish writing year-end reviews for three directs.
2.  Finish writing my own year-end summary.
3.  Assist as I can with the work to bring the UDBAs into Risk Execution.
4.  Plan Controls implementation for Risk UDBAs for next year - put together deck to describe.
5.  Clean out SEAL of new and retiring UDBAs.
6.  Ensure final tasks for the UDBA Controls Pilot are completed.
7.  Quietly work on trying to change the culture of the team I'm in now, but also start pursuing other work possiblities.

1.  Talk to Lynn - when should we start the process for the 2013 request for tuition reimbursement with work.
2.  Systems Thinking - finish reading chapter 6 and 7 and write up final paper.
3.  Accounting - read chapter 23, help write up final group paper.  Might want to do some more supplemental reading and work.
4.  Economics - read chapter 9, take one more Aplia test and turn in final take-home exam.
5.  Marketing - make changes to my "10 Commandments of Marketing". Finish reading any more material needed to finish out course.

Health and Fitness
1.  Get cardio 5-6 times per week (This is my latest solution for dealing with the boys when they are making too much noise in bed.  I've been reading for school while I'm on the elliptical machine, which is in the basement. It's quiet in the basement and the boys make a lot of noise going to sleep.  This way it doesn't bother me.)
2.  Eat very healthy.  - I've been packing on the pounds since school started with lack of exercise and bad eating habits.  Need to change these to be happy with myself.
3.  Drink 2-20oz bottles of water per day, as well as a few cups of green tea or herbal tea.
4.  Menu plan for week (did it already this week!)

1.  Post on blog again 2-3 times per week.  I miss the blog world.
2.  Catch up on reading blogs.  I miss my friends!


Can't wait to see how well you do :) and see pics!!!

want to hear more about number 7 under work....

Mrs FF said…
Hope you had a successful month goal-wise

I can see now why you and Marcia are friends (just saying) ;) ;)

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