Boys Preschool Portraits

The boys portraits at preschool came out really good!  I didn't think they could get Liam to smile as big as they did!  He rarely smiles and "no" is his favorite word.

Hope everyone had a very Happy Christmas and is having a great time getting ready for New Year.


Mrs FF said…
The pictures are lovely. I think peer pressure makes kids do things they would say no to if they're at home!

I know adults who say no to everthing too ;)

Hope you had a merry Christmas? Happy new year in advance
I have one of those boys here too - pity you can't bring them with you in your suitcase :) I have a spare bed for them.... :)

They are getting so big and gorgeous Heather - which one can I have for Kendra?
Queenie said…
They are adorable. Happy New Year!
They are ADORABLE!!!

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